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The Last Chicago Hoax. The Real Story of Big Pete; Out Bad Member of the Outlaws M/C. Snake Oil Salesman unmasked in his own words. Buyer Beware

The New Age of Biking and Brotherhood
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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

I figured I’d start this piece out with someone who doesn’t have any skin in the game. That person is Pete’s own co author Kerry Droban. Here is some of her thoughts on Pete.

  “True delusions of grandeur.” This according to the co-writer (Kerry Droban) of the book “The Last Chicago Boss.“Kerry gave this statement to a group while talking about outlaw motorcycle clubs, primarily related to her work on the book she co authored with that rat Falco. Personally, I think Kerry summed it all up. Pete thought he was Caesar and King of Chicago land. Episode 48 of Motorcycle Madhouse I was able to conduct a long and detailed interview with one of the board members of the Chicago Confederation of Clubs. An organization Pete has bashed on more than one occasion. This is also the organization in which Pete stole the COC Chicago Facebook page from.

Post where Pete James Claims the Chicago Confederation died when he left. Funny. For something that died, it’s still going strong . Also if it died three years ago when he left. How was I able to interview one of their board members? He is also seen trying to get the clubs to rise up against the AOA

  As you all can see. Big Pete loves to try to sow discourse. He’s like a fat Tasmanian devil who likes to spin and kick up all kinds of dust to throw people off of his claims of being the victim. When I talked with the Board Member of the Real COC Chicago. He seemed pretty adamant about how the AOA is all about biking and brotherhood. Something that is in stark contrast to what Pete was claiming about those clubs in Chicago today. For three years Pete’s gone around saying  clubs should make their own destiny. Three years he’s been trying to destroy the Confederation of Clubs with his propaganda bullshit. If anyone out there is apart of the COC and is still communicating with Big Pete. Why Hide that fact? If you truly believe in the shit he’s pushing why not be a man and stand up at a COC meeting and state your position? State you’re not happy! State you back Big Pete James and his claims. My guess is you won’t do that now will you? Why? Because you are a coward if you have to run to someone like this to make yourself feel good about the pathetic human being you are. Have to find something that dulls the edge of you going against everything brotherhood is supposed to stand for.

The Chicago Confederation of Clubs Interview on Pete

  Why am I saying such things? I hear from many who email in telling me Pete goes around saying how much support he has coming in from support clubs of the Confederation. If this is truly the case then stand up! Be a man and stop being a damned snake! Why pretend to support something that you truly don’t? Seems like a coward ass thing to me. Running to someone who is Out Bad to grieve your concerns.

COC Confederation of Clubs Big Pete James
My Question is for those he speaks of in this message. Is This true? This is been going on 3 years and it still is out there being said. So why not stand up and tell the AOA they cant tell you what to do if you have those convictions?

  Personally, if this is all true, how the hell can you even go around acting like you support the idea of brotherhood? Now we already know his statement “By the way, anyone who knows me, knows that anything I Post I WOULD stand up and say in a meeting.It took this dude three damned years to turn in his property and to add salt to a wound he had a WOMAN do it for him. If that wasn’t bad enough, the past three years every time someone would want to collect it he would call the cops on them. That’s what you support. Man get the hell out of here with that shit. Insane Throttle and myself admit to our mistakes for listening to this dudes jive. Maybe some of you who are going behind your clubs back talking to this dude should rethink their positions. Not only has the AOA side been presented. But the own words of Big Pete have convicted him in that book. It was all about him. Not brotherhood, not the Confederation, all him. Episode 48 of Motorcycle Madhouse presents the COC side of things as well.

coc chicago
You really think that the AOA Nation would stop helping their International Boss who is doing two life sentences? He knows who the real pussies are?

