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Denver Motorcycle Swap Back on: Iron Order and Mongols Banned. Confederation of Clubs Says No to attending. Are they right in doing so?

One of the true gifts of being an independent biker and being able to have views that are unfiltered, it’s the chance to give un-bias views of what is happening out in the motorcycle club scene. Insane Throttle pisses on everyone’s Wheaties, we are an equal opportunity place to piss off all sides because unlike other sites, we do not see it a service to the biker community to lean one way or another or suck up to what’s popular.

I’m glad this piece has come out regarding the Mongols and the Iron Order, the incident that happened in Denver gives us an opportunity to explore a subject that everyone should know about if they truly care about the future of clubs in the United States.

Insane Throttle is researching a story right now that will have huge implications for motorcycle clubs here in the United States. That story involves these two clubs as well as another case going on out on the East Coast. The outcome of these cases will affect every single club out there who wishes to maintain their patch and organization.

With the huge implications of these cases, it was a complete shock to us over here at Insane Throttle when we learned a very popular biker news site was set to testify in one of these cases, a deposition has already been made by this individual against a club. This individual is supposed to be on our side, but instead, he chose the side that can literally set precedent in taking down motorcycle clubs using the court system. It was also a complete shock to learn that this individual, after writing scathing articles against the leadership of one of these club’s ex-leader, is now in bed with the punk. I guess it’s all about selling the books like he stated numerous times in different media markets. Right now, Insane Throttle is getting all its ducks in a row, when that investigation is complete, we will release the findings here to our readership.

Now onto the article at hand. The Confederation of Clubs is starting to show everyone what they hoped, wasn’t true, the fact that they are just a Confederation directed by the interest of the 1%er clubs. Again before all you ass-monkeys start sending the hate mail, I’ve always been a supporter of 1%er clubs, you can see that in my history over 25 years, you can also see through articles on Insane Throttle, we have been some of the biggest supporters of them since our inception. Here’s the deal, this action on the part of the Confederation of Clubs show that they are not interested in furthering the rights of all clubs. The Confederation came into being in the mid 80’s to protect the rights of ALL clubs, not just the member clubs within its organization. Just by the statement that was given to the press, you can see not ALL clubs are represented.

Iron Order Member

I’ve been mauling a statement made by someone on Insane Throttle most of the night, something I consider so ignorant and ass-nine it’s laughable. The statement proved just how ignorant some people are, or how indoctrinated people have come over the last 20 years concerning protocol.

“U sons of bitches hijacked our culture most of you all think u need a patch to fit in and then bitch because you’re not treated equally! We didn’t become a club member because we thought it was the cool thing to do. We do it because they are truly our family and we will forever have each other’s back through thick and thin ….24/7/365 not just holding a bar stool down or Saturday afternoon”

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Now think about that statement, here is a dude claiming that anyone who doesn’t follow their protocol “Hijacked their lifestyle”. Well if this dude actually knew what the hell he was talking about, if you wanted to get literal, it’s actually the other way around. THERE WAS NO PROTOCOL until the mid-1980 ‘s, before the time of the Confederation of Clubs, clubs followed no such thing, plain and simple. The old saying is what? “If you tell the story over and over again, even if it isn’t true, eventually you will start believing in it if you tell it enough times”. He went on to bitch that we didn’t cover his brother’s death a week before just because he was a 1%er, when in fact we wrote two articles in the span of days about the subject.

Story 1
Story 2

I won’t waste any more time on the protocol crap, I’ve always said I didn’t care one way or another how your club started up, I stressed that “If you can back your patch and brothers, then screw what the hell everyone else says”. Personally, if all these keyboard warriors knew anything about what they spout off, they would know they are the ones causing the problems for the very clubs they claim to support. It’s a funny thing, in this position we have contacts all over the world in almost every major club. Do you want to know what their biggest beef is? People running off at the mouth on their behalf causing all kinds of drama for them, shit, it’s got to the point where some of these clubs are starting to tell members they can’t have any club crap showing on facebook. So think about that next time your pounding on those keyboards thinking you’re doing a service to them.

So back to this Mongol and Iron Order thing, the Confederation of Clubs is deciding to hold a separate event because of the conditions put on them. We are looking into the conditions right now and will try and get them out to the readers as soon as we can. On a side note, the Confederation of Clubs are facing some serious credibility issues, unless addressed, they will find Independent Clubs going their own way and forming something different. I laughed when I seen some say AMA was the association for clubs who were independent. Another hard truth that will have to be faced by the Confederation, in this day and age, it’s not one or the other. 99% clubs have such a vast network of membership, they could easily form something if they wanted to.

2018 is looking like a bad year to be a patch holder if your in a club that supports any of the big clubs, quite frankly it’s sad. Membership is already hard to come by, support for the Confederation and 1%er clubs are eroding fast, maybe it’s truly time for the Confederation to step up and do what it was originally intended to do, sit the clubs down and find a peaceful resolution to all these problems. Set all the crap aside, get these clubs in a room and tell them straight up the situation that clubs are facing and get a peace deal hammered out. If the Confederation can’t do that, then don’t go out there crying discrimination when people or businesses don’t want club members showing colors.

Mongols give news conference after shooting. Never thought we would see that

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DENVER (CBS4) – Two years after a motorcycle club member was murdered at a swap meet, the event is being allowed to return to the National Western Stock Show complex.

One person was killed and several others wounded in a confrontation between two motorcycle clubs in February 2016. Derrick Duran, a member of the Iron Order, was not charged after he claimed he fired in self defense at a member of the Mongols. “One Mongol punched me four times. I said stop it ‘Stop it leave me alone.’ Boom. I dishcharged a weapon,” he said in an interview with police from that day obtained by CBS4 Denver.

A Mongol was carried downstairs and Duran said he went to police.

“I said, ‘I shot back in self defense here’s my weapons,’” he said.

The event was banned the following year.

Now its website announces it is back — but under certain conditions from the City of Denver and the Stock Show.

Both the Mongols and Iron Order motorcycle clubs are banned, and no knives, guns, drugs or outside alcohol will be allowed.

motorcycle expo 4 Swap Meet To Return To Stock Show Complex After Motorcycle Club Shooting

Confederation of Clubs’ attorney, Wade Eldridge, said their members, which include the Mongols, would not attend due to city demands.

“The Confederation of Clubs would sign a document telling the city we would pay them if there was anything bad that happened. if someone got shot, beat up or perhaps if anyone slipped on a banana peel.”

So the Confederation is offering a different event the same day at Harley Davidson in Parker to benefit veterans.

At the Stock show event January 27-28th there will be metal detectors and extra security to prevent a return of violence.

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