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With members frequently engaging in drug trafficking assault and even murder Diablos Motorcycle Club name is indeed indicative of their reputation

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15  Facts About The Diablos Motorcycle Club

With members frequently engaging in drug trafficking, assault, and even murder, this club’s name is indeed indicative of their reputation.

For someone how loves motorcycles, the idea of joining a motorcycle club might not be a too far-fetched one. In fact, it’s hard to ignore the love for motorcycles and the desire for freedom and loyalty that these groups of people share. However, some biker clubs have earned quite a negative reputation for themselves over the years, and the Diablos are a great example of how notorious one motorcycle club can become. Some people also know this club by the name of Los Diablos Motorcycle Club. This was the club’s original name that later became Diablos MC.

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Sure, they’re not as famous or as prevalent as the Hells Angels are, but they are still a big name among motorcycle clubs in the United States. And like many other famous motorcycle clubs across the United States, the Diablos MC are a one-percenter, outlaw club with their own set of unique rules and regulations. So in this list, we’ll dive into what makes this motorcycle club so notorious by exploring 15 most interesting and lesser-known facts about the Diablos MC.

15 It Was Founded In 1961

Diablos Motorcycle Club was originally founded in 1961 in San Bernadino by Jack Baltas. From there, it started to gain popularity, and now, it is one of the biggest and most notorious motorcycle clubs in the country. They faced many ups and downs since the beginning, but its members remain loyal to their club.

14 They Have a History of Crime

Many members of the Diablos MC have been associated and convicted of various crimes, including murder, drug trafficking, and assault. Due to this, the club has a notorious criminal history. In 1998, eight members of the club were charged with various crimes. In 2006, the vice president of the club was charged with cocaine trafficking. During that same year, another member was convicted of drug trafficking charges.

13 They have Multiple Chapters Across the United States

Even though the club was originally founded in California but it has multiple chapters across the United States. These chapters include Diablos motorcycle club Connecticut, Diablos motorcycle club Indiana, Diablos motorcycle club Maine, Diablos motorcycle club Vermont, Diablos motorcycle club New Hampshire, and Diablos motorcycle club Massachusetts.

12 Diablos Is A White-Only Club

This might sound a bit racist but the Diablos motorcycle club does not accept any black or Hispanic members. The club was originally founded in California, which has a huge number of Hispanic residents. Still, Diablos members are only white. All chapters from the west coast and east coast do not include people of color.

11 One Of Their Members Has Confessed To Killing A Rival Club Member

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It’s a known fact that many members of the Diablos motorcycle club have been linked to different crimes such as assault and drug trafficking. But one of their most important members has been linked to a murder case. Raymond “Stoney” Stone from the Connecticut chapter was convicted for the murder of a rival gang member, to which he confessed.

10 They’re An Ally Of Ching-A-Ling Nomads MC

Diablos motorcycle club is an ally of another one percent motorcycle club called Ching-A-Ling Nomads MC. Ching-A-Ling Nomads MC. Founded in 1966 in New York, the Ching-A-Ling Nomads originated as a street gang and later transformed into a motorcycle club. Just like Diablos MC, the Ching-A-Ling Nomads MC also a renowned motorcycle club in the United States.

9 They Have Their Own YouTube Channel

Despite the fact that Diablos was founded over 50 years ago, they have evolved and embraced the latest technology to keep the information up to date. They have their own YouTube channel to connect with their fans and members of other Diablos MC chapters.

8 Red & Black

To ensure uniqueness, every motorcycle club has some sort of motto, rules, colors, and regulations that they follow. While most of the motorcycle clubs that we watch in movies show the members wearing black, the Diablos choose to wear red and black to represent themselves and their club.

7 The Only Way To Enter The Club Is By Invitation

Motorcycle clubs are not for everyone. They are for people who are loyal, motivated, and passionate about a motorcycle club. Besides, joining a club is not as easy as it sounds. When it comes to joining Diablos MC, the only way to do so is by invitation. Unfortunately, without this, invitation, one can’t be associated with any part of the club.

6 All Members Must Own Firearms

Just like other motorcycle clubs, Diablos has its own charter of rules. One of their non-negotiable rules is that all members must own firearms. It is still crucial for all the members to follow; otherwise, they are excluded from any part of the club.

5 They Made A Lot Of Money By Illegal Means

Motorcycle clubs are not just about bike rides, fun, and parties. While some clubs work for the betterment of society and play a role in helping the nation, there are some who get involved in illegal activities for many reasons. Diablos is one of them. Members of the Diablos motorcycle club make a lot of money using illegal means.

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4 They Faced A Financial Crisis During The ’70s And ’90s

Currently, the Diablos motorcycle club is one of the most popular and well-established clubs with its chapters in many different states. They started from scratch and they had to struggle a lot to reach the top. During the ’70s and ’90s, Diablos faced financial crises. Consequently, some members resorted to illegal means to draw in money.

3 They Have Faced Betrayal By Their Member

The Diablos motorcycle club is all about harmony and brotherhood. Their members are very loyal, and unity is one of their top priorities. However, in the past, many have faced betrayal by one of their closest members in the past. William Alvis helped the FBI to infiltrate the club, and continuously provided them with information about club activities. According to their pact, this action was a major betrayal.

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2 They Value Their Brotherhood

Unity and brotherhood are still crucial values for Diablos MC members despite facing betrayals and many ups and downs, This value of brotherhood is so strong, they fiercely support fellow members in all cases. If one of the members gets in trouble, others are always there to help. When they joined the club, they vowed to stay united.

1 Diablos Forever, Forever Diablos

All motorcycle clubs have their own mottos. The motto of the Diablos motorcycle club is “Diablos Forever, Forever Diablos.” This creed shows the importance of unity among their club members. If a person joining the club does not leave for other rival clubs. Members are forever faithful to each other and tied to this family they have formed.


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