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Why do motorcycle clubs war with each other? Are 1% clubs responsible for “No Colors Policies?”

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

When I did the episode, “Why I think Clubs War,” I received a lot of push back on the views I expressed. First off, I never back away from controversy. Secondly, I believe I was pretty much straight up on the subject.

One of the things people got really upset about was my conclusion, that the Hells Angels, have a lot to do with the violence. My argument was the Hells Angels moving into areas that have been traditionally other 1% clubs territory. Well let’s say that argument didn’t go over well with the supporters and members of the Hells Angels.

Many people shot back on the idea because I was a former Black Piston. They believed I would say anything that would be against   the Hells Angels. I disagree with this position and I’ll tell you why. Look back into history when it comes to motorcycle clubs fighting. Every major outbreak of violence in some form or another had the Hells Angels smack dab in the middle. This was especially true here in Illinois during the 1990’s.

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The 1990’s problems here in Illinois started when the Hells Angels flipped the Hells Henchmen. The Hells Henchmen were in the city limits of Chicago, a long traditional area for the Outlaws MC. Well they were there until the Grand Ave clubhouse bombing, which led to them leaving the city limits. Another incident included a Shooting out of Rockford. Again, because the Hells Angels wanted to establish a presence around the Chicago Area.

A notorious biker gang that has set up a clubhouse on the outskirts of Christchurch Mongols Motorcycle Club involved in spat

The History of wars where the Angels were at the center

Mid 70’s, The Hells Angels were again at the center of a fight that has lasted decades. The Hells Angels tried to tell the Mongols MC that they couldn’t wear a state bottom rocker. Well, the Mongols didn’t back down and the war has raged on. Recently, that war has spread between the Bandidos MC and Mongols MC. This is  because of the involvement of the Bandidos with the Hells Angels. See the pattern yet? I won’t even go into the East Coast wars between the Hells Angels and many clubs, primarily the Pagans MC.

My question is this. How can I be biased when history is on my side? Another thing, I’m straight up and always honest about my past. I do the disclaimer about my club past, so people can take the information I give, and research it knowing the bias. I’m not here to push the view I’m always right. I’m here to start the debate in hopes of a better biker club scene.

Are 1% clubs ruining the club scene?

Black Dragon did a video the other day which got me thinking. “Are 1% motorcycle clubs ruining the club scene?” I agree on some points and others I do not. Again, I believe you have to dive further into the causes of some of these fights. Do I believe the fighting among clubs is turning off many people? Yes I do, and I think this is something clubs should start to consider.

One hundred riot police had moved in to control a “medium two-digit number” of rockers-The rockers are said to be “Hells Angels” and their supporters

Motorcycle clubs since their inception have believed in not taking outsiders views of them. This strategy might have worked in the old days, but it won’t work anymore. The information age has amplified what is happening all over the country when it comes to clubs.

Throw in all the misinterpretations the public gets from fake biker shows, public opinion goes against clubs.  Why is this important? It’s really simple, citizens elect the officials that make the laws. The citizens are also the ones that sit on juries. So again, public opinion does matter in the whole grand scheme of things. Something that is unavoidable and something that can take a motorcycle club down real quick.

For many years since the Waco/Twin Peaks shootout between the Bandidos and Cossacks things have gotten worse in Texas. The motorcycle club profiling is something of an epidemic level. With this being a fact of life for motorcycle clubs, why is it then they still continue to fight? Well, you got me, it’s something I’ll never understand. Right now I’m waiting for news to come out about the shooting involving two clubs in Midland. The shooting in Midland is being pushed by the press as a biker gang war. Guess what? All the inroads that might have been taking place have been destroyed. What representative will go against law enforcement when they read or hear that a shooting between clubs has happened again?

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The 1% scene cannot expect support from Independents or citizens in their fight against profiling

I believe this is what Black Dragon was talking about in his video. The 1% scene cannot expect support from Independents or citizens in their fight against profiling, if they can’t help themselves? In one of my previous segments I argue the same points. I actually went as far as saying I would no longer cover motorcycle club rights, something that I actually wrestled with for a few days.

