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Attention MC Members – 2019 could be a crossroads for motorcycle clubs.Narrative being monopolized by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. Audio included

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

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Editorial Columnist Insane Throttle Biker News

The motorcycle club scene is now at a juncture, in which the United States Government and Law Enforcement Agencies Nationwide, are actively involved in the open practice of profiling club members. This practice is now going beyond just the regular club member. It’s now extending to the regular independent biker. Something which hasn’t been seen since the late 1970’s. This time though I argue this profiling and harassment are different from days gone by. The new age of a biker has invited law enforcement into its ranks. Something which would’ve been unimaginable just a few years ago. This practice by the newer generation of taking law enforcement into their clubs has allowed LEO to divide the biker community. Clubs like Iron Order and Iron Legacy cannot comprehend the damage which was caused by letting law enforcement into their clubs. One of those clubs, Iron Legacy is now apart of the Law Abiding Bikers Association. This Association claims to be the “99%ers of all the biking community.” We all know this not to be the case. But the very idea that an organization like this is ran by 90% law enforcement clubs is mind boggling. This is the same organization which pushes propaganda to the independent biker and public that all Confederation of Clubs organizations are criminal in nature. Ran only by the dominant 1%er clubs with a front of Toy Runs and Charity Events to cover its trails of rape and pillage by member clubs. An idea which only a few sites like Insane Throttle have disputed openly in public.

Are you speaking the truth about being a biker? It’s time to step to the plate and get into the fight. #FIGHTBACK Audio Enclosed

This is one of the problems facing Motorcycle Clubs. The narrative is being monopolized by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. I get it. The official stances of motorcycle clubs are not to talk to the press.The internet wasn’t around. People were not connected like they are today to various types of news and information sources. Here is the issue with that stance in the modern world . Law Enforcement and the Government are using the power of propaganda and news distribution to their advantage against motorcycle clubs. These agencies know motorcycle clubs will not let the public know their side of the story. This practice leaves motorcycle clubs open to public opinion cultivated by law enforcement. This is the same public which sits on juries and votes for the representatives that make laws. Personally, it’s the silence of clubs in the media which gave law enforcement a foothold in establishing itself into non law enforcement motorcycle clubs. Again, take a club like the Iron Legacy. It publicly states on its website “They do not mind law enforcement being members of their club and it doesn’t matter what someone does for a living.” This is how bad the scene has become. Why? Because the internet has allowed people like Ray “Izod” Lubeski to perpetuate his bullshit version of a traditional club to the public. It also didn’t help Iron Legacy mails out patches to anyone sending money. But that’s besides the point. People like him and law enforcement are using the internet and social media platforms to change the way people look at motorcycle clubs. Again, with no reply or statement on real clubs part. These lies  go unabated, which in turn festers the notion traditional motorcycle clubs are criminal organizations.

The News Media.

This is one of the issues killing the public’s perception of members of motorcycle clubs. It was once said in Vietnam “Win their hearts and minds.” This sure isn’t taking place when civilians see members of motorcycle clubs arrested and going down with some hardcore crimes. What is being proven to the public is law enforcement is right. The public believes in the picture law enforcement paints members of motorcycle clubs as. This, in turn, emboldens law enforcement to freely perform acts of motorcycle profiling unabated. Once the public is on their side, it’s an uphill battle to prove to the public motorcycle club members are nothing more than hard working Americans just like them. Let’s be completely honest. When you read a newspaper article or see some story on the news about a shootout between clubs. What kind of opinion do you think the public forms? After all, they are only getting the side of the press and law enforcement. Why? Because many motorcycle clubs haven’t woken up to the reality that this is a whole different ball game when it comes to news. One story for example posted on Insane Throttle Biker News website can reach 150,000 people worldwide within a days’ time. This doesn’t include the shares on social media or other websites that pick up our feed. Now double and some times triple that number for major news publications. In a days’ time, public opinion has already formed on a club and the incident involved. Why? Because the club didn’t put out a response to the article. It becomes just one more propaganda piece for law enforcement to use in their arsenal against motorcycle clubs.

How the news is shaping potential jurors and voters.

Sure, bikers and many clubs say “Fuck Civilians and what they think. This use to be something that worked in the 80’s and 90′s, but 2019, not so much. With the information availability at the drop of a keyboard, media is shaping what potential jurors and voters are thinking. For example, this country is divided right smack down the middle when it comes to politics. Shit, there is specified news media for whatever your flavor is. CNN, MSNBC for the left. Fox News for the right. Point being, the public can be swayed to a position depending on their political party. The cops know this and the press sure the hell knows this.

Here is a fact most might already know. The biker lifestyle sells. It’s without saying here on Insane Throttle stories involving clubs get more views and traffic than say some biker charity event. This is true in the mainstream media as well. Bikers and violence sell!!

