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Hells Angels Were Too Hungover, Still Drunk for ‘Ride Out’ Marking 50th Anniversary

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A huge ride-out which was meant to involve hundreds of Hells Angels members in the U.K. actually saw significantly fewer riders taking part as many of them were too drunk or hungover for the journey.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Euro Run 2019 was meant to see around 700 bikers take part in the 20-plus mile journey from the village of Pease Pottage to the coastal city of Brighton, South England, on June 1 to mark the club’s 50th anniversary in the U.K.

However, the actual number of riders who took part dwindled down to around 100 after police arrested 49 people on suspicion of drug and weapons offenses. Many more were deemed unfit to ride after failing breathalyzer tests.

“We made great efforts to work with the event organizer beforehand to ensure those attending got the message about what was expected here, sadly some didn’t heed the warning,” Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Nev Kemp said in a statement.

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“However our approach, as well as some self-breath testing by riders ahead of the main ride on Saturday, significantly reduced numbers riding to Brighton. We had initially expected 700, but just over 100 took part.

“This was a unique event that has never happened on anything like this scale in the U.K. before and required careful planning to ensure the public and those attending were safe.”

The drug and weapons arrests were made after police implemented a special law allowing officers to search Hells Angels members within the designated area where the ride-out would be taking place.

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Police said a further 27 Hells Angels members were stopped from entering the U.K. because they were deemed a risk to the public due to their previous convictions for violent offenses, including murder, kidnap, torture and assault.

“Hells Angels events have not routinely passed without very serious incidents when they have taken place in other countries and a measure of success for us is ensuring that it passed without serious incident here in the U.K. Europol have been very complimentary about the U.K. policing operation,” Kemp added.

“The fact that all of these different events across involving thousands of people have passed without serious incident is something that we can be very pleased with.

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“They required significant resourcing, planning and professionalism from police officers and staff because of the varied risks involved and I would like to thank everyone for the work they have put in this week.”

Source: Newsweek

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  1. Does anyone believe this police overkill was remotely necessary? NO. They utilized thousands of cops from multiple agencies, “HA self reported themselves too intoxicated to ride” due to their choice to breathalyzer use “voluntarily? HORSEHIT! They weren’t allowed to get on their bikes without doing so or be arrested immediately. Plus a bunch of members were not allowed entry into the country. They must have been some of the former servicemen or contractors that carried out the dirty work for the “COMPANY” a.k.a. C.I.A. in black sites and they’re using it as a way to fuck them over now. Those assholes never acknowledge that anybody was actually working for them. They did that shit to someone I knew. He just kinda died mysteriously. So ultimately only 100 members got to ride. 600+ were sitting on their bikes and 27 never made it through customs. That’s fucked up on so many levels I am losing count. BUT NEVER FORGET HOW THOSE LAW ENFORCEMENT FUCKERS WENT ON AND ON FOR AGES ABOUT HOW THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE CERTAIN EVERYTHING WENT FINE AND THE CLUB WAS NOT GOING TO GET HASSLED UNLESS THEY PROVOKED ANYTHING. SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY. THOSE DICKLESS WONDERMADE SURE NOBODY WOULD HAVE ANY KIND OF A GOOD TIME AT ALL RAT BASTARDS! THEY JUST SET UP THE WHOLE EVENT FOR THEM TO FUCK EVERYONE UP SO THAT THERE WAS NO POSSIBILITY OF THE CLUB CELEBRATING A SIGNIFICANT EVENT. I’D LOVE TO SEE THE SAME SHIT PULLED OUT OF THEIR ASSES WHEN THE ROYALS ARE GOING TO CELEBRATE SOME STUPID SHIT. HOW ABOUT CUFFING PRINCE PHILLIP FOR CRASHING INTO THAT SEEMS WOMAN’S CAR, LEAVING THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT, AND SHE’S IN THE HOSPITAL FOR A LONG TIME. ARREST THAT MOTHERFUCKER. HA DIDN’T DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT. No, those 1,000+ cops rousted them before they got the chance to get breakfast. Think some black tea &bangers and mash would have made the difference in the forced breathalyzer test? Bet your ass it would. But why would they want to give them that chance? Then they would be having everybody on that run. AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU AND I KNOW HOW MUCH THAT WOULD HAVE MADE THEM LOSE THEIR SHIT. OH GOODNESS CAP’N, THEY’RE HAVING A GREAT TIME. WE HAVE RUN OUT OF IDEAS HERE! NOBODY CAME UP WITH A PLAN B. MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST GO ALONG WITH IT AND SEE IF WE CAN HAVE FUN ALSO. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! LET’S GO DO IT. SEEMS BETTER THAN THE OTHER STUPID SHITTY IDEAS SOMEONE ELSE CAME UP WITH RIGHT? FUCK IT, WE’RE GOING. SEE YOU IN A FEW DAYS OR WHENEVER WE GET BACK. CHEERIO YOU WANKER!


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