Here’s my point of view, one that runs in line with many peoples thinking. “Why even try to help, especially when clubs themselves won’t help their cause?” Some people in clubs got upset with that stand, especially since I’ve been a big supporter of club rights. The question to them becomes, “how do you expect me or anyone else to keep pushing when the violence won’t stop?” I cannot in good conscience present a defense to violence to our listenership. This is the main reason Insane Throttle has gotten away from promoting the issue and has stuck to only biker news.

Do I still believe in motorcycle club rights even though we won’t be covering it anymore? Sure I do, I believe everyone has the right to wear and hang out with whom they want to. I do not believe that clubs can use that right to cover for the violence that is going on. To put it frankly, people are sick of clubs fighting each other. People, especially riding clubs and non-affiliated motorcycle clubs, are sick of the blow back they get because of what others are doing.

There are two main reasons why motorcycle clubs have lost the support of the majority of bikers

There are two main reasons why motorcycle clubs have lost the support of the majority of bikers. The first one is because of the violence, and the second one is because 1% clubs dictate what people can and cannot do. I get protocol, but protocol has been expanded so much from what it used to be.

People now don’t care about tradition and they sure the hell don’t want to be told what’s up. I truly contribute that point to the rise in so-called pop up clubs. People now will just run to the cops if they are threatened. Lets face it, bikers are no longer made of the past mold they used to be. The biker scene has been taken over by people who no longer share in the old values we once held. Call it evolution I guess, but it’s a simple fact that old time clubs have to accept one of these days.

Hells Angels MC Investigation discovered that their clubhouse at 241 Longstreet Ave, is not the only property the club has bought after selling their longtime East Village NYC chapter

I personally always wondered if it was worth the time someone would spend in jail, over telling someone else they couldn’t start a club.I know I sure wouldn’t think it was worth it, but who am I to think for those in the 1% clubs? To be very honest, I don’t give a damn what the clubs do, It doesn’t affect me one bit. As an op-ed writer, I do care about the biker scene as a whole. I think this is why all sides should be heard and all opinions expressed. Afterall, this is the way things can be changed. Insane Throttle has a huge platform, especially through the radio show on Spotify and ITunes. Not to mention and I will always make sure that every angle of the scene is covered and all voices heard.

It was very interesting, the other day I was asked if I had any regrets. I would have to say one of my biggest regrets as far as Insane Throttle has been, is the focus on motorcycle clubs. Early on we covered motorcycle clubs all the time and didn’t get to the whole scene. Chalk it up to the old thinking that was bred into me I guess. One thing that has happened though when opening up the platform to everyone outside of the club world, Insane Throttle has grown more and more. This is something that is not only good for the Throttle, but also for this new industry, as I often call it.

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It’s funny, I often get people confused when I say, “new industry.” The new industry I’m talking about is independent creators who speak exclusively about the biker scene. Never before has there been so much information available to bikers. The old days of the now defunct Easyriders is over. I say defunct because that magazine is no longer representative of the biker set. It’s always cool seeing new creators, and the viewpoints they bring to the scene. I’ve often said the biker scene is made up of all kinds of subsets. New creators bring those subsets into the spotlight.

Getting back to the main purpose of this discussion. “Why do motorcycle clubs war with each other?” It’s simple, check out the history and how things started and find the common denominator in all the hostilities. Once you find the common denominator you will get the information you’re looking for.It’s that simple


