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A sixth man wanted over an Adelaide cold case murder has been arrested in Queensland, almost a month after police revealed he was being sought.

Kyle Lloyd Pryde, 31, was yesterday arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of Jason De Ieso at his Pooraka paint and panel workshop in November 2012.

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Police have previously said Mr De Ieso was an innocent bystander who got caught up in a dispute between bikie gangs.

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Detectives from the Major Crime Investigation Branch will travel to Brisbane to seek an extradition, and said Mr Pryde would face the Brisbane Magistrates Court today.

He is the sixth man arrested over the shooting, with five other people facing murder charges.

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Police have said they are still searching for two others in connection to the case.

Prosecutors previously dropped charges against a 26-year-old Gold Coast woman charged in connection to Mr De Ieso’s alleged murder.

A warrant for the arrest of Mr Pryde was issued in late August, but was not revealed until mid-September when police sought public help to track him down.

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CCTV footage from Mr De Ieso’s Unique Custom Paint and Panel business on the day he was shot shows nine men walking towards the front of the workshop.

Police alleged the men were members of the Hells Angels North Crew and at least six of them were carrying guns.

In August, Mr De Ieso’s parents made an emotional public appeal asking for others to come forward if they had information about their son’s death.

“It’s always with us, it never goes away, and I don’t know why we have to go through this,” Mr De Ieso’s mother Giovanna said.

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“He didn’t do anything. He was doing his work.”

  • An arrest warrant for Kyle Lloyd Pryde was issued in late August
  • Police said they will seek the extradition of the 31-year-old man to Adelaide from Brisbane
  • Five other people have been charged with murder over the 2012 shooting of Jason De Ieso

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