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Some have a romantic view of them others think they should be locked up Everyone has an opinion about motorcycle gangs such as the Highwaymen.

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by Joanna Redmond

Motorcycle clubs almost always have reputations that proceed them. When you think about the members of these clubs, it usually conjures up images of tough guys on bikes, blazing through city streets with a mean mug and a disposition to match.

We’ve all heard the stories of motorcycle clubs participating in some less than savory activities, getting arrested, and generally being a nuisance to society. But the reputation often tends to mean that there’s much more to the story. Sometimes, groups like motorcycle clubs have a few members that participate in illegal activities and make a bad name for the other members.

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Take the Highwaymen. This group of rough riders does tend to have their fair share of history, and these 15 surprising facts about the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club are just what you need to gain more insight into what many consider an intimidating unknown.

15 They Value Loyalty Above All Else – Meetings Are Mandatory

That’s right, the Highwaymen are sticklers and require their members to attend meetings regularly. If you are a member and you don’t go to meetings, you’ll likely be kicked out. Meetings are where they hold votes on potential new members (it must be a unanimous vote), learn about upcoming rides, as well as get permission to do anything that represents the club.

“Project Barbarian” has led to multiple arrests and charges against Outlaws MC— including arrests at a motorcycle clubhouse

14 A High-Ranking Member Was Once Arrested For Running A Chop Shop

Highwaymen member Randell Lee McDaniel was arrested back in 2007 for operating a chop shop in Michigan. McDaniel was also charged with conducting a criminal enterprise and motor vehicle theft.

Of course, he isn’t the only one who has had charges brought against him. Other members are known to have participated in arms dealing, fraud, and police corruption.

13 They Have A Few Enemies, Including The Outlaws Motorcycle Club

What club doesn’t have rivals? While rivalry can consist of some friendly competition, that’s not how motorcycle clubs tend to operate.

It was back in the 1970s that some of the Highwaymen members were convicted of bombing their rivals’ houses.

12 They’re A One-Percenter Club

No, that doesn’t mean that only rich people can join the Highwaymen. A one-percenter motorcycle club member is distinguished by a 1% patch worn on their jackets. It’s said that 99% of bikers are regular law-abiding citizens, while the other 1% are known for nefarious and illegal doings. It’s also said that the 1% denotes that member as someone who has killed another person.

11 They State They’ll Do Charity Work – If It Also Benefits Them

Some motorcycle clubs are known for doing charity work. The Hells Angels hold an annual toy drive and donate all items to charity. The Highwaymen? Sure, they’ll do charity work too, as long as it benefits them. So, don’t expect to drop off a stuffed bear next holiday season to their local chapter.

10 Their Motto Literally Says They’re Evil

The Highwaymen have two mottoes: “Highwaymen Forever, Forever Highwaymen” and also “Yea, though we ride the highways in the shadows of death, we fear no evil, for we are the most evil mother f*ck*rs on the highway.” The first signals their loyalty, the second makes sure you stay out of their way.

9 They’ll Only Talk About Their Illegal Activities If You Wear Their Patch

If you’re looking to join ranks with this outlaw club, let it be known, that you have to be a full-fledged patch-wearing (and meeting attending) member to learn the goods on their sinful deeds. So don’t expect to come to one meeting and discover the wickedness of their ways.

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8 There Are 7 Chapters In The US

This outlaw club has its roots in Detroit. While the club with the most members is in their hometown, the Highwaymen boast members all over the US, with chapters in Alabama, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Florida. If you’re looking to join or maybe catch a glimpse of their club, consider visiting one of these states.

In a turn of events, a developer who proposed an opioid treatment clinic, tattoo parlor and biker club in Lyon Township withdrew his plans after residents objected.

7 They Have A Long History With The FBI

A recent case (2007) led to an arrest of around 30 members, including an apparent rat who informed police of the club’s sometimes shady behavior. The FBI has detained over 100 members since the club began in 1954. Just because some members have had legal run-ins, that doesn’t mean all members are up to no good.

6 They’re Banned From The Detroit  Federation Of Motorcycle Clubs

It’s not easy being an outlaw motorcycle club while also adhering to rules. The Detroit Federation of Motorcycle Clubs was created in the 1970s to help stop motorcycle gang wars, and The Highwaymen couldn’t keep in good standing with them.

