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Tampa Bay Times Hit Piece on the Outlaws M/C.Nothing more than Police Propaganda. Also more on the 2% milk king.

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

A few days ago the Tampa Bay Times came out with an article titled “An Outlaws motorcycle club leader’s assassination adds to Tampa Bay’s bloody biker gang history. An article nothing more than a hit piece Law Enforcement Officials could’ve wrote themselves. In the piece the reporter, Gabrielle Calise did nothing more than to assume and site incidents that have been contested since Law Enforcement alleged them. One very disturbing inclusion in the article (right smack dab in the middle) was the WACO incident. Tucked away in the middle where a regular citizen wouldn’t know any better that the Outlaws were not involved in Twin Peaks.

In 2015, a violent shootout between at least six gangs in Waco, Texas, left nine bikers dead in a strip mall parking lot and resulted in the arrest of 177 members. The slayings prompted Tampa Bay Times criminal justice reporter Dan Sullivan to investigate motorcycle gang culture in Tampa Bay. He found that biker gangs are still dangerous and widespread in Florida, though the gangs became more secretive after all of the public attention they received in previous decades. An expert on biker gangs estimated that Florida had probably 800-1,000 members. Many have day jobs, from operating strip clubs to practicing medicine or law.

“A violent shootout between at least six gangs in Waco, Texas.” The statement is intentionally written to implicate a club that had nothing to do with what happened in Texas. Hell, the Outlaws M/C are not even in Texas.

Another passage that I found quiet disturbing concerned Harry “Taco”Bowman.

Former Outlaws testified against Bowman in exchange for lighter sentences. A stream of tattooed, shaggy bikers admitted to blowing up rival clubhouses and throwing delinquent gang members off of motel balconies. By the end, jurors found Bowman guilty of using clubhouses in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Daytona Beach for gang activities. The list of crimes includes fire bombings, drug trafficking, ordering killings of rival gang members, and the transfer of firearms including machine guns and silencers.

I did not know Taco first of all. But I cannot believe AT ALL the bullshit the rats put forward about Taco having delinquent members thrown off of motel balconies. That’s Bullshit!! That was something a bunch of rats used to save their own asses. Taco from what I heard, from actual members, LOVED the Outlaws. He sure the hell wouldn’t hurt one of them for being delinquent on dues or any other bullshit this article or LEO claims. Actually, can anyone honestly believe anything that happened at Tacos trial? Rats after Rats said whatever they could to protect their own asses. I personally cannot believe anyone who claims an oath of brotherhood and then turns around and speaks publicly about club business or trying to save their own asses.

Case in point. The Last Chicago Hoax. The new poster boy for 2% Milk.(personally he really should take up Jenny Craig) He took an oath to the club. Not only did he betray his club by making money off the clubs name behind their back (Something he gloated about in his book) but on a weekly basis spews the bullshit to anyone who will listen to try and stay relevant (telling stories about club business involving people who cannot stand his fat ass). Relevant from behind the computer screen because hes a punk. By the way, does he mention he would call the cops when he seen members of his old club? No! Does he mention when he finally handed in the property he had to have a broad do it? No! (funny how he spews about having to go get support patches from people when he was too much of a bitch to hand in his own club property) Yeah, it’s those types of people who testify against their old clubs. Ones trying to save their own asses and too much of a punk to accept the lifestyle. People who want to play the part until they are caught up. When caught up or exposed they run like little bitches to save their own ass. In the meantime real club members stand toe to toe and face situations like men! One thing I do know. Karma is a bitch, isn’t it? Especially when someone goes around talking about pissing on someones grave.

It’s funny. This out bad disgrace poster boy for 2% Milk was telling people what a 1%er was. Whats funnier is an Out Bad Iron Order Member, who is now a moderator of the 2% Milk group, (and everyone wonders what is wrong with the club scene now? This group actually has members of clubs following this out bad disgraced fat slob. Says a ton about those clubs doesn’t it? ) asks the following


Bikers Better School

You idiots, especially that fatman, couldn’t light Vulture 1%ers cigarette if you tried.(here you idiots are trying to copy his words and then in the same sentence disrespect his club. Fuck you rubs and posers, you deserve everything you get for following that fat punk!) Vulture 1%er had more 1%er in his pinky than that fat slob had in his whole body. Vulture 1%er died true to what an Outlaw was about. Fatman wouldn’t know anything about being a true 1%er. What I can tell you, fat slob knew a lot about being a thief, liar and rat. These are exactly the type of people who testify against former club brothers. Always about the “I,” not “We.” You idiots want to know what a 1%er is about? Go up to one and ask them. Don’t go to an out bad fat slob who is a disgrace to the motorcycle club scene. My question is this. Why would anyone 1. Go to an out bad idiot like him and 2.Go to someone who is literally 500 pounds, can’t wipe their own ass, and has no pride in himself? 3. Be apart of a group who has a known rat and out bad fat slob as an administrator, and to top it off an out bad member of the Iron Order of all clubs as a moderator? Pretty damn sad lmao.