  This was posted on July 8th, 2015. The book was published on September 19, 2017. Many have been able to read the book. Now can you tell me with a straight face there was nothing he did to be put out bad? If you try saying that crap, youre nothing but an idiot and might want to re-read that book again. Everything from the money making schemes without the knowledge of the AOA to calling building inspectors to get the Division Street Clubhouse closed down. Which by the way was one of the most storied AOA clubhouses in the Nation. But you piss on Pete’s Wheaties he starts calling the authorities to get you shut down. So does everyone still believe he wasn’t put out bad for a reason? This DUDE has been doing everything he can to try and take the AOA down in Chicago. He‘s like an obsessed little rat who just keeps nipping away at your ankle. You would think he would get the hint and live out his pathetic existence without any more bullshit. But like his co-writer said. He thinks he was the king of Chicago.

The Last Chicago Boss
I’m wondering if he thought the same thing about those he took advantage of when he was wearing their patch. Guys who put it all on the line.

Those who read the book of his. Did what he wrote in that book stand up to what he just posted? Finally I want to give you some insight on the trouble just this one man is causing.  Take a look at this post. This has been going on for three years now.

COC Chicago
People could get hurt on the street from this kind of shit. This has been going on for 3 years now. You want to talk about keyboard warrior???? This shit takes the cake.

As you can see from the post. Pete has been running around blasting the AOA for some time behind his keyboard. He’s gone onto starting the BBS and has continued in that goal. I asked very pointed questions to the board member about the above post. Nothing in that above post or anything Pete is saying is remotely true. What you hear now on the internet is a disgruntled guy. One who is pissed off that the club he thought he controlled single handily, put him out in bad standings. What I find even more concerning is the friction that this man is trying to perpetrate between the black&white and red&white in the Chicago land area. Ever since he spoke out to the Chicago Sun Times on this subject, he continues doing so openly till this day on the internet.

Big Pete Talking about the AOA and Angels in a fight over Chicago

Here is where all that false reporting on the internet can get people hurt on the street. Big Pete is out bad and trying to fan the flames in Chicago where none is needed. Those who are in the BBS group and apart of any support club of these two dominants should be outraged at what he is trying to do. REAL people could get hurt over the actions of one man with an axe to grind.

I find it funny the hypocrisy that runs rampant with not only Pete, but his whole BBS group. It’s absurd, every day I go to Insane Throttles email box and people are sending me post after post of what he says.They complain or ask questions if what he is saying is correct or not. Allow me to put it point blank. Hopefully if I do, you all will stop sending in these stupid posts and save me time from having to read them. After seeing the AOA response to him as well as hearing the Confederation of Clubs response, if you can’t see what kind of person he is, you an ass-monkey.Come on people this isn’t really all that hard. You have two major organizations telling you what hes all about. You even have his own words in a book telling you what he‘s about. So why do you need anyone else to tell you what he pushes is a crock of shit?You have multiple sources right in front of you telling you he‘s full of shit.It’s not rocket science to take all the information provided and to use your own judgement.

OK, I received this post in my email this morning. In the email the person asked me how people could continue to follow someone like this. From what I gather, someone was in some kind of establishment and claimed people approached him giving shit because the colors he was wearing. Mind you. I’m not talking motorcycle club colors, but what color clothes he has on. Personally, I think dude is full of shit claiming what happened to him, but its his story and let him tell it. Anyways, as you can see by ass monkeys reply. That’s the kind of person he is. So again, why the need to send this into me? If you can’t see the ignorant shit he is  you don’t need to be on a motorcycle because you‘re going to kill yourself on it.


insane throttle biker better school

biker better school

Let’s get into Brass Tax. Butterball calls his group the 2% and everyone else is full of shit. Oh, butterball thinks he is the protector of the biker lifestyle (even though he hasn’t been on a motorcycle in how long? From what I hear he didn’t even show up on a motorcycle to the little get together in Antioch.) I find that funny because the idiot never rode a damn motorcycle, always driving around in a Cadillac acting like some kind of Greek wannabe mobster. But he’s the biker scenes guardian.


Here is another thing that is confusing. He has this group (which many in there could be good people) and he’s claiming he represents 2% of the biker sites that get it right. Are you fucking serious ass-monkey? I guess you really are an ignorant idiot. Or those who follow you are. Which one is it? So you’re telling all of us that an out bad (had to have his wife hand in colors because he couldn’t be a man.) leader of this Facebook group; is the future of the biker scene? God freaking help us if this is the case.

