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So now Reyna a Freak- Judge: Halt distribution of sexually explicit images of Twin Peaks biker. Can someone go peer in his window and get some pics of his wife we can post in return?

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Well we already knew that District Attorney Reyna was a criminal POS who has taking pleasure in ruining the lives of those that were in Waco that day. But we never knew he was a sadistic freak on top of it. Seems like Reyna has taking up the mantel of being a freak as well.

Has anyone checked the Child Molester list  on this dude? I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on that in a couple years since he has now taking to “Revenge Porn.”

Seems like Cody Ledbetter had some intimates with his wife on his phone. Something most of use do (Come on you know it’s true). Well looks like they ended up in the hands of this ass-monkey. Well, I guess Reyna isn’t happy that he had to drop the bogus ass charges against Cody so he decided to distribute them to multiple attorneys. Sounds like you have a bunch of freaks for attorneys down there in Texas. What the hell does intimates of a husband and wife have to do with anything concerning the “Twin Peaks” shooting?

Nice conservative District Attorneys office down there. They really have to resort to this kind of non-sense? Here’s a deal for all you down in Texas. If you can get Insane Throttle some pics of Reyna’s wife. We will share them with everyone Worldwide. Insane Throttle has a huge reach and I’m sure we can get them out to everyone so they can have some jerking material. Then they can share it with all their friends and make Reynas a wife a career in the adult industry since you know, Reyna will be unemployed soon.

Insane Throttle Facebook question of the day- Should Reyna be charged with “Revenge Porn?”

Take a look at the story below. It takes a judge to order this freak to halt the distribution. Share this article with everyone. Maybe it will reach this idiot since they have not felt it necessary to contact Insane Throttle Biker News back on any of it’s request for comment

Related Commissioners enact ‘lame-duck’ spending limit on office of outgoing DA . Where were they before when he ruined so many lives “Twin Peaks Shootout”


WACO, Texas (KWTX) State District Judge Matt Johnson Wednesday ordered the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office to stop distribution of sexually explicit photos and videos of former Twin Peaks defendant Cody Ledbetter, 29, and his wife that were recovered from Ledbetter’s cellphone after the deadly May 2015 shootout.

Johnson dismissed the case against Ledbetter on March 12, barely two weeks after setting an April 2 trial date.

The videos and photos were distributed to attorneys representing the 177 defendants in the case as part of the discovery process.

Johnson said he’ll send notices to about 60 attorneys who represent Twin Peaks defendants in his court advising them to destroy the material, but said he will rescind the order if attorneys can establish a specific need for the images.

State District Judge Ralph Strother, who has about the same number of Twin Peaks cases in his court, said he will issue a similar order.

Ledbetter’s attorney, Paul Looney, called the distribution “revenge porn.”

“I am extremely grateful for any efforts that will assist this young couple in regaining their privacy,” he said.

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“I am not sure how this works. I wouldn’t know how to destroy images off the kind of drive that they have given out, but if it is doable and everyone will comply, it will work. If not, I hope we can do something else,” he said.

“I am extremely grateful that the judge recognizes the horrible violation of the privacy rights that the District Attorney’s Office has imposed on my client and his young wife.”

Ledbetter, whose father Daniel Boyett was among the nine bikers killed at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

He was not armed and only ran for cover when the gunfire started, Looney said.

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