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Confederation of Clubs- Why it’s needed

If you’re a biker and have any worth or brains at all you know that a National and series of State Confederation of Clubs exist. Why do they exist is the first question I usually get from new jacks coming into the lifestyle. They always usually follow up that question by Why is the 1% clubs usually run the organization or have a sizable influence on the organization? You can’t put down an individual for asking and wanting to gain knowledge on the subject.

NCOM, as it’s commonly referred to just, held it’s 30 year National Convention on May 7th, 2015. The Confederation of Clubs is a Biker Rights organization that is run by bikers for bikers. “The goal and purpose of NCOM are to assist all motorcycle organizations and individual riders with legal, legislative and other motorcycling issues. The Coalition will not dictate to any organization, but will be available to assist NCOM member groups through such FREE services as legislative assistance, nationwide information network, public awareness programs, safety projects, loan program, biker anti-discrimination legal and legislative assistance, etc.” That right there is NCOMS mission statement and a great one at that.

Before being a biker was cool old scooter tramps had to endure the endless games Johnny Law wanted to play. You want to talk about a leo profiling based on looks then just ask a scooter tramp that had to deal with the little pig fuckers from the beginning of the club eras to even the present day. This is one of the main reasons Leo’s or their clubs will never be accepted by those who have lived and breathed this lifestyle since before they can remember. I can remember being pulled over because of the rag on my back and having 3 or 4 squads on the scene just to fuck with me. No speeding, No nothing, it was all over what I looked like and what I was wearing.

It was stuff like that as well as other things that led NCOM to come about. Clubs got together and said enough was enough. Time to fight these Leos and those governments who thought it was alright to mess with someone just because they didn’t like what they were wearing.

On January 27, 1986, leaders of various motorcycle groups from across America met in Las Vegas to discuss a “coming together” and the overwhelming need for a national voice to protect our lifestyle and right to ride. The National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) was born.


So why do the 1% clubs have a major influence on the coalition? It’s real simple. It was these brothers who had to endure and fight johnny law on daily basis for the rights you enjoy today. 1% clubs have a huge importance within the biker community. Why? Because they are able to keep fuck tards from ruining it for everyone else. This is why a protocol exists when a club wants to start out and wear patches. The 1% club doesn’t do it to be dicks. The biggest reason why they do it is because they don’t want assholes running around with patches tearing the community up and ruining it for everyone else. Most of this 1% clubs have been around 50 to 60 years and know good and well what a group of cum munching assholes can do running around causing hell. Actually, it’s these rogue clubs that cause the issues we see with the dam leos screwing with everyone.

New Jacks also like asking the question. If NCOM exists then why are the 1% clubs still always fighting each other? Ncom exists for the rights of bikers against those who wish to impede on our god giving right to be who we are. It is a neutral ground where clubs can come together and discuss those issues. The major 1% clubs hopefully one day will come together with a binding peace. But alot of bad blood over the many years is sometimes hard to overcome. Could everyone imagine if all the majors finally put everything behind them and joined forces? Dam what a sight that would be. The power and unity that the world would see would never be matched by anyone out there on the streets. Scooters and brotherhood bind us together as one. Each group, on the other hand, has it’s own goals and most of the time those goals are not shared by the others. Peace would be nice but from all my years in the lifestyle, it’s something that just won’t come about. Like I said before. Too much bad blood.


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