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The man who was shot in broad daylight was close to a member of the Hells Angels

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By The Eastern Herald

SAINT-LAMBERT | The man who was shot in broad daylight on Sunday as he strolled on Victoria Avenue in Saint-Lambert, on the South Shore, was close to a member of the Hells Angels, our Bureau of Inquiry learned.

François Leblanc, 53, knows Éric Bouffard in particular from the South chapter of the Hells Angels.

The victim was injured in the lower body by at least one gun projectile at around 2 p.m. near Green Street in a commercial area of ​​Victoria Avenue. François Leblanc was transported to the hospital, but there was no fear for his life. He collaborated with investigators who came to see him at the hospital, said the Longueuil Agglomeration Police Service (SPAL) in the evening.

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Investigators were to determine the circumstances surrounding this attempted murder, including whether François Leblanc was targeted by his attacker. One of the theses analyzed is that of organized crime, which worries the mayor of Saint-Lambert.

“Unfortunately, what is happening at DIX30 is spreading here. It’s very unfortunate, ”said Pierre Brodeur. Last spring, Éric-Francis De Souza, a 24-year-old man, was shot dead in a restaurant in this commercial district of Brossard.

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Saint-Lambert is renowned for being a quiet little town. “The people who have their habits on Victoria Street are shaken. […] There will be community police deployed this week to go talk to citizens about this traumatic event, ”said Mayor Brodeur.

Several witnesses were to be met by SPAL investigators.

“We would like people who were in the area, say between 1:30 p.m. and 2:15 p.m. not to hesitate, if they witnessed anything abnormal or suspicious – a person who was running in or who had an unusual behavior – to contact us at 450 463-7201, “said SPAL spokesperson Ghyslain Vallières.

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“Each element, in a situation like this, is a piece of a puzzle which, however small it may be, maybe the key to solving the case,” he added, stressing that all of the testimonies provided can be done anonymously.

No suspect was immediately identified by the police.

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