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The Last Chicago Hoax tape. I knew he was a cop. But I still offered to help. The continuing story of an Out Bad Disgrace. Audio enclosed

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Working with Insane Throttle Biker News and especially hosting Motorcycle Madhouse I often run into some interesting characters. Not to mention, receiving tons of emails either asking questions or wanting to give information on a wide range of subjects. The following question I received in an email as well as this audio MP3.


Can you please tell me how this guy has the balls to say he is not a Rat!!! I’ve enclosed an MP3 recording which has him openly expressing helping out a cop who was a boss of a club in Chicago. What’s even worse is he claims he would help this cop club out after being put “Out Bad” from his own club. You’re right. People are truly ignorant in the modern biker scene. You’re also right about those who are in clubs following this idiot. I’ve enclosed some recent snap pics of some of the crap these people are pushing in that group you call 2% milk. How does anyone respect any patch from a club who has members in this group? Thanks for taking the time to address my concerns. Look forward to hearing from you.

And let the excuses flow lmao

Okay here it goes. The author of the email is correct. The moron is a rat. Ask yourselves this. Why in the hell would he help a cop from the Chicago Police Department? Better yet, why would he call the City of Chicago Zoning Office to get the North side Clubhouse shut down? The answer is simple. Hes a scared fat rat who thinks he can exact revenge on his old club for throwing his ass out bad. After all, this is a guy who openly talked about former club business in a book. A book in which he tried painting himself as a gangster of Chicago. This idiot is a gangster of nothing. Never has been and never will be. My fault. Maybe a gangster at stuffing his face with cupcakes and smoking pole of the blue boys. Other than that, he’s nowhere near a gangster. I couldn’t stop laughing when I seen one of his stupid “Live” shows he gives to about 20 people who would listen. He actually said that Tony “Big Tuna” Accardo was a hero of his. First off, Tony Accardo would’ve put him out of his misery because he hated talkers and rats. Secondly, Accardo would not have been seen in the same room as this idiot. Lastly, this moron outed a member of the Cicero Crew in his book when he started talking about his stupid ass patch scheme. You all really think them boys would have anything to do with this moron?

I’m often asked what I think is wrong with some of the things in the biker scene. My first response is simple.People do not know how to either read between the lines or question what the hell they are hearing.” People just accept what they are being fed. That’s what’s wrong with the biker scene right now. Everyone knows I cannot stand this moron. So rightly they will be skeptical of what they see from me on him. Here’s the deal, though. Anything you see from me you can either hear or read in his own words. That’s the part where the ignorance comes in on behalf of those who claim to be a biker or club member. The MP3 above is a perfect example of this. His own words describe exactly what his intentions were. He described knowing the boss of that club was a cop. He admitted to offering help to a cop. Even though he was already put out bad and there is nothing he could’ve done.

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No, he used the cop to look up license plates on former members as well as have protection. Why? Because he still hadn’t handed in his club property and every time he saw a black and white member he would call the cops. Oh wait it gets better! He actually tried suing his former club for a t-shirt that was made to combat the bullshit he put in the book of his. Actually, maybe he should be sued for displaying the colors of the AOA in the book. He didn’t own those colors or trademark and here hes trying to profit off the use of them.

Oh, the book lol. I looked up the ISBN and low and behold it hasn’t even broken the 1000 sales mark. For those who don’t know the business of books, not having the ability to sell a 1000 books is a disaster for the publisher. For any publisher to consider a book viable, it has to reach the 10,000 unit sold mark. This guy couldn’t even write a book that hit 1000. By contrast. New Age of Biking & Brotherhood reached the 1000 unit sold mark in it’s first two weeks of its release lol. His has been out how many years? It goes to show you even writing a book he’s a failure. Just like every other business he has tried.

Not only does the government want to go after clubs patches. Now it’s members jobs. Hillsborough County fires an employee for his “unwavering loyalty” to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Pete has always done one thing. Tried to ride off the back of his old club. News Flash! He can talk about his resume all he wants. Hes a nobody. Won’t even go out to any events to promote his own book. Why? Hes a chicken shit with a big mouth. So he can take his resume and have his ole lady wipe his ass with it. Hes nothing more than an Out Bad POS who worked with cops (by his own admission) and tried to sell something he was not. So, you 280 members of 2 % milk group have fun. You got yourself a rat and joke as the admin. Sorry to say 2% Milk, no matter how much you try and “Purge the Group lol the members are still going to send in your bullshit to us. Why? Because they think you’re a joke. Well that and some members who are in clubs do laugh their asses off at the comedy that happens in there.

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“We have out bad Fat Huey and Little Ricky Louie doing the educating.”

Take this post from Rick Adkins. Out Bad Member of Iron Order. The one who said he belonged to a major International Club in his resume. Funny, he forgot to mention it was Iron Order and even they don’t want anything to do with him. Anyways, here he is trying to “School” the 280 members of the 2% Milk Groupies on what a Full Patch Member of a National Club did. I’ll answer it for you lol. It’s none of your damn business what he is doing or anyone else for that matter.


