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Bikers for Trump- Are they for the Biker Lifestyle or only using it to advance the founders personal agendas? I choose the latter

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Thanks to the efforts of MPP, NCOM and many other motorcycle rights organizations S.Res.154 was passed earlier this month in the Senate by unanimous consent. The efforts of all organizations involved finally brought a national spotlight to what has been happening regarding motorcycle profiling throughout the United States. I do have a question, though. Where was Chris Cox and the Bikers For Trump when all the lobbying was taken place? I’ll tell you where. On all the television stations crying about the government shutdown and encouraging people to pick up trash. If the founder of Bikers for Trump isn’t asking for volunteers for trash duty, he is off getting as much air time as possible for himself.

I get it. I really do. Chris was able to use the biker lifestyle to advance an agenda. One that has him walking the halls of the White House and rubbing elbows with all those puppet masters. Heres the problem with that, though. He didn’t start off as a biker. Crap, he didn’t even own a motorcycle until the Bikers For Trump stated to take off. Chris knew that the biker image or pretending to be one would get him into the door making some good money. Besides money though he would gain entrance to politicians because God knows we in the biker lifestyle carry some voting power. So with the power of social media and the ongoing 2016 election he found an opening to achieve some goals. Hey, this is America good for him. I’m not bashing the business plan he set out to achieve. What many others within the biker community and I are mad about is the fact he has not used his newfound power to help the biker community. No, he used it to help himself.

First thing these cops do to get their way is go after business. Cape Coral police revoke Dixie Roadhouse extended hours permit

First off Chris let‘s be honest. You don’t have to stroke the ole boy so hard. It’s obvious from your interviews on many of the media platforms youre the lap dog. But heres the thing. No matter how many people you claim to have on social media doesn’t mean you speak for the entire biker community. It’s the exact opposite actually. Do you know how many people within the biker community think you are a joke? Even people with Bikers For Trump have come forward to say so. Seems they are all upset about you taking all the glory without helping out the biker community as a whole.

If there’s a villain in the legend of Harley-Davidson, it’s AMF.

Here are some questions for you. Where does Bikers for Trump stand when it comes to Police profiling? Where does Bikers For Trump stand on the massacre that happened at Twin Peaks in Waco? How about the absorb gun laws targeting members of a motorcycle club in Texas even though they are legal to carry?Important basic issues happening within the biker community right now. So where is Biker For Trump stand on these issues if you’re claiming to be for biker rights?

I did an interview with you, Chris, and you said these issues were important and Bikers for Trump would take a stand. So lots of time have passed. Still no word on the official stance of Bikers for Trump. Oh, that’s right! You just want to use the image in furtherance of a personal agenda. You have no care of whats happening in the biker scene. Well, as long as it advances your goals, you might.

Time to organize and Fight .Mongols found guilty in racketeering case moving government “We’re going after their very identity,”

Here’s a question to your membership. Where are you as the government systematically goes after the rights of bikers? Do you even care that your organization has a voice within the White House and hasn’t used it to help with some pretty serious issues going on within the lifestyle?

Closing up maybe Cox will start to understand that being a REAL biker means helping the entire community with issues it’s facing. You have the ability to talk with the President of the United States and ask attention be given to just a few of these issues. Will you do it? Probably not. Well at least until some of those issues start hitting you personally. Maybe you can pass this message onto President Trump. He won’t have a very large voting block of bikers next time around if things keep up the way they are going. Bikers are tired of the harassment by police. Tired of lip service to try and get our votes. We are a very large voting block. One that can pick up on the bullshit real quick and vote for someone else. You want the support of the Biker Community? Then get involved in the issues that effect us and stop of the glory hole crap on TV.

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  1. Just what we needed another suck hole for the politician’s. If you don’t ride and attempt to say your a biker, your nothing but a waste of load of crap & doing nothing for our Lifestyle,


  2. It’s only a matter of time before the house of cards that Cox has built comes crashing down. Here’s another question. Where were Cox an company in Cleveland? They certainly weren’t out dealing with the protestors? They were all safe inside in their reserved seats. BULLCRAP! And just where was this “wall of meat” that was going to be there during the Inauguration? NOWHERE. People were left to fend for themselves.

    Are you aware that he once made the statement that he would NEVER ask for donations? All of the money was going to come from t-shirt and patch sales. And then, **BOOM**, less than a month later he had a GOFUNDME page up and running.

    This is also the same “Lawnmower Man” that was in DC during the Obama shutdown. He wanted to take that to a National movement and had shirts all lined up for it. But the shutdown didn’t last long enough.

    He also did some bicycle ride to Florida from South Carolina where he was trying to raise money for a sick relative or something along those lines.

    Yeah, he’s a spokesperson all right. A spokesperson for HIMSELF and what he can get into HIS pockets.


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