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The Confederation of Clubs- Only the criminal biker community gives them any attention says Law Abiding Biker/ Cop Ryan Urlacher. What is your thoughts on Officer Gumps statement ? Boycott of Urlachers sponsors brewing

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

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The guy who claims to speak for the 99%er community now turning around claiming anyone who supports the Confederation of Clubs are mostly apart of the criminal biker community. Yep, this is the guy who is a member of the Sworn Few wannabee M/C. He is also an active duty cop who likes to play biker and does videos from his garage. If you look at his site it’s nothing but him begging for people to donate or become contributors to his game.

It’s not unusual for creators of Youtube or Podcasts to ask for contributions. Insane Throttle does it through it’s Patreon Account. The difference is we don’t have people paying for upgrades to our personal houses. We use our contributions towards a goal of bringing the biker community content that is actually educational and meaningful through medians no other has done.

When you read the quote from his website, it kinda leaves you scratching your head. Here is a guy who claims to speak for the 99% majority, the ones who actually make up the majority of the Confederation of Clubs ; Then goes out there equating them to criminals if they support the COC. Not the best way to keep your audience.

Look at the Law Abiding Biker and Sworn Few member Ryan Urlacher: He claims to be the voice of the 99% clubs. What say you? Last time I checked cops didn’t represent anyone but the Blue Gang. Claims 1%ers are nothing but criminal

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Let’s take a look at what is brewing within the biker community. Right now a plan is being put in place for a social media blitz and boycott of Ciro CD and RickRak. Two companies that Law Abiding Biker proudly says sponsors his website. If those companies want their products associated with a site who calls bikers  who support an organization whose sole purpose is to fight biker discrimination, criminal, then maybe it’s time for those bikers fight back with the wallet. Insane Throttle emailed these two companies about this subject, as of now we have received no reply. I guess they are buying into Ryan Urlachers BS that Insane Throttle don’t have a following (I almost died when I heard him say that on his podcast.) I think he’s use to dealing with other smaller sites, his arrogance don’t see what’s right in front of him. But hey, that’s the way most cops think.

Personally, Ryan Urlacher should be paying attention to Social Media. Yesterdays article is everywhere. Not only on Social Media, but sites that pick up our Rss feed worldwide. The sentiment isn’t good at all regarding Law Abiding Biker. Hate to say it bud, 99.9% of those commenting and sharing the post don’t think you represent them at all. Actually, most are having some pretty harsh words for you. Was it worth teaming up with one of the biggest problems in the biker community, Lollipop? If you honestly believe that Insane Throttle didn’t get those emails forwarded to us from the source, your a pretty shitty cop. You just let the biggest joke in the biker community play you lol. I’ve even seen some of your cop buddies out there bitching about you being played by him, now that sucks, getting it from both sides because you couldn’t conduct a real interview. Don’t worry though, Lollipop has screwed up a lot of peoples lives within the biker community. Your just one in a long line of people who bought into his bullshit.

By the way Ryan. The offer is still on the table. You believe in your positions so much let’s debate. Bring your team on the madhouse. Mine is already standing by for the debate. See Officer Gump, as he as affectionately become known to Insane Throttle thinks we are a smut site. We take that on as a badge of honor coming from this ass-monkey. So you think Officer Gump will grow a pair and take on people who will actually push back?

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the day– Do you agree with Ryan Urlacher that those who support the Confederation of Clubs is criminal? Do you support a social media blitz protesting the sponsors of his program?

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  1. What is amazing is how we have never heard anything else about the retired police officer who was arrested along with the other 175 bystanders at Twin peaks. My guess is he was let go with no mention. The corruption in the state of Texas is amazing, it is the “good ole boy” association. There’s a reason they wear cowboy hats, they are hiding a ton of shit in there…

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  2. I see this guy as an attention whore. Failed as a Police officer so now he wants us to believe he is “law abiding” but he seems to be trying to convince us of this. Why? What is he hiding?


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