Oh wait it gets better lol.


“If anyone truly knows!!” LOL. Oh, but a lot of people know you in real life. See, you might get a few RUBS here and there trying to stroke your tiny pole on the internet. But we both know real life is a whole lot different, don’t we? You’re a sad little fat man who thinks he’s achieved something in life. In reality, you‘ve failed at everything you‘ve ever done. You‘ve got to put on a front for those RUBS so they will like you. Have to tell former club stories (an oath you took not to do, shows you how much your words worth) and blow them so much out of whack it’s laughable. Truth is, you’ve hadn’t ridden a bike in years. Shit, I only seen you ride one 3 times when I was around the club. Most of the time you wanted to drive around in a Cadillac acting gangster lol. No, by your own admission you actively deceived your former club. You actively used their logo in pictures within the book to try and make money. Again, you had the balls to try and sue them? While you had their club property in your possession? Calling cops when they wanted it back? What a punk. I guess we all can see your view on what a gangster is lmfao.

“Pete has always done one thing. Tried to ride off the back of his old club. News Flash. He can talk about his resume all he wants. Hes a nobody.”

Shall I continue? Yeah, why not lol. I’m starting to have fun now. Why? Because only in the USA Biker Scene will you find this kind of stupid shit. Groups made to “Educate” bikers? Everywhere else in the world they educate them on the streets. The United States, where it all began, we have out bad Fat Huey and Little Ricky Louie doing the educating. WTF is this country coming too? How damn embarrassing! Only in America let me tell yeah.

The Face of the new Biker

Right now motorcycle club members are fighting the federal government for their 1st Amendment rights to free association. With that happening they don’t need anymore bs flying at them. Especially from idiots who claim to be wannabe gangsters and supposed supporters. News Flash! You supporters are not helping the clubs you support by talking smack about opposite clubs on social media.

“They themselves are not even following club protocol.”

You’re also not patch holders. You don’t mean shit! Support shirts and patches don’t give you the right to be a bunch of assholes and cum suckers. As far as biker education groups. You’re not getting a education from an Out Bad Rat and his merry band of so called educators. The only education you’re getting is a scam. Why? How in the hell is someone who is an admitted rat and out bad moron going to teach you anything? They themselves are not even following club protocol. Ask yourselves this. How are people in clubs following an out bad rat, going to teach you anything? It’s common sense lol. You want to be educated on motorcycle clubs than go up to a club member. Go hang out with them (you know the ones actually wearing the patch) and get educated.

I say this all the time. Motorcycle Madhouse is ENTERTAINMENT. The opinions you hear on the show are just that. Opinions! Those opinions are not something you take out on the street and consider gospel. This goes for any social media entertainment program. The views expressed on any show are the opinions of the show creators only. It may or may not be accurate or correct. Sons of Anarchy and the Mayans MC. They are for entertainment purposes only. Just because you see actors playing biker doesn’t mean you go on the streets copying them. Get the point?

Kinfolk MC biker on trial describes why he shot Bandidos in deadly El Paso bar shooting

Likewise, you have to use common sense when it comes to these Facebook Groups. Especially this 2% Milk Group. Protocol? Well here is the truth on that. It is widely known and accepted among all the clubs you don’t associate with any out bad members. Be it from your own club or another club. This even applies to clubs that are on the other side of the fence from each other. Movement my ass!! Only the clubs will change how protocol is. These morons teaching you some kind of movement is taking place with 2% Milk Group are full of shit. 280 people? Down from almost 2,000? Why? Because people see through bullshit. You’re own admin won’t even go out to events to promote his own joke of a book. How the hell is he going to promote a so called movement? Shit, he bans anyone from the group that don’t agree with him or questions his explanations on his past. Why? Because he knows he’s a POS. He cannot stand up to the scrutiny of having to explain why he was deliberate in hiding his patch schemes from his old club. (schemes that could’ve got civilians hurt or worse killed) Why he kept his club property for over three years, calling the cops whenever a member tried to collect them. Better yet, why he had to have a women turn the property in when he finally was convinced to do so. The list goes on and on with this Douche Bag. Now, you have him on MP3 talking about helping a cop as well as his own words in a book. YOU WONDER WHY HE WAS PUT OUT BAD?

“You’re own admin won’t even go out to events to promote his own joke of a book. How the hell is he going to promote a so called movement?”