5 And They No Longer Have An American Motorcycle Association Sanction

The club used to be listed in the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), but they became more outlaw than respectable, thus losing their status. In 2007 after more than 40 members were arrested for various wrongdoings, and the club lost their sanction.

4 They Don Skulls With Wings On Their Hats And Jackets

Most motorcycle clubs have a logo or identifying label that brands their members. The Highwaymen’s feature a skull with wings and wearing a motorcycle cap. The fact that they’re generally black and silver distinguishes them from other clubs that tend to use colored logos. You certainly won’t mistake them for another outlaw motorcycle club.

3 Most Members Are Veterans And Suffer From PTSD

It seems that after serving their country, many bikers find friendship and solidarity in motorcycle clubs. These clubs welcome a respite from their family life, where they can be around other people suffering the same symptoms.

2 Women Are Not Allowed

Most 1% outlaw motorcycle clubs have a no woman policy. While some myths that say the women who want to join these clubs are into less than ladylike activities, there seems to be very little evidence to support these claims. That being said, the Highwaymen are just that: men.

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1 The Marlboro Man Is A Member

Some members of the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club are famous for being members. However, there is a man who was made famous on his own merit, The Marlboro Man, also known recently as The Marlboro Marine, also known as James Blake Miller. Since returning from war and suffering from PTSD, he has joined the Highwaymen.



  1. I suffer with PTSD And the Anxiety is Hell esp When some fool Fucks with me. That part of me that’s dark kicks in and I start in a flash. Take em Out Now! Most MC I’ve met All Have Vets with PTSD And their the Ones You don’t wanta test with. The Highwaymen etc seemingly are straight in their lanes and They have My Respect fully. Tnn is a hell of a State. Alot of MC with PTSD Here. For those whom say PTSD Isn’t real? Hopefully their lame asses won’t run up on me or other Vets who suffer like hell and the Vets can wear the 1% patch with pride not from having to take A Brothers life out to prove a point. We don’t play well with others so don’t Fuck up and play with us VETS WITH PTSD. Could spell disaster. Army Vet Vietnam Era.

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  2. Follow up.
    I meet tons of what seems ordinary Bruhs and Sisters as Well. With No clue either about PTSD Or if They even Have it. Alot stay in Denial for Yeaaarrs.
    The Sad part is the Stigma attached to Vets MC Etc in references to The DSM- 3 through 5 used by VA Drs etc. 2 Words that describe Such are. Homicidal Tendencies. Suicidal Tendencies. And these 2 sectors thwart Those whom suffer from PTSD And Ni! It doesn’t have to be a Military issue. Sadly alot of Women Children suffer with Trauma from Yes! Partners Whom have PTSD. The VA Etc gives out Meds and mostly they don’t work. Take Benzios? Valium etc! Now VA Wants to stop these meds and they work but only temporarily. A quick Anxiety fix. But We have Vets etc that because of the 2 Elements of PTSD? Whom commit Suicide. They are in Pain for their bodies are War Damaged. VA now stops with Pain Meds and Benzo meds. Its horrible ordeal. I want All Vets MC As Well az Mothers And Children to know. MC Members of All Patches Really understand and They Love and Their There always For All of Us whom suffer. Self medication is fine but Anger is not a treatment for outburst that can turn inward and self destruct. I suffer Every Damn Day and Mostly at Night. A world that’s dark and void. When MC Reach out? They di it By compassion and Respect Not For Attention. A Patch is What A Brother Earn. Love is what A Brother gives back to others. Lets be thankful for All They Do. PTSD Has many names but only one Face. Yours!


  3. Bikers are labeled by the government and simple minded simpletent as outlaws but its the fault of these assholes that are ruining this country people should be left alone to enjoy their lives as they see fit to live it. Who the fuck are they to judge someone’s else live thats my oppinion on this topiv


  4. I will always stand by the belief that the mild anarchy of 1% clubs is almost necessary these days.

    I live in Ontario and spent much of my life in Barrie Ontario with Satan’s Choice clubhouse just outside town and knowing people that lived near the club house.. the biggest issue was the cops who were always trying to look inside and making an annoyance of themselves..

    Okay the play hard but with the rampant fascism in most government agencies these day who only serve themselves a little chaos is a good thing.

    At 50 now I would almost consider trying to join a 1 % club as my anarchist and antiauthoritarian nature is in full effect these days..

    I will just have to ride my HD and watch out for my fellow riders whether 1% or otherwise


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