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Not all motorcycle clubs in America are outlaws and gang there are also motorcycle clubs for law enforcement and here’s some facts about them.

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by Rachel Montgomery

Motorcycle clubs have been a staple of American cultures since the invention of motorcycles. For every type of rider, there seems to be a club that fits his, or more recently her, interests. Most clubs are built on a love of riding bikes, plus giving back to the community through fundraisers and other charity work. There are some clubs that are for specific professions.

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These include military and veterans, first responders, and police officers.Law enforcement has been riding motorcycles since they were invented. Some clubs patched bikers throughout the last century, but others cited repeated targeting by officers as a reason to keep them out of the MC ranks.

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Recently, there’s been an uptick in law-enforcement motorcycle clubs, called LEMCs, that exclusively patch, or swear in, active or retired members of police forces. Here are some facts about how these clubs navigate motorcycle culture, how they’re seen in it, and how they operate as bikers.

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  1. Stop using the word gang when you’re talking about a M.C. You give the cops more fuel each time you use the word gang.


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