I wonder if bikers have lost their balls sometimes. Especially ones who feel its this coward they have to follow. Here is some advice, take it or leave it. You people who think this guy is a someone; better start learning to read between the lines. Hes a walking con job. He talks about this book all the time; everything he has done. For one, he couldn’t write the book himself. He reached out to someone else who has a specialty in writing for people like Charles Falco. The biggest rat in the biker scene. Furthermore, the shit you’re reading in that book is predominantly 90% made up. Most of the stories he put in that book have been debunked. Not only from members of his own club, but outside independents as well.

He talks about Mannheim Road all the time. Well, I grew up on that road. My family even had a bar in Stone Park on Mannheim. You want to know what everyone says about this guy? HE‘S A BIG JOKE! They laughed at him every time he came around. See, those people are true gangsters, not no wannabe. This is Butterball, though. He loves telling those stories to pull you in. He wants to feel important and most of all needs to sell his book. Yeah, he‘s pretty pissed off right now because I’m smoking his ass in sales. His current thing is “Check the publisher.LMFAO. Insane Throttle is it’s own publisher. What’s even better I didn’t have to accept a deal to sell out my readership to a publishing house. I get to set the price reasonable where people can afford it. Best of all I control the whole process. Oh, that 30,000 advance you received, bet you haven’t made it up yet have you? From the numbers I’m looking at the sales seem pretty weak. Maybe it’s because people don’t like reading made up revenge shit about a motorcycle club they claimed to have loved. Or maybe, people can see through your bullshit right away.

You talk about others making money of the biker scene. Are you that ignorant? Did you see what you put in your own book ass-monkey? You openly admitted to coming up with the Cosmic Riders patch scam (starts at page 232 or we read it in the video below.) You openly admitted to scams making money off fellow Confederation of Club members. What’s worse? You did it behind the back of your club. Now mister wannabe gangster you do know you would’ve got smoked if you were in a street crew right? But no, you were in a brotherhood that trusted you. So you didn’t have to worry what gangsters would’ve done to your ass (well you openly did oust one of the fathers of a black piston who is in a crew in your book didn’t you?) You all know, making money on the side without them receiving their taste.

See, those with no experience (which is probably 99.9% of your group) don’t understand the game you’re playing with them. But those who know you knows exactly what you’re up to. Actually, it reminds me of that stupid ass chair you use to sit in at the clubhouse. You considered it your throne lol. Wait, maybe your co-author was right when she said you thought you were a Ceaser or King. Anyways, butterball would go right to this stupid ass chair and act like he was holding court. This is what he now does with members of this Facebook group. Only now he does it with people who have no idea about him or can’t read through the lines, which is sad because you can use his own words in that book of his to know everything about him. But lets face it, people are sheep. They want to feel important and joining a group like his makes people feel important. It’s actually humorous if you think about it. Here you have a modern day “Snake Oil Salesman” leading the sheep to the slaughter.

Snake Oil Salesman, what do you mean? Besides the obvious anyone should spot, let‘s talk about his work with the cops. I wonder what people would say if they heard you were working with a member of the CPD to pull plates of members of the Outlaws. Yeah, ole butterball was working with a CPD. (Chicago Police Department) He worked with a cop who was running a joke of a club called the Overlords. It was a club who tried to wear a 1% diamond in Chicago. Anyways, after he was thrown out of the AOA he decided to work with this club because they claimed to hate the AOA. Well, he used them to get back at the AOA for throwing him out. One of the tasks he used them for was running plates of members of the AOA. He would give the names of members, and this guy would run the plates and BOOM! The Chicago Police had the intelligence on who was members of the AOA. When he was found out working with the club, he went on to bash them on the internet trying to distance his participation in the whole scheme. Then there was him being thrown out of the AOA. He chose to hold onto club property for over three years. Until of course some events took place and he finally decided to do the right thing and hand the shit in. Here is the thing about that by the way. Your hero had to have a WOMEN hand in the property. Too much of a COWARD to hand it in himself. But here he is talking out his ass about being the one and only in your Facebook group lol. Anyways, dude would call the cops anytime he seen a Black Piston or AOA member who wanted to get the property. Again, big bad gangster right? So much more can be written on his involvement with cops but I won’t put the more sensitive business of the AOA out in public. 