It’s also these types of stories which influence potential jurors and voters. An incident which happened in California could make national news and go on to influence jurors on a case in Maine. It doesn’t matter the incident happened with another club and across country. The people on a juror see an article or watch about an incident on the six o’clock news and equate that incident with the case they are on. Nevermind, it could be an entirely different club and circumstances. That news story is burned into their brains. Which in turn affects the outcome of the case they are on.

Let me further illustrate this point. We all know Texas is the epicenter for motorcycle profiling right now. We cover this in depth as well as others like Texas Biker Radio and other club friendly sites. Let‘s be completely honest, and I know I’ll get flak for saying this. The 2015 Twin Peaks incident gave law enforcement all they needed to secure the public’s backing. We can debate all day long about what did and didn’t happen that day. We can also show how it was a complete set up by law enforcement. One thing is for certain though from a news perspective. Neither club came out with an official statement on the incident. The clubs let law enforcement control the narrative. Now, law enforcement has been emboldened and has taking profiling to the extreme. Why? Because they have the public hoodwinked into thinking what happened at Waco is something clubs are about. Crap, they included the Bandidos and Cossacks into the gang category after receiving funds for a new gang task force center. Make no mistake, the cops have the upper hand right now. This will not change until clubs come into the modern era and fight back in the press.

Mongols press conference after Denver shooting with Iron Order

The Denver shooting involving members of the Mongols MC and Iron Order MC is a perfect example of how a club can use the press to turn public opinion. I thought it was brilliant what the Mongols did. After the incident the cops went on their normal defense of Iron Order in the press. The press started to eat up what the cops were spewing. Then boom! The Mongols held a press conference and the whole narrative changed. Iron Order was exposed for it’s many past acts against other clubs. The narrative in the press started to be critical of Iron Order and people started to see what really happened that day. Why? Because the Mongols turned the cops propaganda machine against them. Earlier I said the biker lifestyle sells. It wasn’t more true than what the Mongols did that day during the press conference. The public finally heard from a 1%er club and took their side of the incident as fact. If all clubs took this step to reach out to the press after a story or article is written on them. They too will get the upper hand in the propaganda wars being waged against them. It’s as easy as designating a Public Relations Officer. 

Mongols MC Publicly Accuses Iron Order of Murder

Untitled design(1)

 Mongols Motorcycle Club vows to fight trademark loss.East L.A.-born brotherhood, the last few years have been a fight for survival.


With the media and law enforcement onslaught, clubs need to put the differences aside and start fighting with a united front. No one is saying clubs need to be all buddies. But if the public perception fight isn’t turned, clubs will have a hard future ahead of them. For example, look at Harley-Davidson. Wait, what? What’s Harley-Davidson have to do with clubs? My point is  look at the troubles Harley is having. Interest in motorcycles is at the lowest in recorded history. New blood isn’t coming into the scene like they use to be. Most kids don’t have interest in motorcycles, more less motorcycle clubs. Now, combine that with reports in the news media of clubs fighting each other, drug dealing or what have you. This perception they are receiving from the media and law enforcement further keeps them away from the lifestyle. Hearts and Minds I say. Time to fight law enforcement and mainstream media on their own turf. Time for clubs to let the public know this fight with #SAVETHEPATCH isn’t just about clubs. It’s about all American Citizens rights. To do that, clubs need to bring themselves into the modern age to fight back. Like it or not, the modern age isn’t like the old days where the public just forgets.

6 tied to Gypsy Joker Outlaw Motorcycle Club indicted on murder, kidnapping, racketeering:The government is working to seize the Gypsy Joker’s clubhouse in Salem

Like I said earlier, people are now bombarded with story after story on the net about clubs being bad. After seeing that for awhile the image of bikers being bad becomes planted in their heads. Unfortunately minds are never changed when people don’t get the other side of the story. We have a saying in advertising. Keep bombarding your target audience with the same ad and eventually it will stick in their minds. Repetition is the golden rule in advertisement. It’s also a rule media and law enforcement know well. Time for clubs to use the same rule against the ones who want to destroy the lifestyle. Part two of this thesis I will talk about some of the steps bikers and club members can take to fighting motorcycle profiling. One of them being, The Motorcycle Profiling Projects survey. The project is looking for at least 10,000 reports on motorcycle profiling from individuals this year. This will go a long way impacting this cause. Question is. Do bikers have it in them to get into the fight? Or will they let others do the fighting for them?

