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What do you think is the #1 REASON HARLEY DAVIDSON IS KILLING ITSELF? Many are going to say that it is the price of a new Harley, others are going to say it’s the demographics of the company. Sure, this is one of the reasons Harley Davidson isn’t attracting younger riders. I believe it comes down to not only those arguments but something as simple as customer service.

00:00 Let’s ask ourselves a question
00:23 Most will say this is what’s happening to Harley Davidson
01:14 What’s happening to younger motorcyclist
02:22 The biggest issue you’re going to have as a business
04:27 It was a bad ass deal
06:47 The negotiations
08:47 I truly do love it

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  1. Harley Davidson should quit going the way of big showrooms too many models They should make less like Indian that’s what they did when they bought company back from amf With Democrats in office no one’s job is safe and they may out too many restriction on bikes sometimes less is more


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