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A cop who went undercover in a notorious Nazi biker gang has revealed how he narrowly avoided having to get one of their tattoos.

Ken Croke, who worked for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), was the first federal agent to ever successfully infiltrate the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

He spent two years undercover in the white supremacist gang, during which he witnessed violent crimes, secretly recorded meetings between gang members and even spent several days behind bars on a gun arrest — according to his memoir, Riding with Evil.

00:00 Here we go again with the media

01:54 These are the symbols they are going after

06:30 Undercovers always running to the cameras

09:37 They won’t see the truth

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  1. My best friend was Keith Johnson, the guy killed outside Harpers Pub in port st Lucie Florida by the pagans on April 9. You did a video about it. He was my best friend for 26 years until that raggedy piece of shit took him from me. I am outraged. And his charges state….murder without PREMEDITATION…..they stalked him for days before the incident and then for over an hour in the bar that night on surveillance how is that not premeditated? And I do not understand how everyone that was with him that night was not arrested as well as accessory to murder in the least, conspiracy or something……there’s so much more to this that the news just did not cover.


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