Back to the article though, I can go on and on about that slob. But this is about the Propaganda put out by the Tampa Bay Times. I’ll add some more thoughts on 2% King at end of the article.


UPDATE- Attorney: Government taking control of Mongols motorcycle club patches would be ‘death penalty’ for the group

What I  find funny is the fact the reporter cherry picked stuff that mostly happened 25 years ago. In some cases, going back all the way to the 1970’s to try and tarnish the Outlaws MC. Again, pure police propaganda.

So why the Propaganda?

To sell newspapers. Plain and Simple. It’s not a secret that print media is dying. With print media dying they have to do whatever they can to bring in a subscriber base. Sensationalist stories are what is going to sell. Regardless to the reporters notion that “While motorcycle clubs are far from their heyday, they’re still around in the Tampa Bay area.“Motorcycle Clubs are very much alive and well. Shit, we talk about them all the time here on Insane Throttle Biker News. Crap, 80% of the stories on Insane Throttle has to deal with Motorcycle Clubs. Why? Because motorcycle clubs are the #1 interest when it comes to Biker News. Not Toy Runs or Charity work, Motorcycle Clubs. The mainstream media isn’t stupid, they use clubs to sell their papers.

Madison Motorcycle club keeps New Year tradition nearly 50 years strong

Heres the difference between their news and Insane Throttle Biker News. Our audience base can read through the bullshit. Their audience is mom and pops who won’t know any better. It’s sensational for someone who doesn’t know about motorcycle clubs, thus they read the story out of curiosity. Thus, the newspaper sells more papers. What I find sad is not only repeating LEO propaganda in this article, but the fact they couldn’t find anything recent. They had to dig back over two decades when things were much different to sell the BS.

No, I know what it is. Shit, what a dummy of me. That’s right! The government right now is trying to go after the Mongols Motorcycle Clubs trademarks. If anyone doesn’t think the Leos will stoop to levels, they have with an article like this think again. Crap, the Feds used and still are using the media against the President of the United States. Don’t think for a moment they won’t do the same against motorcycle clubs or more importantly YOU!

Father Ricks would establish the Chosen Few MC in 1959 with 5 of his friends:Chosen Few MC became the first racially integrated 1% Club in the world.

So in the end it’s up to you to make up your mind on the media and the so called journalistic articles they put out. It’s up to you to get though all the bullshit they put out in the name of making a buck. Here is the article I’m writing about. If you take a look at it with a down the middle of the road approach you will see what I did. Propaganda to sell a newspaper. 

An Outlaws motorcycle club leader’s assassination adds to Tampa Bay’s bloody biker gang history

Final Thoughts

The article speaks for itself doesn’t it? The media has become a propaganda machine, and it’s time Americans wake up and think for themselves. Right now the American people have been put into two camps. Both of which are a bunch of bullshit. Red and Blue. If that isn’t disturbing enough we as a people now let the media brainwash us into staying with one camp or another. One vestige of being a biker was we always thought for ourselves. We bucked the system and never gave a crap what others thought. Sorry to say the modern biker has become PC and out of touch with what the lifestyle was suppose to be about.

Hot Bike Magazine has ceased printing. Hot Bike magazine closes

We have “So Called Bikers” who need social media groups to support them being called a biker. How freaking sad is it when a person needs social media to tell them how to act? How sad is it that you need a social media group to back up something you should already know and feel? Personally, its some coward ass shit. Call yourself a motorcycle enthusiast. Be who you really are. Those calling themselves bikers who need a so-called “Education Group” do nothing but dishonor those who came before us. People who had to deal with the motorcycle profiling on a daily basis. Men who fought the fight for the rights you have today as a biker. Those who do not know or are not old enough. Being a biker wasn’t always cool. Bikers were actually truly shunned by society.

Now, the so-called education groups on Social Media. Especially 2 % Milk. One ran by an Out Bad, disgraced pile of human waste. You want some real education? First thing is first. The idiot is out bad for a reason. One that has been explained by his club before. But I’m going to break it down in terms you uneducated motorcycle enthusiast can understand. A motorcycle club is about brotherhood. Being there for a brother when needed. A motorcycle club is about the whole club. Not the individual. What Fat man did was put himself in front of the interest of the club for monetary gain. He admits so in his fiction of a book. He also put his own interests before more than just his club. He put the well being and safety of those who were civilians. People who had no clue (like most people) what the motorcycle club community was about. He made a fake club with no intention on helping these people if they got in a jam with other clubs. He could’ve got people hurt or even worse, killed. I’ll be honest. It’s not a joke in the motorcycle club scene. Men put their all into their clubs. They bleed and put tons of sacrifice into whom they are. This is why protocol exists. To make sure things on the streets stay as calm as possible.


Kind of funny if you think about it. Taking protocol advice from someone who is a known out bad rat who couldn’t even turn in his own patch. Oxymoron isn’t it? To think. You have members of clubs in this group lol. Says a lot about those clubs doesn’t it?

