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Dodge County steps up patrols after Outlaws Motorcycle Club open clubhouse in Lomira. Police Department start propaganda drive with media help. Citizens fight back

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By James “Hollywood” Maccecari

Here we go again with the police and media working hand in hand trying to scare a local community because a motorcycle club is moving into town. The first thing out of their mouths on the local PD website.

“The outlaw motorcycle gang has established a clubhouse in the Village of Lomira at 606 West Main Street. We encourage the community to please assist us by notifying law enforcement of any violations or criminal activity that they observe. Please, help us help you in keeping the village of Lomira safe.

Silly little men in blue. They always reach for the gang term right off the line. Well, citizens of Lomira. Since you did not get any type of information from the joke of an article that was written below and printed by the Daily Citizen; I’ll provide you some information that will put you at ease about the Outlaw Motorcycle Club moving into town.

1. What the local police department is trying to portray is nothing more than fiction. The Outlaws Motorcycle Club is not made up of JAX, CLAY, TIG and all the rest of the Sons of Anarchy members. The members of the Outlaws M/C are blue-collar workers. They work in industries such as welding, automotive repair, warehousing and some even work as attorneys and work 9-5 in corporate offices. With this in mind, I wouldn’t worry about drug running and dope dealing running rampant in your community. This is a fiction the police like putting out there to scare a community.

2. I can bet you a shiny new nickel that if you have any type of gang problem within the community, all that nonsense will come to a grinding halt. Motorcycle Clubs has it bad enough being profiled. So you can bet they will not allow any type of illegal activity anywhere near their clubhouse or town. On the contrary. What I would be worried about is the police.How they conduct themselves since they already appeared to take an aggressive stance against the Outlaws.Even though they haven’t done one thing wrong to deserve that type of criticism. Basically what that means is anyone who now rides a motorcycle within your town will be harassed by your police department. Even if the person riding the motorcycle has nothing to do with a motorcycle club. It could be your brother, husband or father who will get harassed simply because they ride a motorcycle.

3. Do not let your community be scared by propaganda the police are putting out there. The statement that was released on their Facebook page should have every citizen terrified. Why? Because you have a law enforcement body accusing citizens of being a criminal without any due process of law or evidence to back the claim. That is some scary stuff right there. So if bikers can be profiled without any evidence of criminal activity, what makes you think they will just stop there? Conceivably you will be next on the list because you might not fit into what they consider to be a good citizen.

As far as your local paper is concerned. Haven’t we as Americans had enough of “Fake News”? Nowhere in the article did this reporter reach out to the Outlaws M/C for comment. Instead, the paper pushed the police departments side of the story. No fact checking them, no nothing. The article might as well have been written by the police department. No self-respecting journalist would’ve ever put out an article like that in print without asking for comment from the other party.Maybe someone over at that paper should send that reporter back to journalism class to learn how to write a proper article.

With all that said, the citizens of Lomira have nothing to worry about. Citizens who went over to the clubhouse to introduce themselves; I can bet the Outlaws M/C would be welcoming and attentive to any concern you might have. More then I can say from your local police department. Remember, that department works for you. Make your voices heard. Tell them this type of behavior is unacceptable. If you don’t, it might be you the next time they have on their radar.

Insane Throttle Biker News has reached out to the Lomira Police Department for comment. As of this printing we have heard nothing from them. We also reached out to Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt with no success.I guess they don’t want to have to answer the hard questions. Just deal with those publications that are supportive of their prospective on things. I encourage all the citizens and readership of Insane Throttle Biker News to reach out to the Lomira Police Department and voice their concerns. (920) 269-4112 Sheriff of Dodge County (920)386-4115.


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Source: The Daily Citizen

Fake News

Schmidt said in a press release, “This is very concerning to law enforcement as throughout the state and the country, the Outlaws have been known to bring with them criminal activity that includes drug use, weapons and violent behavior. While we are certainly not implying that the individuals in this particular clubhouse are part of that activity, we would be remiss if we did not give proper attention to ensure the safety of our citizens.”


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