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The Mongols Motorcycle Club has been added to the list of gangs whose patches are prohibited from government buildings.

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The Mongols Motorcycle Club has been added to the list of gangs whose patches are prohibited from government buildings.

Police Minister Stuart Nash says Mongols MC, an organised crime group with links to the U.S. and Australia, is considered by Australian law enforcement to be one of the five worst outlaw motorcycle groups currently operating in Australia.

The ban means Mongol MC gang members or associates are unable to display their insignia in any government premises. This includes court buildings and Work and Income offices, libraries, schools, public hospitals, some sports grounds and public swimming pools.

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Mongols members are believed to have been involved in a shooting in January that left a Mongrel Mob-linked property in Tauranga riddled with bullets.

The attack was thought to be in response to the arson of a Mongols-linked barber shop, Faded N Bladed.

Earlier in April a 37-year-old man associated to the Mongols MC gang had been arrested after Western Bay of Plenty Police executed two search warrants in relation to the ongoing investigation into the firearms incident Hairini, says Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Turner.

Stuart says, “The establishment of the New Zealand chapter of the Mongols MC was likely sparked by the arrival of outlaw motorcycle group members from Australia.

“Police have been taking action against Mongols MC members. The gang is an organised crime group with global reach and networks. They are involved in serious criminal activity including the supply and distribution of illicit drugs and the use of violence including assault, blackmail and extortion.

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“The ban on displaying the Mongols MC patches follows police advice that its members share a common identifying insignia and actively promote, encourage or engage in criminal activity.

“Gang insignia is intended to intimidate the public and other gangs. It is designed to claim ownership of a physical space and to encourage the recruitment of gang prospects. We will not allow the Mongols MC to advertise its presence in this way.

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“We need to make all efforts to disrupt the activities of this gang and others, to reduce harm in our communities.

“Restricting the display of gang patches, by itself, will not prevent the harm caused by organised crime groups, which include white collar offenders with links to gangs. However when combined with other initiatives, such as tougher penalties for gun crime, asset seizures, and more cops on the front line, it contributes to a safer community.

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“The number of Police on the frontline is now 10,085, an increase of around 1,250 officers, or 14%, since the start of the 2017/18 financial year. Police are also going hard against gun crime, and have seized almost 2,400 illegal firearms from gangs and other offenders in the past year.

“The prohibition on Mongols MC patches was agreed prior to the lockdown and took affect from April 24. It is the second gang insignia I have prohibited from government sites, after also banning Comancheros gang patches in 2018.

“Police need the community’s help to make a difference. Please call them if you have any information about gangs, drugs or firearms.

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“It can be reported via the 105 number. Information can also be provided to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Anyone with immediate concerns for their safety or the safety of others should call 111.”

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