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Man killed for disrespecting motorcycle club.

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The Crown claims Al Potter killed 39-year-old Dale Porter because he disrespected the Vikings MC.

Prosecutor Sheldon Steeves made his opening remarks to the jury this morning before calling the Crown’s first witness to the stand at Potter’s trial.

Potter is facing first degree murder in the 2014 stabbing death of Dale Porter in North River.

Crown Prosecutor Sheldon Steeves told the 14-person jury that they intend to call all or some of their 35 witnesses to the stand.

Those witnesses include police officers, medical professionals, friends of the victim, cab drivers, and others.

Throughout the evidence the Crown will present during trial, Steeves tells the jury they will learn that on June 28, 2014, 39-year-old Dale Porter was fishing crab. Steeves says he later had beers in his shed in North River, and around midnight, got a cab to a bar in Bay Roberts.

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The Crown says the evidence will say Porter met up with a friend at the bar, and that she was with two other men—Al Potter, and his co-accused. The Crown says when Porter left the bar, he got a cab home with the woman and the two men, and got out of the cab at his house.


Police have slammed the “horrific” attack on the home of a biker boss after the innocent lives of a neighboring mother and her children were put at risk when gunmen sprayed bullets from the street.

Porter was found in the early morning hours fatally stabbed in his driveway.

The Crown tells the jury that they intend to call an undercover officer to the stand that was in direct contact with Al Potter during a stay in an Ontario prison after the murder of Porter. During his stay in prison, the officer built a relationship with Potter through letters, phone calls and visits. He then picked up Potter after his release from jail.

Steeves tells the jury that the undercover officer will testify that he drove Al Potter to an area and told him a man was killed because he owed money. Potter was asked to help bury the man, which was actually a dead pig.

The Crown says through evidence presented at trial, the jury will hear that the murder was planned because Dale Porter was disrespecting the Vikings MC.

Potter was charged with the crime along with a co-accused. The name of Potter’s co-accused is being protected by a publication ban pending his trial in the fall. Both men are allegedly connected to the Vikings MC, an affiliate of the Hells Angels.


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  1. As a rider I come in contact with one percenters all time. Out of common SenseI don’t do anything stupid as disrespecting them. I get my drink my food and I go find a table. Sometimes they would strike up a conversation with me, and again I’m completely respectful I spent a significant amount of time in state prison. So I know much of the ins-and-outs of 1% clubs. If you extend courtesy and respect for them you will receive the same back. You don’t go in slap him on the back and try to yuck it up, and then claim not to be disrespectful, don’t put on a tough-guy routine after a couple of drinks, because you will get hurt. Common courtesy extended will be returned 98% of the time. The other 2% of the time gather up your stuff jump on your ride and hit the road.


  2. I was a patch holder for many years.never really had a problem with citizens,or other club yes I was a 1%er.but today u got so many chicken shit clubs that give real 1%ers a bad name.
    Thanks too f**ked shows like Son of Anarchy n Mayans.


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