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Firearms drugs and Outlaws MC Colors seized during raid by biker enforcement

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By Alexandra Mazur

Two people were arrested during a raid by the OPP’s biker enforcement unit in the town of Bancroft, Ont., last week.

On April 22, the OPP unit and the Belleville police’s tactical team searched a Bancroft home.

Alleged president of the Chester County Warlocks MC Chapter charged with the murder of suspected Warlocks MC prospect

Belleville police say numerous firearms, including rifles and handguns, and various types of drugs were seized during the warrant. Belleville police released an image of items seized, which includes leather jackets with Outlaw Motorcycle Club logos on them.

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Two people, 48-year-old Brian Sturgeon and 41-year-old Laura Power, both from Bancroft, were charged with the following:

  • Three counts of careless storage of a firearm
  • Two counts of breach of firearms regulations
  • Two counts of unauthorized possession of a weapon
  • Possession of a schedule I substance
  • Possession of a schedule II substance
  • Possession of schedule III substance
  • Possession of property obtained by crime under $5,000

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Both of the accused were released on bail. Belleville police are still investigating the case.

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  1. This is what I don’t get, there’s a lot of talk about the m/c culture from those who have never lived nor been around it at all. All there doing is repatching what the media states an putting there on spin on it. From all the shit that’s on TV to you tube about this an that of 1% clubs is completely baffling. Especially those claiming to 1%. A real 1% will never post his club business out there after all its club business for a reason its not ment for civilians to know about. This is why we have this shit going on that we do now like dudes wearing that fake add tv show cut, an we’ve even seen some dude put fake patches on an tried to rock that very sacred diamond that so many of us have bleed fought died an stopped at nothing to receive. My whole point is there wouldn’t be all this shit going thru main stream media if people would keep there fucking mouths shut. Look at like this if your talking about shit thats none of your business then you are just as bad as the fucking cops. The only way cops find out about shit is from all the big mouthed fucking dummies saying shit an blowing it all over the web. Its like putting a green light on bikers telling the cops oh yeah there over here doing Yada Yada yada. This shit makes me sick why can’t the normal public shut the fuck up mind your own dam business and stay out of the m/c community we don’t want any rats or gossip Nancy’s. I had to speak about this because it burns my ass to see so many bikers getting fucked by the normal dumb ass citizens. I guess growing up in the m/c world taught me to shut the fuck up stay in your lane an mind your own fuxking business. An life will be alright. That’s enough of my ranting for today. Before I leave to the normal citizens that will read this, piece of advice mind you own fuxking business if we wanted you to know we would of told you before the media.


  2. I like reading your articles but howz about some more recent happenings? I mean, 2018?? C’mon folks.


  3. Tofact that you have to be on this site to post must mean you have intrest as well.. that being said.. if the 1% clubs would stop putting themselves in the news there would be nothing to read..there fore nothing to talk about.. just another way of looking at it.. i know im still in my lane and if you think im not keeping my mouth shut started you have a good point bro .. but there is stuff here to read that beats the shit out of another conovid virus story.


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