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Hells Angels Members Plead Guilty for Their Part in Greenville Shooting

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A twist in an Augusta County court case against members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has changed up the planned course of the case.

A motions hearing was planned for Tuesday, January 29, in the case against the men charged with attacking members of another motorcycle club called the Pagans.

But instead, the Hells Angels members pleaded guilty for their part in the nonfatal shooting of one member outside the Hometown Inn in Greenville that occurred in September 2018.

Three men who were not accused of the shooting – Nathaniel Villaman, Joseph Paturzo, and Richard West – were each sentenced to four years in prison for malicious wounding by a mob.

One of the shooters, 28-year-old Anthony Milan, also pleaded guilty on Tuesday and got eight years in prison for the same charge plus a gun charge.

“In this case, there was a complicating factor and that complicating factor was that our victim was not going to cooperate,” Tim Martin, Augusta County’s commonwealth’s attorney, said. “And putting on a trial in which we have no victim when there’s a shooting is an extremely difficult thing, so the fact that we had them plead, the fact that they got those substantial sentences, I felt was a win given the hurdles that we had here.”

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The men’s attorneys asked for their clients to serve in facilities closer to their New York and New Jersey homes, but that will be decided by the Department of Corrections.

The other alleged shooter in the incident, Dominick Eadicicco, is scheduled for a bench trial on March 18.

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