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15 members of the Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club have been sentenced to a combined total of 155 years in federal prison for distributing methamphetamine.

The large-scale drug operation was based in Evansville, with the ringleaders identified by the US Department of Justice as 42-year-old Gary Forston and 45-year-old Jason Kyle Wilson.

00:00 Time for self reflection

00:23 we do have a lot of bias because we want clubs to look goof

03:05 Everyone wants to go against the man

07:11 Investigation started in 2019

09:48 Do the members of the club know this activity is going on?

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  1. To whom it may concern
    To set the record strait your article about the Grim Reapers is wrong. As a member of the club i can tell you there were only 2 members of the club involved. The other 13 were citizens. We don’t condone what any of them did. But we do resent that the government has made this into a club thing when it was 2 individuals acting alone.
    JoeTow G.R.M.C


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