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Government Rest Case in Trial of Bandido Pike and Portillo- Ugly Man Cossacks Wife last to give testimony against Bandidos. NP Cossack President Zeke has a ship full of “Rats” and says Cossack 1%ers are Counterfeit .

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Editorial and Opinion Writer

James "Hollywood" Macecari

The Prosecutors in the Bandido Trial rested their case with the last witness being an ol lady of an Ugly Man Cossacks Member. This wasn’t surprising giving the fact another member of the Ugly Man Cossacks already testified at trial. Seems to be quite the tradition now with a lot of motorcycle clubs. Members go out there enjoying all the benefits of a 1%er or 99%er club and when the shit gets thick they turn and run.

The trial of Pike and Portillo is awaking me to the fact the motorcycle club scene I once knew is now gone. I’m actually sitting here while I’m writing this article thanking god I’m no longer a part of the motorcycle club scene. Seeing what has happened to these two men as well as the situation in the Chicago club scene has cemented my view. If motorcycle clubs are to last and not go the way of the Elks or Moose, then maybe it’s time for the leadership of these motorcycle clubs to take things back to the basics.

The government’s final witness Friday, Nena Jackson of Bridgeport, near Fort Worth, testified about an incident in which she and her husband, David Jackson, and other Cossacks were jumped by men — some of them wearing red — outside Shorty’s bar in Port Aransas while they were all on vacation there in August 2015. At least three of the Cossacks sustained bruises, cuts and other injuries.

Back to the basics

Motorcycle Clubs are going to have to ask themselves if “Quantity or Quality” is what they are searching for in membership. What has caused the breakdown in club protocol is the rush to be the biggest club. Look at the state of the M/C scene. You have more and more clubs popping out of nowhere and using the internet to recruit. You have clubs taking in people who are on the sex offenders list or not doing background checks altogether. Background checks were at the very least, what motorcycle clubs use to do. Now they seem to be ignored altogether.

The reason why background checks were performed was so motorcycle clubs had a starting point in evaluating a potential member. Usually the motorcycle clubs would ask for detailed information on a potential prospect right after the hang around period was complete. Oh, by the way. Sex offender checks were done right away on a hang around. No motorcycle club I know of want’s to be affiliated with someone on that list.

I guess things have changed a great deal because not even that basic step is being done anymore. You see it all the time now when a club gets in a jam and next thing you know, the dude pops up as a sex offender. Think about it for a moment. Here is a guy who is a piece of shit sex offender and you have him around your wife and kids. Add in the fact if he’s on that list, you can bet he will turn rat the first chance he gets.

Let’s talk about the hang around period for a moment. This is an especially important step for any motorcycle club. It used to be a motorcycle club was so tight knit you basically had to be a blood relative to a full patch member or you had to hang around the club at least a year to even be considered for prospect status. Now it’s a situation where a club meets a guy in a bar or rally one day and throws on a prospect patch the next. With some clubs out there, it’s even debatable if someone goes through a prospect period at all. With that kind of membership process, we all wonder why things are so screwed up.

Here’s an idea. Your club want’s to be the biggest and baddest? Then learn from some of the great ones that came before you. Clubs that have been around since after the end of World War two. They grew in numbers and reputation because they stuck to their bylaws and commitments to the patch. These clubs didn’t go out there looking for people. The people came looking for them. When the clubs did allow them to hang around, they made sure they did their due diligence. The clubs never once sacrificed quality for the sake of getting bigger.

Ugly Man Cossacks

I got a question I like to ask Zeke over at the Ugly Man Cossacks Motorcycle Club. Is it the Ugly Man Cossacks policy to let active members and ol ladies testify against members of other motorcycle clubs? It’s really a simple question. Nothing ass-nine or disrespectful about the question, unless of course you do not like the facts. If you say to yourself, who the hell is this guy to question me? I will say, alot more than just me are asking that question.

Cossacks mc
Might want to learn Zeke not to text broads. It usually ends up in the hands of guys like me.

Another question I have for you. The text you sent to a broad concerning the Cossack 1%ers. You’re a National President from my understanding. Why in the hell you discussing business about another club with a broad? The text is especially funny considering you allow members of your motorcycle club to testify against another motorcycle club. This begs the question. Who is the actual counterfeit club? The one who allows members and ol ladies to testify on the stand or the ones who as yet have not?

A member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club testified Thursday at a racketeering trial in San Antonio federal court that several Bandidos beat him and gashed his head with a claw hammer in North Texas when he refused to take off his biker vest.

I don’t really care about your internal club business. From my understanding, members of the Cossack 1%ers have already run up against another 1%er club. It was called WACO. With that in mind. Seems to me from the text you don’t have to grease that puppy so much. Be honest with her. They were your former brothers who were disenchanted with you and your leadership and gave you the middle finger. They called your bluff and you blinked. Why else would you allow them to run around with the Cossack name? If you thought they were counterfeit then why not take care of business? Make them take off the Cossack name? Seems like that would be the only solution if you believed they were counterfeit and making the Ugly Man Cossacks look like a joke.

Let’s be honest Zeke. It’s not the Cossack 1%ers making you look bad. You’re doing that all by yourself by allowing members and broads to be rats. I would think about that for a while before you go out there calling those whom you once called brother counterfeit. After all, can you see the irony of you calling them counterfeit? Did they not prospect for the Ugly Man Cossacks?? Did they not meet the membership requirements of the Ugly Man Cossacks at the time you granted them patches? If they did meet those requirements what has changed? Well, maybe the fact a bunch of your ex-brothers thought it serious enough to leave because of your lack of leadership. Seeing all the rats coming out of the Ugly Man Cossacks I can see why. If you dispute this generalization Zeke, you’re more than welcome to come on Motorcycle Madhouse to give your point of view.

