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There are at least 5 types of motorcycle club members that many people will come in contact at one time or another. Here are the 5 types of club members I’ve come in contact over the last 30 years

1. The good ole greybeard- The man whose done it all, the wise old man who tells you like it is.

2. The Overload- The guy who thinks he’s better than everyone else, the one who thinks he knows it all and you’re a nobody

3. Stone Cold – This is a guy who’s always serious, he has no time for monkey business

4. Life of the Party- This guy is the one that keeps the party going, he’s the one that you want to party with.

5. The Quiet One- This is the guy you really want to watch out for, especially if you’re in a different club. This guy is the one that will keep watch, listen to everything that is going on, and more importantly the one who will act.

00:00 I know a lot of you have found these to be the case

0:48 The Grey Beard

03:26 Take advice from them

05:00 Story of the uppy up member

08:30 Best type of member

10:53 The younger guys

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  1. any group of people are a mix of all types,good bad ,clever stupid ,tough weak ,jealous. bike clubs are no different one advantage a good mc has is its usually long history can make them wiser on judging members


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