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Man Claims there were people in a biker gang trying to kill him because he talked to police.

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BELLEVUE — A Sandusky man was given a trespassing notice after allegedly causing a disturbance a at a West Main Street gas station.

According to police reports, Micah Risner, 32, placed a 9-1-1 call advising he needed officers ASAP, because he was in danger inside the business.

The reports state Risner initially told officers “there were people in a biker gang trying to kill him because he talked to police.” He reportedly told the police the store camera was not facing in the right direction to capture footage of the “bikers.”

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After police arrive and were able to get Risner to step outside the business, police say Risner told them he made up the story about the biker gang. He told them it was actually a “group of people in lift trucks trying to kill him.”

Risner reportedly admitted to using methamphetamine “about a week ago” and told police he hadn’t slept in three or four days.

The report states Risner agreed to be checked out by North Central EMS telling the officer “he was not crazy or going to kill himself.” Micah was then treated by NCEMS, but refused to be transported to the Bellevue Hospital..

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The business manager reportedly then told police she wanted Risner banned “from the gas station due to his behavior.”

Police say Risner told them he is homeless and asked to be dropped off at a friend’s house. He was unable to make contact with anyone and a police officer told him he would have to leave the property, which he did.

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