Closing Remarks

Two men right now are fighting for their lives. It’s bad enough they have to deal with overzealous governmental agencies hell bent on making sure to cast motorcycle clubs in a bad light. But to have to deal with turncoats is more than most men can handle. Add the fact they have two people from the Cossacks M/C giving testimony against them, it’s surprising they are holding up as good as they are. If you can give any support you can to the Bandido Defense Fund or even drop their attorneys a quick note of support I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Let’s not forget the fact District Attorney Able Reyna has been holding off on Criminal and Civil Trials going forward in Waco because of this trial. Not only is that ass-monkey waiting for more evidence from the government to use in Waco, he’s waiting to see if they get a guilty verdict against Pike and Portillo. If the government gets the guilty verdict he will have ammunition to try and sway a jury in Waco. He will be able to use events unrelated to Waco against those he takes to trial.

For those Ugly Man Cossacks awaiting trial in Waco. Make sure that burns in your head real good. You can be sitting on the stand knowing one of your brothers and ol lady of a member testified and help secure a guilty verdict on someone else. Now that verdict is being used by the government against you at your trial so they can secure a guilty verdict against you.

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Prosecutors rest their case in Bandidos Trial
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Source: My San Antonio

By Guillermo Contreras

A month before the infamous biker confrontation in Waco in May 2015 that killed nine and left 20 injured, law enforcement rushed to Odessa and headed off what they thought would be a violent clash there between Bandidos and the Cossacks, according to testimony Monday in a racketeering trial in San Antonio of two former top leaders of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

Monday’s testimony dealt largely with other purported incidents involving Cossacks, who lost the most bikers in Waco, and the Bandidos, who lost a member in that fight that also involved police shooting at the bikers at the Twin Peaks restaurant.

Prosecutors largely tip-toed around details of the Waco confrontation because neither Jeffrey Fay Pike, then the Bandidos’ national president, nor John Xavier Portillo, the club’s former vice president, are charged in connection with that. But the pair is on trial over allegations that they directed the Bandidos’ criminal enterprise, including ordering or sanctioning threats, extortion or violence against rivals.

FBI agent Eleazar Vasquez testified that his agency and several others flooded Odessa on April 11, 2015, after “we had received an intelligence report that the Bandidos were coming to Odessa to attack the Cossacks.”

“We…met with two high-ranking officials of the Cossacks and strongly suggested they not be in the area,” Vasquez said.

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The information was based in part on recordings in which Portillo was heard saying he was dispatching Bandidos to Odessa as a show of force against the Cossacks, according to federal prosecutors.

Vasquez said as many as 60 law officers showed up and remained outside or near The Last Few bar in Odessa, where dozens of Bandidos or their support club members had assembled.

Also testifying Friday was Edward “Tiger” Treviño, a former member of the Bandidos’ Hill Country chapter, who said that during a meeting in March 2015, his chapter president informed members that Portillo “wanted us to go show to Odessa to show force to the Cossacks.”

Treviño said he understood that the force to be used “could be anything from a fight to murder.”

Ultimately, no confrontation ensued because no Cossacks were around.

Days after Waco, Treviño testified, he attended a Bandidos motorcycle rally, during Memorial Day weekend in Gulfport, Mississippi, where Portillo himself addressed Bandidos members in attendance.

“He was saying, ‘I told Jeff (Pike) to turn the other cheek from what I’m about to do,’” Treviño said. “We’re going to war.”

FBI special agent Jeff Killian also testified about an incident in July 2015, in which investigators heard Bandidos on intercepted phone calls talking about a member of the Cossacks trying to set up shop in Buda, south of Austin. The calls suggested the Bandidos planned to intimidate or use violence against the Cossack member, according to Killian.

“I just don’t think we can pull it off without getting caught,” Portillo is heard saying on one recording.

Texas Department of Public Safety officer Joel Machost testified that investigators eventually found the Cossack to warn him, and that the man told police that he had given up his vest and resigned from the club.

The government’s final witness Friday, Nena Jackson of Bridgeport, near Fort Worth, testified about an incident in which she and her husband, David Jackson, and other Cossacks were jumped by men — some of them wearing red — outside Shorty’s bar in Port Aransas while they were all on vacation there in August 2015. At least three of the Cossacks sustained bruises, cuts and other injuries.

She said the fight began when “some guy” demanded that one of the men take off his Cossacks T-shirt. When the Cossack asked why, the assailant responded: “It’s for the ones we lost in Waco,” Nena Jackson testified.

But under cross-examination, attorneys for Portillo and Pike tried to show jurors that investigators misconstrued what is said on the recordings. And, they argued no one was arrested in the Port Aransas because no one could be identified.

Guillermo Contreras is a San Antonio Express-News staff writer. Read more of his stories here. | | @gmaninfedland

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  1. Many of these, whether “ugly man” or otherwise, did not prospect. Or, they prospected for a week or two, then sewed on their patches. It was always about numbers. The new version is the same. Members of mom and pop clubs one week, flaunting their patches on social media for everyone to see, and the next week they are wearing 1%er diamonds and talking about “GFCD” and how “Everyone wants to be a 1%er until it’s time to do 1%er shit”.
    I have seen real clubs who, in those rare instances where they take in others who were in other real clubs but moved due to circumstances, prospected or at the very least probated those individuals. There seems to be a trend with these groups. It is not what you know, or what you learn, it’s who you know or who you blow. Period.


  2. I will take 4 quarters over 100 pennies anyday.i agree aint like it was in the old days.we took care of our business.and nobody talked bout nothin.let alone testifying. We must and i mean the real motorcycle clubs,try and fix this shit.not everyone has what it take to do it right. Thanks for listening. Invader Johnson. INVADERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB.Northwest illinois chapter.


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