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Cleveland City Council member Kevin Bishop said he is outraged by a shooting that left one man dead and 17 others injured party involving several motorcycle clubs

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland City Council member Kevin Bishop said he is outraged by a shooting that left one man dead and 17 others injured late Saturday during a party involving several motorcycle clubs.

Investigators are still piecing together the events that led to the shooting at a private club on East 93rd Street near Way Avenue, Bishop said Sunday. The preliminary investigation revealed several people were kicked out of a party, but returned about 11:30 p.m. and opened fire at the club, police said. Several people still at the party also returned fire, police said.

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“It’s a tragic day for our community,” said Bishop, whose Ward 2 includes the Union-Miles neighborhood where the club is located.

Bishop offered condolences to the family of a 48-year-old man killed in the shooting, as well as the 17 other people who suffered gunshot wounds. Police said they suffered injuries that ranged from minor to requiring surgery, and were treated at area hospitals.

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Bishop said he is most concerned the shooting could lead to retaliation among motorcycle clubs from the area. He said investigators told him that members of four or five clubs were present for the shooting, but he could not identify any of those clubs.

Law enforcement and city officials plan to meet with leadership from area motorcycle clubs in order to prevent retaliation, Bishop said.

“We are very concerned about retaliation,” Bishop said. “We have to jump on this before anything else happens.”

Attempts to reach members of several area motorcycle clubs were not immediately successful Sunday.

Authorities said the shooting happened at a private club. A Facebook business page for the Cleveland Lyfers motorcycle club lists the address of the shooting as its clubhouse.

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Bishop said he did not know the building was a private club until recently. He had not previously heard of any issues at the club, he said Sunday.

CC Black LLC bought the property for $85,000 in 2018, according to property records. The one-story brick building was built in 1969, property records say.

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The area around the club was quiet Sunday afternoon, with several police cruisers parked nearby. Several men at an auto-body shop located across the street said they did not witness the shooting, and could not provide any information about the private club.

The shooting remains under investigation, police said. No arrests have been announced.


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    Point! Bikers have a run in and it all gets attention like its a shock to the Fn Media. Focus here on Cleveland’s real dangerous street city issues. Rapes murders child molesters robberies etc.
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    Ding. Next


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