  1. Well my comments seem repititous but…. its the same shit thats the problem…they can say the bad blood is over past incidents decades ago ..florida…for instance..and many others.. i think that they could come to common ground the best of everyones intrest.. BUT THEY WON’T….. and here’s why.. the wars are for area..not retribution for past incidents..the more area they control the more money they can make.. they build routes for transportTion of whatever shitty bussiness they are up to.. they capture more clientel..and like all monopolies the bigger the better…ask the crooked moving forward its about money.. selling more dope.. boosting who ever they can.. and so on..if you followed any of the wars you will know that sometimes the government creates them.. in one area they bust a whole dominant club.. prison time for them leaves a vacuum..thus another club raids the area to take over their bussiness.then comes the war…but i noticed that honour is shallow ( unlike the old days).. while reading about a specific club from quebec canada whom became imprisioned when they got out started killing their brothers from the same club from another province because they wanted their bussiness back.. . As well the clubs even here from state to to city.. are killing members of other clubs..and even their own members… like ..what the fuck…. thats just the murders .. sometimes they kill their own because they are a suspected one likes a rat.. but they need to pull their heads out of their asses ..they are going to be extinct if thats all they got.. remember … i said just the murders..we didnt calculate all the over doses and other killings and shit that the public blames them for.. hope it gets better..but until they get the greed out of their system the fighting will continue..


  2. I have to agree with this post to a large extent how ever not all the blame has to go to the 81’s, I have been in that lifestyle since 1972. And of course everyone who decided to put on a patch at that time had to go up against the big guy in the school yard to be able to be in the game. And yes the ways of then are far from the ways of today, witheays of how things are done now. In my opinion most of the old school codes ate gone. Also with all the expansions going on and the thoughts that if you can get 4 people together you can buy a patch on ebay (lol) and start a club.
    Now if the big boys did what we did in the past and asked them to affiliate or support that would be one thing, but as most know today they just say dispand. Hell I live in a state that has 4 of the big 1% clubs hereand at least 2 dozen clubs of which are of course supporters of who the consider the biggest. They do not believe in affiliates anymore. Well after 40 some odd years I have retired in good standing, that was after going through all the hoops necessary to do it. To just add one more thing about the violence, I feel it is do to all the major 5 want to keep expanding no matter whose there.
    Also about the last incident in Texas it was the bandidos and the mongols


  3. You don’t know what your talking about the outlaws moved into Massachusetts that’s why 81 moved into Chicago get your facts straight before you run off at the mouth like you know who disrespected who’s state first


  4. Lock them all up in the same prison they can settle their problems with no weapons and no gun’s then you will see the real men and the shit talkers sorted out with no civilian involved


  5. Being a former member of a well known national club i can tell you if it quacks like a duck its a duck. By that i mean if you act like a gang you are a gang not a club. The masons dont give a shit what the shriners do and the elks dont give a shit what the masons do. So when you start to use violence to dictate what others can wear or do you are a gang not a club. Period. I argued many times with my brothers over them telling smaller clubs what they could or couldn’t do. Just like harley is struggling because they didnt keep up with the times so will the 1%ers. Americans dont like to be told what to do and they dont like crap going on in the streets. I give major clubs ten more years of life left.


  6. I agree with you 100%. As an x club member and now independent. I hate to see red &white moving in anywhere around my area because 99% of the time a shit storm follows. I’ve been saying this for years so keep putting out the facts and let the chips fall at thw feet of the instigators. Watch you on YouTube and Instagram all the time. Keep up the good work.


  7. I grew up on the Northside of Chicago, so I know and remember exactly what your talking about when it come to the OL and the HA….. I never got into the club scene because I never played well with others and the only mandatory things I do are take care of my family and go to work everyday…I rode with everyone and was welcomed everywhere…. I moved to South Florida in the early 80’s and did exactly the same thing I did in Chicago, and its always worked for me…I ride alone and support various clubs and their functions….down here they have a confederation of clubs….pretty much keeps everything and everyone friendly, for the most part… Most of the people that have been hurt in the motorcycle club scene have pretty much brought it upon themselves in one way or another…


  8. It always makes me laugh when clubs post that 1%er patch, throw up their 3 piece patch, make sure they are the loudest and”toughest, then whine when they are profiled. If you don’t want cops bothering you, don’t break the law. I started my own club 10 years ago and never had these problems. When the club decided they wanted to play with the big dogs I bounced. In the 5 years I wore a three piece patch I never once had a problem. Especially from Outlaws, and our bottom rocker had the State. They knew us we gave every club n the area, maintained our neutrality and it was fun. Within 2 years of me leaving 1/2 the club was locked up. They wanted the reputation and they got it.


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