Why am I coming out with some of this information now? One of the conditions which was worked out for him handing in his patch was Insane Throttle would refrain from publishing anything more about him. Which we honored because we wanted the property to be returned to the club. That condition was broken on his part when he decided to get on his high horse and talk shit. Now he can talk about Insane Throttle. I accept this because I’m in the public eye and it comes with the territory. But when he talked shit about Neon and it got back to me, the agreement was thrown out the door. Everyone knows Insane Throttle is helping get the word out about the tough times he his going through. This is a man who has a extraordinary family and is a genuine guy.  But Pete decided he wanted to throw some bullshit out there. Here is a little shock news for you, something you might want to think about before you jump in bed with butterball. Neon was the one that introduced butterball to the AOA. Helped him get his first club off the ground. You know the one he talks about in that book of his. Here is a guy that helped this idiot and he’s out there talking shit about him? I guess Neon getting you the job at McCormick Place when your pathetic restaurant got shut down didn’t factor into your decision to talk shit. Just like Dino 1%er right you fat fuck? Anyways the hard lesson you all will learn, when butterballs done with you or you don’t fit into his scheme, he will turn on you. Beware Tee Cee and Judge.

The Illinois Outlaws M/C on the reason Big Pete James was put out on bad standing. Exclusive Series. Give the property back!

I understand people love drama. Which is sad considering this kind of stuff has real implications on the streets. Take for example; these bullshit get together he is trying to set up in Antioch, Illinois, with members of your group. First off, the last one you had he only showed for what? An hour and a half. This was because he knew what he was doing was bullshit. Bringing members of clubs who knew damn well they were violating every facet of protocol being in that area. He left members of this Facebook group to fend for themselves. I don’t give a rat‘s ass what excuse he gave for only being there an hour and half. Truth is he was chicken shit; he didn’t know if someone would show that didn’t quiet like him anymore. So he has all these people show up from across country and he stays for an hour and a half? That’s the great fearless leader you have in your group? The same thing will happen when you have another one of your so-called conventions, he won’t be anywhere to be found. Why? Because he is despised by everyone here in Illinois, Wisconsin, you name it. People hooking their wagon to that dude might want to rethink that position let me tell you.

Below you will find my response to the bullshit in his own words.  You will also find the video on the AOA response to Big Pete. For those who actually claim to love this lifestyle so much, it might be time to wake up to this snake oil salesman. Hes been a black mark on everything he touches. Don’t be his next victim. This dude is nothing more than a spitting image of Charles Falco.

Let’s recap. 1. He outed a member of the outfits crew in his book 2. He was working with CPD against his former club, feeding information back and forth 3. He would call the cops anytime a AOA or Piston would be anywhere near him wanting the colors 4. He openly betrayed the trust of his former club by running scams on civilians behind their back. Worse yet, he admits to it in the book. 5. He openly admits to recruiting others behind the AOA back to get involved in his schemes. 6. He had to have a woman turn in club property. Yep, sounds like a spitting image of a Charles Falco. That’s who you want to take advice from go right ahead. 7. Ask him about a Sgt At Arms from one of the National Clubs who offered to meet him in Chicago. This SAA came all the way up from Georgia to meet with him and discuss his big mouth. See Butterball went off talking Pinocchio awards against their National President online. Well, they wanted to discuss it, but he wanted none of it. He immediately blocked them and wouldn’t take no calls. Tough Guy right!

By the way, stop sending the messages and posts from your group. Nobody gives a shit about what Butterball is saying. He’s a laughing stock in the club scene. Club after club wants nothing to do with him. You want to be apart of that moron than more power to you. You want to buy into all his BS stories than go for it. You want to be attached to a guy everyone is comparing to Charles Falco than that’s on you. Don’t say you were not giving information from multiple sources on what the guy is all about.




Response to what Pete is really about in his own words in video above

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