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00:00 Oh Boy

00:21 We hear about this all the time don’t we

01:03 It’s not secret why people say this

04:20 It isn’t exactly a shocker is it

06:15 Talking to someone that has passion for Harley Davidson

07:22 This happened in 1905

07:50 Hopefully I made some good points

08:40 Here’s what you’re getting for that money

09:38 Give Harley Creit, they are trying

11:16 What do you think of the Naysayers

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  1. I’m a Harley guy all the way have a 2005 road king and like u said as long as u keep up the maintenance like u should most of the time your golden…. Bought this bike back over 6 years ago used and have had only minor issues … and she’s still going strong


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