Fat man knows this well. But he chose to put civilians lives in danger to make a few bucks on a fake club and fake patches (again, something he admits in his book himself). A move he even admits to concealing from his old club in that BS book of his. Not to mention him calling cops on old club members when they wanted the club property back. Those who think you’re getting any kind of education from him are sorely mistaken. Here‘s who you’re listening too. Someone who cannot go around the motorcycle scene (The dude doesn’t even ride for one.) here in Chicago. He‘s chickenshit to go any where near a rally or biker event. Why? Because he knows how much he is despised. What’s worse being you see actual club members (be it from the other side of the fence) associating with him. Don’t say much for those clubs when they follow a known rat and thief. Just my personal opinion. Wait, what Im I talking about? Many people besides me think the same way. By the way. Ex-Iron Order as a moderator? That really makes those other clubs look real stupid. I do find it funny when one club found out what he was about, they told him to take a flying fuck. A club 2% Milk Group loves bashing on now because they saw him for what he is. Funny, from where I sit, maybe the club members who are still apart of that joke of a group should be the ones embarrassed. Embarrassed they are following a rat and thief. Something all clubs are supposed to be against.

“He chose to put civilians lives in danger to make a few bucks on a fake club and fake patches”

Let‘s think about this for a second. This is how bad the club scene has become. You have club members associating with a known rat! It use to be clubs, no matter their sides, would all honor an out bad designation. Now, in the age of social media, you have club members actually associating with rats in the open. Now to be honest. I have to say a lot of major clubs have requested Insane Throttle let them know which members are in that group so they can address it. This request is something Insane Throttle cannot honor. We are not here to be the middleman in any club business. We are a news and entertainment site. It’s up to the clubs to police their membership, and we won’t get involved in that.

“You have club members associating with a known rat!”

There is a two prong problem within the biker community.

  1. The portrayal of bikers and clubs in the propaganda media.
  2. The Problems bikers bring upon themselves by posting stuff on the internet or being apart of these social media groups.

There is not much the biker community can do about the first problem. The media is always going to portray bikers and clubs in a bad light. It’s what makes them money and sells stories. America has a love story with it’s Outlaws, everyone from Al Capone to Biker Clubs. It’s something that will always intrigue the public. The best thing clubs can do is try and stay out of the newspapers. Which will be hard considering if a biker farts wrong the news will print it as a domestic terrorist attack.

The second problem is much more controllable. Most clubs have gone to a social media policy of not even allowing members to display colors on their profiles. Something I really think is a great policy. For one, no one should be able to know your status in a club. Why would you want the whole world to know who you are? Secondly, it keeps the drama to a minimum and prying eyes pointed in another direction. Lastly, why in the hell as a club member would you want to risk your membership, or worse (this goes to those involved in 2% Milk Group.) making your club look bad being apart of a group without bad people in it? That is one that really blows my mind. What’s that saying about you or your club in general? Out Bad is Out Bad. It’s not your concern as to why! But knowing someone is out bad should be enough to stay as far as you can from someone like that.

Body of motorcycle club member found in driveway of Spring Hill home

For example let’s put it into context. Especially since most of the supporters and members of this particular group fall into this category. George Christie, an Out Bad Hells Angel. Most know what he did to the 81. Most on that side of the fence won’t even mention his name. Which they shouldn’t after what he did. So my question is this. Why the hell would you follow Fatman? He’s the same thing. He actually admits to being friends with him and talking to him. So what does that say about you and your hypocrisy? What does that say for the honor of your club?

Heres a challenge for the 2% milk group. Invite Fatman to a rally here in Chicago somewhere. Have him jump on his bike (I do feel for that bike, poor thing) and ride with you to a rally. I can bet you he would come up with some excuse as why he couldn‘t attend. Sure there is Rosie Fest (something he brought people from all over and only stayed about an hour for lol) but wait, maybe not right? Better yet, ask him who he was trying to go through to get a documentary deal about his pitiful existence. (something that will be spelled out in the upcoming book “The Last Chicago Hoax. Shame Shame Fatman.)

Jury orders Mongols motorcycle club to forfeit logo trademarks. So it Begins

It might seem I spent a great deal of time on ole butterball. You would be right. Why? Because it’s his type that enable the media to portray clubs in a bad light. They like going around running off at the mouths a lot. Doing interviews using their former clubs to profit off of. Punks like Fatman not only screwed his former club while in it.But he also put his best efforts into trying to screw them after being put out bad and in total disgrace. Next time you look at an article like this from the Tampa Bay Times.Or you hear about how an Out Bad Rat like Doc Cavazos has jeopardized not only his former clubs patch, but that of every one. Know these are the type of people that run to the media and paint the whole motorcycle club scene in a bad light. Why? Because they were out for themselves the whole time. Those who follow or give the light of day to people like Pete Fatman James, George Christie and Doc Carvazos betray everything the club scene is about and betray what it is to be a biker. You might as well be feeding the cops and media what they want about the biker and motorcycle club life yourselves.

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