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Police have slammed the “horrific” attack on the home of a biker boss after the innocent lives of a neighboring mother and her children were put at risk when gunmen sprayed bullets from the street.

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By Paul Sakkal

Police have slammed the “horrific” attack on the home of a bikie boss after the innocent lives of a neighbouring mother and her children were put at risk when gunmen sprayed bullets from the street.

Detectives have released CCTV footage of the incident as part of an ongoing investigation into the attack on the rented Frankston home of James Reker, a known Finks motorcycle gang leader, on May 31 last year.

Reker, his wife and two-week-old baby were asleep in the Warrain Street home when his parked car was set alight in front of the house before 5am.

Footage shows one man run from the flame-engulfed vehicle to the driver’s seat of a getaway Mitsubishi Lancer while a second assailant repeatedly shoots at Reker’s home.

Police said seven bullets were fired from the high-calibre semi-automatic weapon, including one that mistakenly struck the bedroom of a neighbouring home where a mother and young child were asleep, while a second child was sleeping nearby.

The two attackers then fled inside their car. Nobody was injured.

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Police said the assailants set alight the getaway Mitsubishi shortly after about five kilometres away at Carramar Drive, Frankston. They then fled in a light-coloured SUV.

Detectives from the anti-gang Echo Taskforce said the Mitsubishi Lancer was stolen from Derrimut, in Melbourne’s west, a week prior and had been sighted in Melton.

Reker has been looking to re-establish the Finks outlaw motorcycle gang in Victoria after police carried out a series of gang-busting raids on the group in 2015, significantly weakening the group.

Dozens of members joined the the rival Mongol gang in the wake of the raids.

Detective Sergeant Justin Mercovich, of the anti-gang Echo Taskforce, said the Frankston property was acting as the clubhouse for the notorious gang at the time of the shooting.

The victims, who are not cooperating with police, have moved addresses since the shooting in fear of further attacks.

Police said they were still investigating whether other outlaw motorcycle gangs were involved in the attack.

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Detective Sergeant Mercovich labelled the incident “horrific” for the danger it posed to both the target victims as well as neighbours.

He said police had spoken to persons of interest, with no charges laid.

“Someone out there knows who they (the attackers) are … don’t rely on any misguided sense of loyalty,” he said.

Detectives are carrying out cross-checks on the ballistic matches from shots fired at the scene with firearms subsequently seized by police.

Police are hoping to speak to anyone who recognises the men or the vehicle in the CCTV footage, or who has knowledge about the incident.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

Source : The Age

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