I am surprised more and more every day on some of the things that happen in the Motorcycle Club Scene. Insane Throttle has been digging into the background of some of the shooters of the President of the Cross Bayou Chapter of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club. During the digging, we found something very interesting concerning Alan Guinto, one of those involved in the assassination.

Back in 2013 favorite “Instigator of Violence “, iPod of the Iron Legacy, sponsored Alan Guinto into his former club. That’s right, the same ass clown that decided after getting his ass whipped in a fist fight and decided to escalate things into an assassination, is the same guy that was picked by IPod to be one of his followers.

IZOD Iron Legacy

After iPod was put Out Bad by his former club and started the Iron Legacy, his boy Alan was put Out Bad as well. Apparently, iPod taught him well, but I guess Alan forgot to go hide behind the Law Enforcement Alliance moniker and instead joined the 69ers MC.

Congratulations iPod, this is another example of how fucked up you have been as a leader in the MC world. When you send out emails encouraging violence, condemn communication with other clubs, these are the kind of guy’s you get.

Hopefully, this situation doesn’t escalate, but as of now, we can see a direct line to iPod and the past pattern of behavior he encouraged in his emails.

Take a situation like the Facebook hater .iPod sent these emails listed below ordering a hit on a civilian just because he was making fun of them. A minor annoyance, but in ipods mind, it was an offense that needed to be dealt with. This was the same shit iPod and Playboy taught a guy like Alan to do before they both were put Out Bad by their former club. Only this time, there is a dead man at your feet.


One last thing before I close this out, I’ve heard nothing but haters talking about clubs that start up without following protocol. It’s almost a daily thing on Facebook, Twitter and such. I especially hear it coming from the supporters of the 1%er clubs. After digging into the incident down in Florida, I found it very interesting that the 69%ers recruited this dude. From our information, he went from being out bad from one of these start-up clubs everyone bashes, to a full patched 69er in a new startup chapter in Florida within a couple of months. By the looks of this, this was a chapter thrown together without much thought, especially if this dude was out in bad from another club everyone hates and calls a cop club.

I will also add something for our readers to think about, all these individuals were arrested within hours of the incident. Every day more and more is coming out regarding motive and such. That can only mean one thing, one of this 3, have turned on the others to save their ass. This is something I predicted in my original article on this subject when I said: “Out of every 3 members in a club, 1 is always a rat”. It will be interesting to see which one has decided this isn’t Sons of Anarchy and wants to cut a deal.

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Biker Gang Arrests
Right to left: Christopher “Durty” Brian Cosimano, 29, Michael “Pumpkin” Dominick Mencher, 51, and Allan “Big Bee” Burt Guinto have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder for allegedly working together to kill Paul Anderson, 44, the president of a rival motorcycle gang. Pasco County Sheriff’s Office

Source: Bradenton Herald

The Odessa community can breathe a little easier Friday.

The sheriff’s office announced that two motorcycle gang members, who witnesses say killed an innocent man at a stoplight, have been arrested.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, around 5 p.m. Thursday, two men dismounted their bikes and approached Paul Anderson, 44, who sat in his pickup truck at the intersection of State Road 54 and Suncoast Parkway. The president of a rival biker gang allegedly tapped his window to get his attention and then fired several shots, killing him.

Anderson was the president of the Cross Bayou Chapter of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club in Pasco. A scout vehicle was used to track Anderson, and the second motorcyclist tagged along in case the first was unable to kill Anderson, Sheriff Chris Nocco said.

“That’s a big deal when you take out a president. These groups don’t take it lightly. And we don’t take it lightly because we know what it means. We know that there will be more violence.”

Nocco said Anderson was well-known within his sheriff’s office. Years ago, the biker threatened to kill one of the deputies investigating a case. The three men involved in his death have been arrested and are members of the 69’ers Motorcycle Club, according to the sheriff’s office.

Michael “Pumpkin” Dominick Mencher, 51, was arrested Thursday night after the sheriff’s office worked alongside the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Tampa police to stakeout a Tampa home. Nocco said he was the one wearing a Nazi helmet in pictures from the shooting.

Deputies arrested Allan “Big Bee” Burt Guinto, 26, the driver of the scout vehicle, at his girlfriend’s house in St. Petersburg, according to the sheriff’s office.

The shooter, Christopher “Durty” Brian Cosimano, 29, is the president of the 69’ers gang, according to the sheriff’s office. He was located by ATF and arrested in Hillsborough County.

Nocco said the two gangs had been feuding before Anderson was murdered. Guinto had been assaulted in a bar by members of the Outlaw gang and Outlaws had also attempted to run 69’ers members off the road, as well. The sheriff’s office expects there to be further retaliation.

“I would hope and pray that there’s not (retaliation), but I believe there will be,” Nocco said. We all believe there will be.”

There has already been indication that national members of these two gangs are discussing the events and could be headed to the Tampa Bay area to further escalate the dispute, Nocco said.

The Florida Department of Transportation, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Tampa Police Department, ATF and other agencies worked with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to make the arrests in less than 24 hours.

“This comes down to teamwork,” Nocco said. “This comes down to people coming forward with information to law enforcement, and this goes back to great partnerships.”

All three men are charged with first-degree murder.

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