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Union Ironworkers Motorcycle Club The Outlaws M/C, New Attitude M/C, Forgiven Brothers, Throttle Angels, and Vixens deliver for the community

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Thousands of medical face shields have been delivered to Michigan hospitals thanks to Fenton Township residents and their associates.

Kat Dimich of Fenton Township works in supply chain management for Trinity Health. Trinity Health owns and operates 93 non-profit hospital systems throughout the U.S., with 10 or so hospitals in Michigan, including St. Joseph Ann Arbor, St. Joseph Pontiac, St. Mary Livonia, and St. Mary Grand Rapids, to name a few.

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Dimich’s brother-in-law, David Brandly, also of Fenton Township, is president of Union Ironworkers Motorcycle Club (M/C) Chapter 25 (a motorcycle charity organization) and has been working to place face shields in Michigan medical facilities.

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His group has been coordinating with the Michigan Confederation of Clubs (MICOC) to place and then physically distribute the face shields, which are provided by the Masks for Docs program.

Brandly reached out to Dimich on Wednesday, April 22 and asked if Trinity Health was in need of any shields. Dimich told him “yes.” She said Trinity Health asked for a good portion (20,000 of the 100,000). The volunteer groups and charity organizations worked to secure 20,000 face shields for Trinity Health and 5,000 for Genesee Health System thus far.


Dimich said Brandly and Gary Felty (leading the MICOC) delivered those masks to the hospitals.

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“It is amazing how these groups are volunteering and supporting our Trinity Health non-profit hospitals here in Michigan, providing 20,000 face shields to our hospitals alone,” Dimich said.

“All it took was one phone call between David (Brandly) to me, his sister-in-law, who just so happens to work in supply chain for Trinity Health to make this happen.”

The following is a statement/release from the Outlaws Motorcycle Club who recently came together to assist the local community

 On Sunday, April 26, Brandly said, “My guys stepped up to help. Yesterday we picked up 4,500 face shields. We delivered 3,000 to St. Joe’s hospital in Ann Arbor and 1,500 of them to Genesee Health Systems.

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“Today we rode to Indiana to pick up 5,000 N95 masks for local hospitals.”

Brandly said they were joined by The Outlaws M/C, New Attitude M/C, Forgiven Brothers, Throttle Angels, and Vixens.


“It’s always a great time when we can ride and help our community, Brandly said. He added that there remains a stigma of biker clubs but for us, “If there’s any reason to ride and to help out, we will.”

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    But my words are Real regardless. Russian MC are the World’s most dangerous MC. Since their Basically Mafia Based. I have one of only a few World Patchs They don’t hand them out like hats. You earn it. I earned Mine. My apology goes out to the Lady but i must say John. Keep your day job Son She’d do a Hell of a better chance than You ever would or could running with the Only 1% er. Preacher


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