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Hells Angel bikie Ben “Notorious” Geppert has threatened revenge after his younger brother was stabbed to death

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Former Hells Angel bikie Ben “Notorious” Geppert has threatened revenge after his younger brother was stabbed to death at a popular Gold Coast park last night.
Harrison Geppert, 17, was stabbed in the back at Frascott Park, Varsity Lakes just before 6pm.
Despite the efforts of paramedics, he died at the scene.
Police have confirmed an 18-year-old man is in custody after surrendering himself to police. No charges have been laid.
In a series of posts on his clothing brand’s Instagram page, BG Premium Apparel, Geppert said he “won’t stop” until he “sorts” this for his little brother.
“Rest in paradise Harry Geppert I love you my little brother! I love you more then (sic) anything regardless of the things that have gone on in our family your (sic) still my blood and I promise I won’t rest till I have made this person pay,” he wrote on a post.
“I have watched my mates and close people die around me, but nothing compares to the feeling of loosing (sic) a younger brother. Harry you where (sic) a true Geppert, a soldier and I will make sure name will live on.
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Police are urging anyone with information to come forward.
“It’s concerning that it’s happened indeed a public place, crimes of violence we take very seriously and we are very keen to speak to anyone,” police told 9News.
“At that time of the afternoon, you would think there would be a lot of people walking their dogs and that after work.
“If they could come forward and talk to Crime Stoppers or their local police, that would be greatly appreciated,” he said.
Geppert has been one of the most prominent figures of the Gold Coast underworld over the past two years, involved in numerous street brawls and public spats between rival gang members and police.
Earlier this week, Geppert said he was walking away from his old life and starting a fashion label after saying there was “no happy ending” in crime.
“There’s only two places you end up, that’s in a grave or in jail,” he told 9News.
The announcement followed Geppert’s former neighbour’s house being shot at in Carrara. Police are investigating if it was a failed attack on Geppert.
There is no suggestion the shooting and his brother’s death are related.
Geppert’s fiancée, Allaina Vader, also posted to Instagram saying the pair were shattered and the 17-year-old “just needed some better guidance”.
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  1. It is a shame that people keep dying because of non-sense. Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to visit right now. You live the Gang life, you die by the Gang life. Yet, everyone keeps cheering on the Outlaw lifestyle and kissing their asses while young men die needlessly. This is not what the original Outlaws intended the motorcycle community to become when they started the Outlaw lifestyle in the 50’s and 60’s.


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