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Authorities say an off-duty officer with the Los Angeles Police Department was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of a fellow officer.

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Authorities say an off-duty officer with the Los Angeles Police Department was arrested Sunday morning on suspicion of attempted murder in connection with the shooting of a fellow officer.

Ismael Tamayo, 44, of Ontario was taken into custody without incident. He has been booked at High Desert Detention Center on $1 million bail pending a court appearance scheduled for Tuesday.

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Tamayo stands accused of shooting another off-duty LAPD officer, described as a 48-year-old man, in the shoulder at an off-roading area in San Bernardino County known as Stoddard Wells.

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It was there that authorities say Tamayo and two others, all of whom work for the LAPD, were camping and shooting guns. For reasons unknown, police say Tamayo shot the victim, who was airlifted to a trauma center. He is expected to survive.

“The events overnight culminating in the serious injury to our off-duty officer, apparently at the hands of another member of this Department, give me great concern. I spoke earlier this morning with San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, pledging our full support of their criminal investigation. I am thankful our injured officer is in stable condition and expected to survive. I am committed to determining what and how this occurred,” said Police Chief Michel Moore of the LAPD.

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An investigation continues. Anyone with more information was asked to call Det. Josh Guerry at (909) 387-3589.

The LAPD says Tamayo has been relieved of his police powers pending the outcome of the criminal and administrative investigation.

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