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Look at the Law Abiding Biker and Sworn Few member Ryan Urlacher: He claims to be the voice of the 99% clubs. What say you? Last time I checked cops didn’t represent anyone but the Blue Gang. Claims 1%ers are nothing but criminal

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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Can’t find no credible evidence? This dude is a joke for a cop. Scroll down and check out some of the goodies

This was a passage on a description page of his recent released podcast with Ray “Lollipop” Lubeski. This is also the ass-monkey who claims to speak for the 99%er out there. Only one little problem. You’re a cop, last time I checked 99%er don’t want cops representing them. I might be wrong, but I wonder if I do some interviews with 99%er clubs, would they feel you represent ?

I sat rolling listening to the second part of the podcast this ass-monkey called an interview. First off I have to address some points. They brought up the fact that I use to go by Topfuel. This is correct ass-monkeys. That was a name I went by when I was apart of a club. I’m no longer apart of a club and this is why I don’t use it anymore.Actually you can read disclaimers from past posts where I stated that fact when it had to do with a former club I was in. Secondly, my last name is Redden. Macecari is actually my grandmothers name and one I’ve used for a very long time professionally. Last thing- They claimed in the podcast that I do not show who is behind Insane Throttle (Picture not up). Funny, all my articles, promotional materials on social media, and Insane Throttle’s website all have pictures up. Actually it’s a policy here at Insane Throttle.

Lollipops explanation of the emails- They are fake, someone hacked into the system or I’m in bed with the Iron Order. That is the best he could do. Really? This ass-monkey cop bought into it. Here’s what I think. Anyone doing any street stuff needs to move their operation to where this dude is a cop. If the rest of his cop buddies are like him you will be able to get away with anything you want because they are so gullible it’s laughable.


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I guess that law abiding biker thinks it corners the market on what a biker is suppose to be. Guess their version is a biker who is nothing but a cop or one of their upstanding supporters.

I was listening to this tinker bells podcast and it was laughable to say the least. The softballs that you threw at Lollipop is nothing short than a joke. You might as well been a reporter for CNN. You did nothing but grease Lollipops ass. Like I said in my email to you, you didn’t need to grease him up so much. Oh by the way. You must not be much of a cop if you couldn’t find any of the crap that this dude put out there on the net in regards to stoking violence  against other clubs and civilians . Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we? You really should be thinking who you support. Right now you’re looking like a complete utter moron.




Insane Throttle Challenge to Brian Urlacher

You call that an interview ? You might as well just popped his cherry instead of greasing him so much. Where was all the questions about him ordering hits on civilians and other clubs? Where was the questions about him laying down the foundation for the shootings? He talks keyboard warriors? You’re joking right? He was directing other members of his former club to “TAKE CARE” of people over email. We have those by the way and I’m sure you didn’t have the nuts to ask him about it. We can provide copies if you like. That don’t fit your whole Law-Abiding Propaganda does it?

By the way. You talk the talk, lets see if you can walk the walk. You’re so proud of your position. Let’s go head to head on the Madhouse. I’ll be happy to dance with ya. Bring your boy Lollipop with ya. We can have a well rounded debate and you might learn how to actually do an interview. You like picking on sites like Motorcycle Profile Project right or go around calling 1%ers criminal? Come take on the Throttle. You talk worldwide lmao. We will make ya famous.

I’ll give ya a chance to debate and lay out your positions for 2 full hours. Here’s the challenge for the mighty law-abiding biker. You bring your co host on, Lollipop and The Throttle’s team will consist of myself, Double barrel and Big Pete James. We will even give you a program outline on the subjects to debate. That way you can actually get prepped for a real debate and interview. What say you? Your so sure of your positions then PROVE them.

Motorcycle Profiling Project- More Felons in Law Enforcement than Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. Cops response: There is more cops that’s why ! WTF?