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  1. Your discussion hit the nail on the head. Regarding the Twin Peaks incident, law enforcement totally used the media to put out a narrative before they had any facts. As a former club member in Texas, I saw how the perception of the MC community by the public changed immediately. In addition, law enforcement immediately started putting more attention on the community when before they hadn’t been paying much attention.
    The media came to our local CoC meeting after Waco, and several people, mostly independent riders were interviewed. Looking back, if clubs utilized a public affairs POC from their clubs it could have helped turn the narrative. But in defense, as a club member at the time we practiced keeping to ourselves. We can only learn from past experience. Fight the good fight –


  2. Devide and contel concur. Tactics 101 . I tired and tried to tell groups this . I warrned that bigger things are coming.
    Who believes in freedom more then bikers
    Who is the front line
    It’s all to late now


  3. All your 1% “clubs” are not clubs at all they are the definition of a gang if the stop killing selling drugs etc they wouldn’t have anyproblem I’m by no means a saint but I’m not going to kill someone bc there patch is different the only way I’m drawing is if it’s life or death or saving someone I’ve rode with a few different clubs drank and smoked with a few more but would never join


  4. As a Law Enforcement Officer in Florida, I can say….we hate Iron Order as well. What I’ve always asked is, if they are supposed to be straight and narrow cops, why are those dorks trying so hard to imitate 1%er clubs? I mean, with a cut on their vests and everything. Yeah, no crap you’re getting called out by other clubs. But just know, what is in your article, isn’t happening everywhere. We have too much ghetto violence and murders to be concerned about so a guy with a beard, riding a Harley, and whom may have a Colt 1911 on him, not bothering anyone.


  5. If you can’t handle riding with the big dogs then don’t …. you can put a dress on a pig and it’s still a pig . If you wanna run with a 1% then be prepared for the heat that comes with it … and rightly so .


  6. 100% agreed. I was profiled by San Diego PD because the laces in my boots happen to match my hoody. I may or may not have been associated with a club at the same time I was a Marine. Pulled me over on a bullshit reason. Just to ask me if I was in a MC .. did I have tattoos trying to create a profile in their data base … Do you pull over a woman or man in a car. For running a red light and ask them why they are wearing a shirt with matching shoes. Do they have tattoos . The answer is no. No they don’t. Acab ftw.


  7. Your story is riding a fence. It would be better that you choose a side and write a passionate piece rather than spitting out statistics. Harley Davidson has once again denounced the MC lifestyle and wants dis-associated. They will, like every time before, fail. The reason nobody is interested in buying a motorcycle is because they could put a down payment on a house, buy a used car and spend a week in Las Vegas for the fact same amount of money it would cost to buy a new Harley Davidson Abortion.


  8. Bakersfield, CA had an “incident” not too long ago at a restaurant that’s well known by all. As a member of the general public, I and others have a favorable view of our local MC….

    Thanks guys!


  9. I am disgusted with the Law enforcement stirring up trouble in the biker community.
    I have been riding for 25+ years I have been held at gunpoint with riot guns by Law- enforcement I have also stopped to help a member of Law-enforcment move a vehicle of the road and help injured motorist while tended to traffic at a accident, so been on both ends of the barrel.
    I am by no means a expert but I honestly believe it has gotten out of hand and the Biker community must take a stand make statements to the civilian community that all that is being portrayed is a LIE just to cause profiling.
    And please don’t have faith in clubs like the Iron Order a Poser club that has been put in place by Law-enforcment just to infeltrate the whole biker community.
    I am a member of a group men that are motorcycle enthusiast, we believe in brotherhood and commeradery, we do not claim to be a club at this time, so we don’t claim territory , but eventually with the approval of our Biker community family we will run an MC cube, as far as territory, we don’t need it we just live and ride here we own nothing.


  10. Just the mention that pigs would be allowed to be in a 1%er mc is insanity to me . I mean what the fuck y’all? Hell those fringe mc’ s that I came up to respect and aspire to be would laugh and fucking cringe at the idea of shit like that . Maybe some nigger clubs accept that. But iron horse fucking don’t.


  11. I agree with a lot of what is said but one thing I didn’t see, was anything mention of the MC’s take any responsibility for what your argument is about.
    Your article places the blame straight on the shoulders of the media and law enforcement but mentioned nothing of the actions of some of the MC’s and the lawlessness of killing one another. We say we are a brother hood, but we target each other over nonsense.
    We can’t truly expect to change the hearts and minds, till we change our own. If clubs continue to attack each other, and kill each other then nothing will change. When someone wears a cut and a patch believe it or not you represent all of us that wear one. They don’t see colors, they don’t see names and we are all judge for the stupidity of a few.

    I love the clubs but we need to fix the issues within ourselves before we can truly expect change and respect.


  12. Great job Hollywood, A show like this is really needed out there a lot of people don’t understand the biker lifestyle they just know what they see on television most of the time not good. I’m not an Internet person actually can’t stand it but I do watch your show on Youtube.


  13. Profiling, now how can that be, we spent lots of money and man hours passing House resolution 154, that stopped “Profiling” didn’t it? Or did it just give Lawyers a platform to make more money off of bikers?


  14. Why don’t a large (undercover, like they do ) group of riders join these snitcher clubs and expose them !
    Tit for tat use their own tactics on them. Show em how it feels to be infiltrated ..just to betray and destroy their lives, jobs,families. You know, the exact same thing that they do !!


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