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So who are these ABATE Chapters? And what do they stand for?

Well to put it frankly ,you in the un-educated cess pool of human beings, Abate is the reason you dumb craps have any rights at all. This organization consists of thousands of bikers who actually give a shit what them pretty girlie men and women who are the powers to be are doing. See if it wasn’t for ABATE you would be riding around with a lid in every dam state. You also would be overwhelmed by all kinds of dumb ass legislation from pricks who can’t get it up with their ol ladies or are to busy banging some little paige in the US Senate. They are also dam good at putting the word out to all those Cage drivers to watch out for you dumb shits on the highway.

So where did this whole concept of ABATE start? In the 1970’s the hay day of the baddest ass decade for bikers, A dude named Lou Kimzey who was the editor of Easy Riders Magazine started the movement. See choppers were huge back then and our dumb shit legislatures thought they were unsafe and started passing all kinds of laws. It pissed a lot of scooter tramps off cause these bunch of fags didn’t ride at all but wanted to tell them what to do. Shit sounds like the bunch of Liberal fucks we have all over the country now. Yep originally Lou said ABATE meant “American Bikers Against Totalitarian Enactments”. Which if you were riding back during the 70’s you would’ve understood why a lot of old scooter tramps couldn’t stand the government.

Abate has also done great in educating those who ride. They have started many programs gear towards motorcycle safety for riders. With the influx of new riders in the lifestyle I truly believe in this program. Most old scooter tramps like myself started out young riding. Over the years I can’t even count how many miles I’ve put on. With those miles came a lot of hard earned lessons. Yes a couple dumps here and there, but most importantly I’ve lost a lot of brothers and friends. Some died because of rookie mistakes and some died by cagers while others died because of stupidity. A motorcycle is like a loaded gun. If it isn’t respected it will come back and let you know. Take for example drinking your ass off and getting on a sled. Yep more then likely you will be on the pavement somewhere dead or wishing you were dead. Beer,Whiskey and broads go with the lifestyle, but shit don’t be stupid about it. It only gives the ones who like to bitch about what we do ammo to use against us. They have been using that argument against ABATE for years. Here is a organization that is suppose to be about safety and all you see is a bunch of middle age bikers getting shit face. Yep been hearing that a million times.

I believe ABATE has helped to really bring society to our side of the fence. Yep I know your sitting her thinking that I bitch a lot about fake asses all the time so what makes ABATE different? After all alot of those I bitch about being fake are members of ABATE.  Well if you truly read my posts then you will notice a theme to what I say. I bash those who act like something they are not. When you have someone who is 50 years old and just hopping on a sled for the first time acting a fool then ya, he’s an asshole. His actions make the rest of those who’ve been riding for years and living the lifestyle also look like assholes. Or the same dick turd goes around wearing a dam Sons of Anarchy Patch screwing with citizens making legit clubs look like assholes. I believe ABATE takes and molds these jerk offs into reality. Especially before they wind up killing themselves or someone else being a milk tard. Or even worse a club member getting a hold of them and beating the shit out of them.

So what do I mean about molding someone? Well that’s just another way of saying schooling someone. Just like a prospect in a club, people entering the lifestyle need to be educated on the do’s and dont’s. First thing is take a motorcycle course. No shame in learning how to ride a sled, especially if it’s your first time and your a new jack at it. Who knows the course might save your life one day. The next big thing I see ABATE doing is showing these New Jacks who join how to act. This is a very important thing to everyone in the lifestyle. Most of the time new jacks will see members of a 3 piece patch club in attendance and can get the vibe on protocol and how things are done. Most important I think people get a sense of just how important being in the lifestyle is. The lifestyle is the best thing out there. It’s a place where you can experience true freedom. I guess the most important thing I can say is don’t be a fuck head and screw it up by being a dumb ass. Get involved with organizations like ABATE. You will get to meet some pretty cool people, if your lucky you will meet some old timers that have been around and get to hear all the stories of raising hell, beer,bikes and babes.

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  1. Good morning and Hello, someone referred me to you guys to see if you are offering help for Christmas for children who’s parents can’t afford to get them any kind of Christmas. If you can please contact me I would truly appreciate it.


  2. I’m a member of the Road Dog Chapter, and firmly agree to all riders, young, old, new, grand fathered in, too take refresher courses and review there local m.c. handbook.
    Times are changing, so are are laws, roads, and machines.
    Thanks, Aiden
    HOG..aka (RIP)


  3. Damn nice choice of words and yes we are helping to change the laws for us riders out there ! Why ? cuz I have kids and grandkids who ride and I want good laws in place for them also .
    Thank you


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