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The Rise of KBW M/C. The real world effect it’s having on the motorcycle club scene . Time for motorcycle clubs to act before it’s too late.

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Everyone knows them, they are the ones who usually have the burner accounts on social media. Their hangout of choice is usually Facebook and Youtube. Their members usually claim to have so much experience in the biker community they are the ones screaming to high heaven on a post and are not hard to miss. Yes, It’s the keyboard warrior M/C. What’s funny? They are experts on everything, not only motorcycle clubs , they also dive into politics and religion as well. They are the loudmouths who proclaim they say no wrong and will argue with you for days on end. Yep, the internet not only has changed the way society acts, but how motorcycle clubs operate.

I was going through some of our morning posts that Insane Throttle Biker News makes in some of the Facebook Groups. One of the Chicago ones had a dumbshit on there screaming to high heaven about the article we ran on Big Pete’s new project he’s been working on. “The Movement.” Low and behold I knew who this idiot was back in the day. He is a moron who rides a 90’s Honda Shadow and was a leech around the clubhouses. Every time he use to show up to a party. He would buy like a $100 worth of support gear. I can remember when Dupage County put on it’s first St. Valentines Day Massacre Party at the Westside. This dude was the first to show up and buy like $200 worth of t-shirts. Now, clubs depend on supporters for income. To most this guy would be the one you want around cause you always know you would make money. Problem with this dude. He would always go around town claiming that he knew everyone and was an associate of the club. See where I’m going with this?

Back in 2003 he use to have one of those Vrods. One of those ugly ass chrome ones. Anyways, he use to mouth off to the local citizens and cause all kinds of shit for the chapters in the area. It’s one thing to be a proud supporter. But when you start representing yourself as part of the club you cross the line. Let’s just say he had his talking to and never hung around that part of town anymore. Well, looks like the internet has empowered the idiot. Granted I’ve been out of the scene for quiet some time now but it looks like hes up to the same shit. Running off at the mouth representing a motorcycle club he has no membership in. Actually, hes making that club look like shit on the Internet. Running off at the mouth on things he has no idea about. One of those “I heard it from this guy and that guy so it has to be true and I’ll go around repeating it like I have the authority.” type of guys. It’s actually quiet sad. Dude after all this time never took the step to prospect or try and join the club. Wonder what kind of BS excuse he would come up with as to why.

That is 98% of the people on the internet you see running off like they have some authority to speak on subjects they see posted. These are the people who live off others experiences because they didn’t have the balls to step up and do it for themselves. Insane Throttle and I’m sure the rest of the Biker News sites deal with these people all the time. I especially get a laugh when they hide behind fake profiles. For one, they are so ignorant of the fact of how easy it is to truly find out who they are, fake profile or not. Secondly, they don’t like coughing up who they are with because they know Insane Throttle has contacts all over the Motorcycle Club Scene. They know we can verify their bs within a couple of hours so they usually clam up when we call them out. I especially love the ones who go around the sites claiming to be 1%ers from some of the bigger clubs. 99.9% of the time they are full of shit, the club they claimed to be apart of never even heard of them. The other .1% are ones thrown out of the club and still going around representing until they are found out. Thus the reason for the fake profiles. They have to hide their tracks so they don’t get caught up.

The Last Chicago Boss is on a mission to change the perception of bikers. Old School Combined with New School equals a Better School of thought. The Movement begins with you! Will Bikers and Clubs answer the call before it’s too late?

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Most of us laugh these people off. But there is a more serious problem with these type of people. These internet warriors are famous for spreading false crap on the internet about one club or another. Those rumors have actually been causing tension on the streets. It has caused outbreaks of violence between clubs because some members heard something on the net and next thing you know they go half cocked and stir up shit that in turns leads to a domino effect. Why? Because of some wannabee on the internet who thought they knew what the hell they were talking about and had to put their two cents in. While the members in the club are now going back and forth, the ass-monkey who started it all is sitting back in his nice computer chair laughing it up. Kind of like the fat fuck in the Feature Pic.

I know that many of the motorcycle clubs have instituted policies that no member can show club colors on their social media accounts. They also have made it a prospect offense or out bad offense if members engage with people on the internet. Personally, they should take it a step farther and put out the word to their supporters to get in line and stop talking on behalf of the club. I’m not naive, I see clubs use some of these people to put out their propaganda to get an advantage over another club. Problem is, that tactic in the end usually backfires on them because members of the club are the ones who usually get caught up in some beef on the street or invite the Feds right in.

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Education is going to be the biggest challenge for “The Movement.” Especially the need to take on these internet biker groups where you will find most of these KBW m/c members hanging out and spewing the bs. Big Pete will have a video coming out on this Thursdays “The Boss” discussing this topic. If you haven’t headed over to our Youtube Channel Yet than click here to subscribe. The reason we ask you to head over to the Youtube Channel and subscribe is because it gives us a gauge on who would be interested in our ultimate goal of getting our own Roku app. We are planning on having all biker related content on this app. This channel will display all kinds of different shows, interviews, builds and rally coverage. So again, hop on over and subscribe and if you like to help us get to our goal you can become a monthly Patreon. All money received on our Patreon goes to this goal.

Anyways, back to the keyboard warriors lol. I always had a question I wanted to ask those who run off the mouth. How does it feel looking at yourself in the mirror knowing you never were apart of a club you claim so much expertise on? How does it feel knowing when you talk about “Old School” you were never there to experience it? Here’s my suggestion for you. Go get some real life experience, maybe then when you look into that mirror you can finally have some pride in yourself. Until then, your nothing, your just someone who lives off the backs of others.

Insane Throttle Facebook question of the day– What has your experience been with these Internet Warriors?

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