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HERE IS THE Violent ‘woke’ gang that defeated Hells Angels


Gangland is changing. The days of ‘racially pure’ crime groups are over, being replaced with more inclusive, “woke” organisations.

One group in particular is leading the charge in the new era of liberal gangsters, says Peter Edwards, the best selling crime author and creator of Netflix’s Bad Blood.

Peter, 67, explained: “There’s a gang in Canada called the United Nations, it’s because they have everybody.”

00:00 This is just stupid

00:44 Ive been doing this a long time and this is messed up

01:28 The stupidest article you will ever see

04:16 The Author gloats SMH

07:44 Everyone getting butt hurt

10:02 The Midwest Chopper Fest

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  1. Hey Hollywood Check out this episode of Dark side of the ring S3 ep11 it features the man on the left former pro wrestler, U.N. gang and Satans Choice chapter pres. Johnny K-9


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