You know what’s funny about cops? They are easy as hell to play. Just look at Lollipop. He was able to pull the wool over the eyes of this ass-monkey. One who happens to be apart of the Sworn Few LEO Club. See I don’t consider Leo Clubs actual Motorcycle Clubs. First sign of trouble you tinker bells pull out the badge and cry and whine how you are being bullied. Most of all, I find any cop in an M/C a fake. Someone who wishes they are someone they are not. These cops try leading double lives. They are not happy just being apart of the blue gang. They want to have a taste of what it is to be a real man. This is why they parade around acting like something they are not.

Kinda like Lollipop isn’t it? Sure, he talks a good game. But word is Lollipop you have been buttoned up tight. Haven’t been going out much we hear? Guess that happens when people find out the ugly things you had to say. How is that gangster life over the keyboard working out for you?

I do find it real funny Lollipop that you go around talking tough on a friendly podcast format. But when it comes to real life you don’t like getting out much. Need to work on that. After all, how can you lead a legit M/C if you are not out there riding?

One part of the Podcast I really got a kick out of is when Lollipop stated that his and other of the founders positions were secured. They made it where they can’t get thrown out of the club like what happened in the former one. It’s no surprise you are following the example of the Full Mag Association. They are doing the same thing are they not Ryan? Hear? We will refresh your mind a little bit. And you bone-heads talk about the Confederation of Clubs? Sounds like you guys have a good racket going on yourselves.

Don’t sound like a real motorcycle club or association  we all know. Usually you have a vote from the membership. But nope, not you guys. You want to run a dictatorship, ensure that you never get kicked out bad right lollipop? Better yet, you always have access to club funds. Funny how you were in the painting business, than when you were kicked out you lost that and all your pocket change you were taking from your club. How’s those trips to Germany by the way going.

Let’s get back to the question you asked about the shootings Iron Order was involved in Ryan. Everyone of them up to the Mongols shooting,  your buddy was running the club. He has the balls to blame them? LMAO. Cops are a bunch of fools then. If you’re trying to run a legit site and business. Be honest with your audience at least.


Here’s one from our archives that really makes me giggle. Maybe reason why you’re in hiding so much Lollipop. Does anyone really believe members of the AOA sat in a bar and hid out because a bunch of Iron Order Members were waiting for them outside? Come on Ryan, not even you can be that damn gullible.


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Last thing that we need to address Mr.Pecker. You go around messing with the smaller sites like Motorcycle Profiling Project, Aging Rebel to name a few. Why not come on the Throttle? Take on a site and network that makes your motorcycle majority look like cub scouts. You claim global? Alrighty then, come take on the Throttle who is not only globally, but has hundreds of sites in OZ alone that pick up our feed and articles. Not to mention the other ones in Europe, South East Asia and Taiwan. We also have our Freelancers who contribute to the Insane Throttle Network from overseas and nationwide. Who’s your freelancers overseas by the way? After-all, you claim to be worldwide.

Insane Throttle has to admit we are slow comers to the Social Media scene. Really never worked  hard on it until now. We were more worried about getting the site out there and networked up with other sites and major news outlets around the world to fight the propaganda BS that you cupcakes in blue love throwing out there. So come on the Madhouse and debate. You want to talk smack? I’ll give you 2 complete hours to debate.

Bring your crew on and I’ll bring mine on. Show some balls. Don’t give me  “I won’t go down into the gutter crap.” People who use that are nothing more than a bunch of cowards who can’t back up there positions. Bring on your boy Lollipop with you. He’s apart of the Law Abiding Association. I think he owes it to your organization to answer allegations that have been put out there that can destroy the image of your organization.

So what do you think folks? Do you think law abiding biker will grow a pair?Think they will actually come on a program and debate their positions? We can give them a couple weeks to prepare. Promote the hell out of it through our network as well as the other biker related sites , give them a true worldwide audience not made up of cops and cop sympathizers, but real everyday bikers. Give them a real good audience to see which positions matter to the biker community. See if the Alliance of Law Abiding Bikers actually represent the 99%ers out there.

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