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SAVANNA, Illinois — Hundreds of revelers, most on two wheels, have packed a popular biker bar in Savanna this Memorial Day weekend in open violation of Governor J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order..

Poopy’s Pub opened the gates on Friday, and the bikers came from near and far.


“It’s off the wall, the bikers are in full force and supporting us,” said owner Keven Promenschenkel.

It’s clear that people are dying for a good party, and Poopy’s offers everything from live music to ice cold beer.

“Oh it feels great,” said Michael Hamstra, who rode up from Prophetstown, Illinois on his motorcycle. “No words to express it.”

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“We’re here to eat, drink, and have fun,” another couple told News Eight. “Just have a good time. With people!”

But not on the menu: social distancing or masks. Party-goers packed both indoor and outdoor bars and tables.


“Of course if you are worried about it then we don’t want you to come here,”

Promenschenkel said.

Promenschenkel is suing the governor over the stay-at-home order, and many bikers said they were enjoying the party in part to support Poopy’s cause and in part to stick it to the governor.


Meanwhile, local authorities told Promenschenkel that they would not be enforcing the governor’s order. Even though his business is brazenly disobeying the order,

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Promenschenkel said he’s not an outlaw. He says the Memorial Day weekend party is just too important to Poopy’s bottom line, and without it he might as well close up shop.

“I’m not trying to be some type of outlaw or anything. I’ve just got to make a living. That’s where we’re at,” Promenschenkel said.

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