Doesn’t take a lot of common sense to know he is a Douchebag. He was under handed with his former club, only out for himself. He could care less about the biker lifestyle. He was always riding around in a Cadillac, not a motorcycle. He admits to wanting to be a gangster, even that he couldn’t do right. But don’t be fooled. This supposed movement. There is none. He’s to busy reading his book “Art of War” and telling club stories to give a damn about what the biker lifestyle is facing. Wait! I may be wrong lol. One of the Admins did a video this past week claiming to know who is telling the truth and who is not. Claims at Rosie Fest last year he knew one person wasn’t right (so happens to be someone who seen through Fat Huey’s BS and called him out on it). Guess this dudes radar is off. If he couldn’t see through the bullshit from this douchebag, he needs to hone in on those senses. Any one with half a brain can see what he’s all about.

Fat Rat Huey Out in Public Telling stories of a rivalry

If you truly want to know what you can do to help the biker lifestyle. Go to a COC meeting. Join the MRF. Most definitely join ABATE and get involved in something that will actually help the lifestyle. Don’t be taking in by snake oil salesman and a fake movement that will never be.

One thing is for sure. Insane Throttle and it’s affiliates will MAKE SURE to use all of our resources to inform the public on this snake. That you can bet on. He’s just another Lollipop Lubeski  looking to make a buck off the club lifestyle.

The Moral of the story?

Fat Huey is a complete and utter failure. He’s a nobody in the club scene besides an out bad, disgraced pile of waste. It’s people like him that kills brotherhoods. Always out for themselves and acting like something they are not or never could be. Fat Huey had dreams of being a Chicago Mobster. If that was his dream then why not put in the work to be an ACTUAL gangster? Motorcycle Clubs are not about being gangsters. They are about brotherhoods and bikes. The answer is simple on why he never could make it as a gangster. The fat pos cannot keep his mouth shut (evident with all the BS stories he tells you morons every Thursday). He wants to push himself as some intelligent person who knows the streets. This idiot wouldn’t know the streets if someone sat his fat ass down and spelled it out to him. Even hooked on phonics wouldn’t work for him.

It’s funny. You will hear him talk about Melrose Park and Mannheim Road. A place I know all too well. Considering my family owned a bar on the strip and was around it all my life. This idiot can’t show his face on the strip. Regardless of what he tries to push. Why? HIS MOUTH!!! Real gangsters and men of the street would love to have a word or two with him from what we are hearing.

One thing everyone needs to know about the difference between motorcycle clubs and gangs. Especially since it’s brought up all the time in the news. Motorcycle Clubs ARE NOT street gangs. No matter how much the news pushes it. The reality is Clubs don’t get into the hardcore daily life activities members of gangs do. Sure, there are a few members that will dabble in this and that. But when it comes to outright in depth hardcore gangster life!! Motorcycle Clubs are not on the same level as say GD’s, Latin Kings, VL or the many of the other types of organized crime. This is why I laugh when the media calls clubs gangs. In order for clubs to be considered gangs, every member of that club would be under a whole set of different rules than they are now. There is no voting among members of gangs. One man is in charge and what he says goes. There is NO VOTING on what is going to go down. PLUS!!!! You make money doing it. If clubs were gangs, members wouldn’t be having trouble paying dues. So get that Sons of Anarchy crap out of your head.

So what does this mean? An MC holds sway in the motorcycle scene, but when it comes to the streets, they have minimal effect on whats going on. Why? Because they are clubs! This is why clubs get upset when you call them gangs and rightfully so. There is no multi million dollar rackets happening within a club. Members go to work, struggle to pay bills just like the rest of us. Those who write books about times in a club do nothing but bullshit you when they say they were into all sorts of crime. First off, if they are speaking about specific crimes in a book, they are ignorant as hell or cut a deal with the cops. Secondly, they are trying to come off as badass. In reality all they are doing is proving everyone right when people accuse them of being rats.

Motorcycle Clubs are not about being gangsters. They are about brotherhoods and bikes.

LMFAO!!! Funny when even the co-writer of the book thinks he was a stroke. “He thought he was Ceaser LMAO!

So what is the Moral of the story?

Fat Huey is a joke in Chicago. His resume lol. You were a member of a motorcycle club. One of the best in the world and screwed it all up because you wanted to run scams and fuck brothers over. You’re not a gangster! You were never apart of a street crew or organized crime. You’re a nobody who’s failed at every business you’ve ever tried. If you consider helping cops, running to the press, or having a broad hand in your club property. You can keep that resume.

Hey! You would fit right in with Iron Legacy though. Maybe you should try and hook up with them. Afterall, 2% milk group is made up mostly of people that would fit in with them. Maybe you should try an internet chapter of the Iron Legacy lol. Wait though. You cannot be a member of the 2% groupies if you’re a subscriber to Insane Throttle. So better not get caught lol. Yes, these morons actually ask that before approving anyone to their group.

Tampa Bay Times Hit Piece on the Outlaws M/C.Nothing more than Police Propaganda. Also more on the 2% milk king.

bikers better school
Can’t even do a video right without screwing it up lol. SMH. Dumbass. Or maybe it’s him using ART OF WAR to find out if this gets to us lol.


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