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The Mongols motorcycle club feared among many set to start another chapter

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A notorious international bikie gang involved in a recent North Island shooting appears to have expanded into the South Island.

Mongols MC members, including national president Jim Thacker, rode to Christchurch about 10 days ago when it is believed the gang patched up former members of the Hells Angels and established a chapter in the city.

The Mongols, whose patch depicts Genghis Khan on a motorcycle, was founded in the United States 50 years ago and describes itself as the “baddest and fastest growing club in the world”.

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The first of three Abilene Bandido motorcycle club bikers arrested for allegedly violently robbing a rival club member

The first New Zealand chapter of the gang was set up in the Bay of Plenty last year, creating tension among rivals.

Members are believed to have been involved in a shooting last week that left a Mongrel Mob-linked property in Tauranga riddled with bullets.

The attack was thought to be in response to the arson of a Mongols-linked barber shop.

Thacker, 28, a former president of a Bandidos chapter in Queensland, is among hundreds of hardened criminals, known as 501s, deported to New Zealand since 2014 changes to Australian immigration law.

The arrival of the 501s, named after the character section their visas were cancelled under, has radically changed New Zealand’s gang landscape.

Bratva may be the only Russian-speaking motorcycle club in the United States. But its members have lived the classic American immigrant experience.

New groups, most notably the Comanchero MC and Mongols, have established and, according to police data, gang membership increased nearly 50 per cent in the four years to June last year.

At the end of August, the national gang register carried the names of 71 of the 501s.

Police previously said many of the deported gang members were powerful and influential figures in the Australian underworld who brought with them professionalism, a new flashy image and significant international

The U.S. has rejected Britain’s request to extradite the wife of a us official who allegedly killed an English teenager on motorcycle

There were concerns the arrival of the new international gangs – known for their propensity for violence, particularly their use of guns – would lead to clashes as rival groups like the Mongrel Mob tried to protect their turf.

The Mongols’ recent trip to Christchurch wasn’t without incident.

On January 23, police stopped seven patched members of the gang on the Kapiti Coast as they rode to the Cook Strait ferry terminal in Wellington.

Police had received complaints about the group’s manner of driving, which included speeding and dangerous overtaking manoeuvres, Wellington district crime manager Detective Inspector Shane Cotter said.

The Scots founder of the infamous Comanchero outlaw biker gang has told how he dodged death in a horror road crash.

Two of the bikies were forbidden drivers. They were arrested and had their Harley Davidson motorcycles seized. Others received warnings or infringement notices.

Cotter declined to comment further.

Stuff understands Thacker was among those who were stopped. His motorcycle, a white Harley Davidson, registration DPORT, was not one of those seized.

Several other people connected to the gang are believed to have travelled south in other vehicles.

Canterbury district organised crime manager Detective Senior Sergeant Joel Syme said he was aware of reports members of the Mongols had been seen in the South Island, but was “unable to comment on whether they’ve set up a chapter in Christchurch”.

The Hells Angels’ Christchurch-based branch, Quake City, recently disbanded.

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An alleged bikie associate charged over a Moncrieff man’s “horrific” beating was “taking the law into his own hands” trying to get his belongings back

The group moved out of its Maunsell St headquarters, which was later sold, in October last year.

In recent times, the Christchurch gang scene has been dominated by the King Cobras, Tribesmen and Mongrel Mob.

In 2017, police froze hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of assets belonging to the Head Hunters – then one of the major players in the city’s underworld – including the gang’s Sockburn headquarters.

Court proceedings in relation to that action is ongoing.



  1. Leave people-Bikers alone,as long as the are not messing with you ,I eat with a lot of bikers


  2. I have a question you stated the mongols patched in hell’s Angel’s, well where I come from they despise them as much as a few other clubs, are u sure that is a true statement??


  3. I’d join up with the 1% Mongols in A Flash and I’m closing in on 66. Angels Outlaws Banditos Etc?
    No Fn Thanks.
    Text me up and F the Po Po Shit.
    Onefeather/ Preacher. I do Funerals. 🎃🌇🌇🌇


  4. Any HA, former or whatever who patches into a rival Club is asking and in fact inviting a lot of negative attention and action coming in their and their new affiliation Club’s way. This is not good for anyone. Particularly in New Zealand where they are going after all types of clubs mercilessly.
    Obviously, they’re not looking at the long term effcts.


  5. I was broke down on a desolate patch of highway, on a Honda. A group of Angels got me rolling. You can not judge a book by it,s cover.


  6. Im more s o a. Subthermal nuclear hill company whole country patched up or ashed. I ate bad flouride at 3 from a mad scientists fed my in local italian restaurant at a political function Steady diet of dead cops to corn to grade a canada beef hamburgers pound for pound eating through the budget. So last couple fucking days my weird updated atomic laser nano technology to adapt to fallout gamma radiation has been clicking. I know the blue bombers won the grey cup but did norad at least drop some 250000 megatonners on them russians fucking with our d e w lines my grandaddy built those things minus 50. For my great grandad popeyes chicken protien supplements. I feel so much better eating my dead arresting officers jugdes in the corn fed beef. Those borris natashas better stop trying to fuck with my heritage d e w lines. I need more dead cop in the cubic tona coke machine with that urainium flouride so i can sleep with ease in my 1950s apartment next to a bomb sheltor. Haarp better controll the russians air weather when those bombs drop in russia again ana again. Im not racist or nothing trying to make them ruskys evolve the multifarm culturalism. So i can chew my dead cop bacon cheese burgers and eat pizza to keep the peace when i ever see those planes doing chem trail crosses all im thinking is warthog gattlings plutonium tips blast the land into there bedrock take the ash put it back into the texaco pipes reservoirs and drink my cleaner water eat the front line law enforcements like the old navy way cuz popeye told me so.


  7. There are three rules you need to understand. 1) don’t mess with the colors(patches) 2) don’t mess with the business. 3) don’t mess with the club woman. Outlaw bikers will clash on these issues. So don’t cross the line and most will not bother you. Outlaw bikers or 1% only understand the violent side of this lifestyle of living.


  8. Mongols are down solid club.if we are blowing. up and setting up new clubs and the chicken heads want some action with the mongol .we all know the choice the chicken heads had to make. so a choice was made by the club .bottom line .and back to bizz.we are mongols world wide with pride M.F.F.Mk


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