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DENTON, Md. — The Denton Police Department ordered an investigation into its own officers over their response to an April 7 incident that’s now circulating on social media.

Officers were initially called for a landlord tenant dispute at a residential building on S. 4th Street.

On scene the property owner and residents were involved in an argument over a pool in the yard.

00:00 This is a fun one

00:44 The Chosen Sons MC nasty business

02:01 The Chosen Ones MC Caught on Tik Tok

04:04 This backs up what I say about cops

05:50 They put their information up for everyone to call

08:15 The low down on whats going on with cops

11:00 Must be in with cops to be able to do this on video


  1. I think these guys need to do their homework. I know some of these guys and a lot of folks are saying stuff that just isn’t true. Now was Chosen Sons founded by police, yes….are there any police officers in Chosen Sons now, no. You cannot be in law enforcement and be a member of the Chosen Sons. I think the reason these cops stood back and did nothing was the relationship they have with him as the Captain of the Vol. Fire Dept in Denton from what I understand not because he was in an MC. Also, was this guy wrong, 100%, he should have never handled personal business in club colors and knowing these guys he will be held accountable. He looked like an idiot BUT even though the girl kept saying her “Kid” which makes folks think he threatened a minor, if you watch a longer version of the video she says her “Kid” is 23….so it wasn’t a minor. Once again he was completely out of line and wrong but putting out misinformation is also wrong.


  2. The Chosen Sons MC are a LEO club. They were started by Baltimore County/City Police Officers.


  3. Once again, were……..key is past tense. Yes they “were” started by Baltimore City Officers years ago but to be in the club you can no longer be in law enforcement, hence why they are no longer a LEO club.


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