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The glamorous model ex-girlfriend of a slain Bandidos biker has faced court accused of supplying the dangerous party drug GHB

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By Charlie Coë

The glamorous bikini model ex-girlfriend of a slain Bandidos bikie has faced court accused of supplying the dangerous party drug GHB.

Gold Coast model Karlee Marie Ironside, 28, fronted Southport District Court on Friday, charged with 11 counts of supplying the drug – also known as fantasy – over the space of two months in 2016.

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Ironside is a former girlfriend of Max Waller, who was stabbed to death outside an apartment block in 2013.

The model originally faced 19 charges before the crown prosecution dropped eight of them, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

Appearing in court, Ms Ironside wore a beige suit and put her hair up in a bun.

Ironside’s LinkedIn profile says she has ‘sacrificed much, enduring times of challenge and hardship’ to achieve success in her industry.

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She also claims to have been offered a job working in California’s Playboy Mansion.

Her profile adds she has been an ‘international model’ since 2006, but hopes to start studying to become a youth counselor helping bullied children.

Her Instagram account alone has 223,000 followers.

She will face court again on the charges on November 18

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Ironside’s ex-boyfriend died in June 2013 after he was stabbed to death with a steak knife.

Wade Yates-Taui, Benjamin Thomas Mortimer and Cohen Andrew Smith were jailed after pleading guilty to his manslaughter.

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Last October Yates-Taui made a bid for freedom after serving less than a year behind bars.

His parole period came up on July 8 of last year, after serving 227 days in prison, taking into account the other 563 days on remand when he was sentenced.

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