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Inside the secret world of biker women who are gang ‘property’

Bikie women are considered club ‘property’ and have even less status than motorbikes inside the twisted world of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The secret life of bikie women and the absurd rules they must follow has been revealed in a police dossier

00:00 Our Condolences to the Invader Nation on their loss of Solo 1%

01:57 This is starting to get tiring hearing this all the time

04:30 They’re claiming this is exclusive

06:33 You’re inserting your views into this

08:30 Always throwing gang term around

10:16 No man is going to let this happen

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  1. I know several bikie women and they all say this claim is BS. The bike clubs including the women work with communities to rid the riff rafe to protect all the innocent
    There is no doubt there has to be 1 out there that was treated that way. But I’ll bet there are more in the non bike sector


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