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Is there a dark side of being a biker? Especially a biker in a motorcycle club. Is there participation in dark activities, such as dealing in illegal substances and other vices?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

The response to the article, “how the biker lifestyle isn’t all about cookies and ice cream,” garnered a ton of interest. The interest in that article was more prevalent in the younger guys, especially among the 25-35 age range. One of the most repeated comments was, “thanks for being real, it’s rare someone speaks the truth about all sides.” I think this is what I take real pride in, being able to give all sides of a story. Like I explained in that article. I never want anyone who isn’t ready for the lifestyle to go off half cocked. The biggest reason being, I don’t want to see them get hurt. The fact of the matter, people get hurt in this lifestyle, mostly in the motorcycle club scene.

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An alleged biker gang member was arrested in connection to a deadly 2018 brawl at an east Tulsa bar with Hells Lovers Motorcycle Club.

I think one event from the past sticks in my head. I was in a bar with a couple of brothers, a bar on one of the most dangerous strips in the Chicago Area. This street is notorious for hookers, drugs and organized crime. Being in this area you’ve better have your shit together, this is a fact. I’ll actually have some links to articles below, helping to explain what I’m talking about. Anyways, we were in this bar, just shooting pool and listening to David Allen Coe. By the way, this is when I was in my first club, the Predadores MC. You can actually read about some of the club exploits in my book, “New Age of Biking and Brotherhood.”The Predadores MC wasn’t a run of the mill club, many things were going on inside of it, which could be interpreted as gang activity. This wasn’t more true then in that bar that night. It was the early nineties so everyone was on high alert, especially with what was going on in the club world. Well, we had a brother who owed a substantial debt and yes, it was associated with dope. Anyways, his debt was being called that night, five guys walked into the bar and words were exchanged. Next thing you know all hell breaks out, knives and then finally pistols. From there I won’t mention any more about it, but you get the point.

The Dark Side of being a biker and club member can take a bad turn in an instant

You’re at a bike rally, two opposing clubs show up, you can feel the tension. If you get that feeling, get away quick, don’t get involved in the situation. This example right here is what pisses me off the most, clubs going at it during these rallies. These fights, shootings and knife fights, ruin it for all bikers. I’ve always said, “if you’re going to get it on, do it somewhere private, don’t bring innocent people into it. This kind of incident, you can just look at what happened in Waco. Regardless if it was the cops fault or not, something like that should’ve never happened at a restaurant, where civilians ate with their kids. Cooler heads should have prevailed, instead that incident set off a chain of events, still happening to this very day. The Twin Peaks shootout is what led to today’s massive law enforcement efforts targeting club members.

Are the 1% dominant motorcycle clubs, at fault for the resentment against them? Is the basis for protocol relevant anymore; especially when it’s abused, by those who claim tradition is important.

Could you imagine what it would be like now, if a child was struck and killed in the crossfire? Thank God that didn’t happen, but it could’ve, that is what is so troubling. It’s not all good within the scene, so don’t go out there thinking it is. You’re in a lifestyle dominated by men, men with a lot of testosterone and something to prove. It’s sad, but true. This is especially true in bars, where everyone knows anything can pop off. My recommendation is always watch the door, have your back against the wall, this way you can see what’s happening around you. Furthermore, always know the exits, just in case some hardcore stuff starts going down. If something hardcore goes down you don’t want to be caught in the middle. Bar fights usually lead to two things, shootings and knife fights, so be aware of that. Especially today because people no longer know how to throw blows, they want to be gangsters, something I never got.

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Rat packing, make sure you know what to do, if this is going to happen to you.

Rat packing is something where you find everyone and their mother jumping on you. This happens more specifically in the club scene. It’s a shame because again, if you can’t go one on one, what kind of man are you? Rat packing is a disgrace within the biker community, so be ready for it. Have yourself a quick draw knife, if there is two or three stab away. If there is more than that, forgo the knife, just start blasting people between the eyes. It’s better to fight a case, instead of being beaten to a pulp. Most of the time you will end up with the charges being thrown out for self defense, especially if it’s caught on tape. I personally carry a 357 snub nose, something that can be drawn in a few seconds. Don’t be that guy who’s afraid of defending yourself with deadly force, especially when a bunch of cowards try rat packing you. Those who rat pack deserve anything coming to them, no pity as I say. Most of us have family to come home to, I personally won’t let anyone take that away.

What causes the rat pack mentality? Simply put, many people will legitimize this by saying, “if one brother fights we all fight.” Again, I call that fucking weak, grown ass men depending on others to help them take care of business, just like a bunch of school yard bullies. I always wonder how club members could look at themselves in the mirror after rat packing someone. Do they actually think what they did defines them as a man? Hell no, not in my opinion anyways, just a bunch of punks.

Is the participation in dark activities, such as dealing in illegal substances and other vices a common place?

To be honest, depending on what’s being pushed. Weed and Cocaine are a common product dealt within the scene. I have to admit it’s usually not the drugs that start crap. No, that award goes to meth and heroin. Meth has been around forever, something which has been a problem for a lot of motorcycle clubs. More disturbing though is the introduction of heroin. I remember a time when someone was caught doing heroin, they were kicked to the curb. Nowadays though heroin usage and dealing is accepted in some clubs. I cannot stand this or understand it. What are these people thinking calling a hype a brother? Hypes are not your brother, they will sell you out in a minute for the next fix.

So now you’re a gangster, let’s take on the 1% dominant clubs, why? Because what they are doing is wrong, and we shouldn’t take it anymore

Unfortunately some of this newer generation will roll the dice with these hypes, most of the time paying for it later. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you will know I have no love for meth or heroin dealers. These types of people have no soul in my opinion, not only do they destroy the user, but they also destroy the families; of the user. These people don’t think about the users kids or wife who gets beat or goes hungry, all because they spend the money on the next fix. Bikers are supposed to help people, at least that is what I was raised thinking, so call those out who deal that poison. Everyone always has the debate on who’s a biker and who’s not. Well, those who do that kind of dealing are “NOT” bikers, they are nothing but low life scum.

So what other examples can you give about the dark side of being a biker? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section. The debates on some of the articles have been fantastic, something all of us should be doing instead of fighting each other.

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  1. Yeah, there is a lot of shit that comes along with the 1% life. And yes, keep your eyes on everyone and know where the exits are, but also know what to watch for and always have your family members backs.
    Is it the easiest life to follow? Fuck no. But I wouldn’t change a thing about the choices I made.


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