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Have you been a victim of Biker Discrimination? Is it going on more these days?

By James Macecari

Biker discrimination has become widespread these past few years. Is it the new politically correct culture we are now living in? Even the icon Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company has become PC, they now refuse to use a Confederate Flag on any of their merchandise, kinda a little bit of an oxymoron don’t you think? After all, bikers, for the most part, are rebels, at least most of the old timers set down that tradition long ago. Now we are seeing a cultural shift in that way of thinking, is it because Generation X raised a bunch of titty sucking pussies?


Why Outlaws love their Harley Davidson is a perfect example  (Article portraying all clubs as gangs and all Bikers as Outlaws

Bars, which use to be the go-to place to chug a few with a bunch of friends, now because of the PC culture and scare tactics of cops have started hanging “No Colors” signs everywhere. It’s not only Motorcycle Clubs that these places are targeting, you can have a HOG patch or Christian Motorcycle Association patch on and they still won’t welcome you into the bar. Thankfully NCOM (National Confederation of Clubs) is trying to fight this type of discrimination in court all over the country. They don’t do it just for the fun of it either, it’s a serious issue that can affect every single rider, 1%er or not. It’s a damn shame that those who fought for this country (Many of whom are members or clubs and associations) have their government telling them what they can or cannot wear.

The police are using a few instances where violence has broken out between clubs and using it against the whole biker community. In Daytona, for example, the Police Department has harassed bar owners, warning them not to allow any kind of colors in their establishment. How is that even possible that a government agency can tell a business owner in America, how to run their private business? You have to ask yourself, isn’t that overreach on the part of the government?

What I find really funny, the same cops who go around harassing bar owners and bikers, are the same ones who will go out, buy a bike and join a cop club that sports full 3 pc back patches. Ironic isn’t it? What does that say for the lines that were usually drawn between our world and theirs? They already have the Blue Wall, but that isn’t enough for them, they now want to be apart of what we have, the parties, broads, and image. It’s funny whenever you see one of the pricks, you know they were the ones who got the beatings in High School.


One thing that has helped us out as bikers in the last few years, thankfully Tattoos and Piercings have gone mainstream. God forbid in the old days you were sleeved up, the cops were automatically pulling you over every chance they got, putting your ass face down on the pavement just too harass you. Society does still have a problem with how we look and act though, shit just go up to any baby boomer and they will think you a thug just by your appearance. Or up to some straight-laced citizen and watch how fast they walk the other direction lol.

That kind of issues in the above paragraph we all will eventually deal with, but the most worrisome that we as a biker community face, is how those in clubs are treated, because like whats happening so much nowadays, we will be bunched in with just a bad few. Not all club members are bad, we know that as a community, but the public never makes that connection. That is specifically why most dominant clubs want to know you when you go out there wearing a patch. They know already that the public will look at them as the ones causing the shit in town, which in turn, gets the cops harassing them.

Judge says Outlaws won’t get back patch owned by club

Organizations like NCOM, or BACA, or even ABATE are out there taking good steps to let the public know bikers are just hard working people trying to make it day to day. Those organizations have done a lot to let the public see bikers in a good light, only thing is that will never stop cops from doing what they do to the so-called Outlaw Clubs. It’s important to back those clubs whichever one they are to fight an injustice, it was them clubs that fought for so much in the Biker Community. It’s because of them you all enjoy the lifestyle you have today,

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  1. Not only is the government using colors for PC but so are 1% percenters. They threaten individuals with violence for wearing certain patches and the color of the letters. Intimidation is nothing new. That’s exactly why the public and Law enforcement have assumed what they believe is going on behind the scenes really is. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a fucking duck.

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  2. The 1% percenters by fighting and killing each other just re-enforce what the general public and Law Enforcement believe is going on is really going on. You are forcing extinction by your own doing. Be smart not predictable. Although I am not a 1% percenter I support their right to live life as they see fit. Why do you think the IO is becoming so large? They want to be a part of a group that respect each other and others around them. Who wants to go to jail or be shot? Life is too short to waste it away on stupidity because some else wears a patch on their vest you don’t approve of. Of course if they get in your face that’s different.


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