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Sons Of Anarchy: 16 Glaring Problems With Charlie Hunnam’s Character. Some of which includes, family problems, issues with rival clubs and of course, in-house fighting

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Sons of Anarchy is for motorcycle fans what Top Gear is to automobile fans, except that one is a hilarious reality show and the other is an intense fictional drama. That’s right, Sons of Anarchy is one of the most popular dramas ever made, especially to those who love motorcycles. So what’s it all about? The show focuses on a group of local thugs who are connected through the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club that they belong to.

As expected, the characters have a whole host of drama, some of which includes, family problems, issues with rival clubs and of course, in-house fighting. Thankfully, the show isn’t afraid to showcase its amazing collection of motorcycles, much to the enjoyment of motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe. The characters are all extremely different, with the main character, Jackson “Jax” Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam, one of the most favored among fans.

Yes, Jax Teller is most certainly a fan favorite, mostly due to his brooding good looks, sensitive side and again, handsome face—yes, he really is that good looking. However, the character also had a few issues, especially with regards to personality and direction.

Sadly, the show ended after seven seasons but has gone on to spawn new show, Mayans M.C. Overall, Sons of Anarchy was one of FX’s most successful shows ever and was regularly praised by critics—but that doesn’t mean it was perfect. So, let’s take a look at 15 glaring problems with Charlie Hunnam’s character.

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He Was A Liar

Jax was extremely untrustworthy and often lied to people straight to their face. In fact, it’s a wonder how anybody in the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club believed him, as he almost always betrayed them. For some reason, Jax tended to justify his actions. However, his justifications often fell flat, with his lies actually becoming rather damaging. That’s right, the majority of the club’s failures were mostly down to Jax and his inability to tell the truth. Plus, just to make matters worse, Jax believed himself to be a good guy and genuinely thought he was doing what was best for the club, his family, and himself.

He Was A Bad Father

Since the beginning, Jax preached about family was everything to him and how he would do anything for hid kids. However, Jax was hardly father of the year when it came to raising his children. That’s right, Jax was often caught up in naughty things and often exposed his kids to his unruly behavior. Plus, when the mother of his child wanted to give one of their kids a better life, Jax did his very best to deny her that opportunity. Furthermore, although Jax kept attempting to get back on the straight on narrow, he continuously ended up back on the wrong side of the tracks, with his kids watching his every move.

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He Had A Bad Temper

One of the worst things about Jax was his bad temper and aggressive nature. That’s right, it was seemingly extremely difficult for Jax to keep it under control, in a sharp contrast to how he wanted to be perceived. Yes, Jax was constantly preaching to the world about what a great guy he was and how he often wanted to take the moral high ground. However, throughout the show, Jax is involved in a number of arguments and conflicts. In fact, Jax got his dirty hands on a whopping 65 people throughout the show, with the majority not coming back. Plus, if he wasn’t arguing with people, he was irritating people with his unruly behavior.

He Was A Phony

Throughout the show’s run, Jax often contradicts himself and changes his mind constantly. Yes, since the very beginning, audiences have been treated to Jax’s constant whining about going legit and changing the club into a normal and well-behaved group. However, every time he suggests it, he ends up doing something bad and then blaming it on the rest of the team. For some reason, Jax was presented as somewhat of an anti-hero throughout the series, but in reality, he was a monster, and a big monster, at that. Over and over again, audiences were witness to Jax’s unreliable and often scary behavior, which is then conveniently forgotten.

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He Had A Weird Relationship With His Sister

Throughout the series, Jax had a number of odd and strange relationships and the relationship with his half-sister, Trinity Ashby, was most certainly the weirdest. That’s right, although they are family, Jax rarely contacts her, even though he constantly preaches about how family is everything to him. Trinity’s role in the show was extremely small, however, this didn’t seem to matter to Jax, who only seemed interested in her when they almost hooked up. Yes, Jax and Trinity very nearly got together but were thankfully informed that they were related before anything actually happened. Trinity pretty much disappeared by the middle of the show’s run and is never heard from again.

He Had A Weird Relationship With His Mother

Firstly, Gemma was one of the meanest characters on the show and was constantly meddling in Jax’s life. Then, if she wasn’t manipulating him, she was lying to him or at least lying to someone else. Yes, she may have been his mother, but she certainly didn’t act like it, with the two often a little too close for comfort. Sadly, Jax didn’t seem to recognize just how evil she could be and continuously trusted her throughout most of the series. However, in the end, things got to be a little too much and the hold Gemma had over Jax ended up disintegrating into thin air.

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He Had His Own Code Of Conduct

Jax lived by his own code of conduct; basically, it was his way or the highway. Jax had his own moral code which was ironically extremely different from a regular person’s moral code. For some reason, Jax thought it was okay to live by this code, which justified his often awful decisions and terrible behavior. However, although the show attempted to show audiences why Jax was the way he was, it seemingly failed with regards to his personality and untrustworthy behavior. Yes, as a viewer it was difficult to understand Jax as a person, let alone feel sorry for him.

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He Wasn’t Too Smart

Jax had a number of personal issues to deal with throughout the show’s run, with his relationship with his father being the main problem. Jax lost his father at a very early age, which then went on to affect him a huge amount. However, this loss seemingly managed to control the way he dealt with certain situations, which then meant bad things for his family, friends and the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Jax’s grief is the main reason for his many bad decisions, such as losing Tara and several other people. Nevertheless, although grief is extremely difficult to manage, it can’t always be an excuse with regards to how you treat people.

He Was Horrible To Nero

Jax has done a number of terrible things throughout the show’s run, but it was his treatment of Nero that hurt the most. That’s right, Nero, who was dating Jax’s mother, Gemma, was one of the best characters on Sons of Anarchy, not to mention the nicest. Nero was always exceptionally friendly to Jax and acted as something of a father figure. However, although Jax seemed to enjoy the relationship at first, things soon changed and Jax ordered Nero to be disposed of. Then, to make matters worse, Jax lied about it, denying all knowledge of what had happened. Talk about betrayal!

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He Chose The Club Over Tara

Jax often likes to declare how he wants to leave the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club and live a normal life on the straight and narrow. However, for someone who wants to be good, he sure does a lot of bad things. That’s right, Jax has the chance to leave the group and ride off into the sunset with Tara, yet for some reason, he decides not to. In fact, this opportunity arises a number of times, but Jax always seems to find an excuse that ties him to the club and his home. Yes, it seems Jax doesn’t really want to leave at all.

He Couldn’t Protect His Family

Jax’s main priority was his family, something that he was extremely vocal about. However, although he was very protective of his children, he was pretty bad at protecting them from the dangers of the outside world. Plus, the dangers of the outside world usually arose because of his behavior, therefore, instead of protecting them, he was making them more susceptible to risk. For some reason, Jax thought he was a fantastic father, but let’s face it, he was terrible—and that’s being kind. Jax was never at home, and when he was he was acting suspicious and running from bad guys.

He Was Indecisive

Jax had a habit of telling his comrades that he was going to leave the club over and over again. But guess what: he never did! Yes, Jax was a pathological liar and continuously told lies to anyone who would ever listen about how he wanted to go legit and leave the club for brighter pastures. However, despite several opportunities, Jax just never bit the bullet and remained at the club until the bitter end. Strangely, his fellow comrades never once batted an eyelid and still somehow managed to believe his every word. To make matters worse, they actually respected him, with some hanging on his every word.

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He Was A Terrible Friend

Opie was one of the most loved characters on the show, and most likely the favorite of many viewers. That’s right, audience worldwide seemed to connect with Opie more than the main character, Jax, much to the frustrations of the show’s creators. Sadly, Opie disappeared in Season Five, with his fate one of the most upsetting things ever seen on the show. Yes, Opie was a good person, despite some inconstancies with regards to his behavior, but overall, he was a great guy. In fact, Opie and Jax were more or less like brothers, with Opie influencing Jax in a calming and positive way. Unfortunately, Jax didn’t repay the favor with good friendship, with the two coming to loggerheads a number of times due to Jax’s unruly actions.

He Was A Cheater

The show attempted to portray Jax as a one-woman kind of guy, with Tara supposedly meant to be the love of his life. Yes, Jax might have loved Tara but he rarely acted as if he did. In fact, Jax was unfaithful several times throughout the series, yet still managed to create excuses as a reason for why he did such awful things. One time, Jax hooked up with an adult actress, claiming that he did it so Tara would leave him. Another time, he just did it because he could. The worst thing is that Jax often judged his fellow club members for cheating on their partners when he does the exact same thing many times!

He Was A Terrible Leader

Jax is often presented as a leader; someone who is respected, someone who is highly regarded, and someone who can navigate the complex MC life. However, in reality, Jax is a terrible leader, with most of the club agreeing. Yes, Jax is unable to keep the club members in order, and often makes mistakes with regards to club events and club activities. In fact, Clay was a much better leader in comparison, even though he was also a bit of a clown. Plus, to make matters worse, Jax is somewhat obsessed with creating enemies and managed to gain more and more rivals after he took over leadership of the club.

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He Got Rid Of Jury

Poor Jury was only in a handful of episodes before Jax got his greasy hands on him. Although the character of Jury was small, he still seemed like a nice enough guy and remained loyal to the club. However, Jax didn’t quite agree and took out his frustrations on Jury’s son. Obviously, Jury wasn’t too happy with Jax’s behavior, so the pair became rivals. Then, to make matters worse, Jax accused Jury of something that he hadn’t done, which only escalated things and lead to Jury disappearing into thin air. As a result, the club was not pleased with Jax’s behavior, which then pretty much lead to Jax’s own demise.

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