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Law Enforcement Motorcycle clubs might sound like an oxymoron but they’re very real! Here’s why they’re growing by the day.

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by Arun Singh Pundir

Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs, or LEMCs, sound like an oxymoron. But they are very much in existence, and growing by the day – motorcycle clubs that are run by the cops, for the cops, and of the cops. They call themselves traditional MCs, in that they have the same hierarchy and entry models that way other motorcycle clubs do, but most MCs, especially the outlaw MCs view LEMCs with distrust.

George Christie the former president of the California Hell’s Angels Ventura chapter is back in Almeria filming ‘Marked-The Unforgiven,’

These are the people who work to suppress all illegal activities of outlaw MCs. LEMCs members may be still serving or retired, but the fact remains, they are cops at heart, with a love for motorcycles and riding on the open road, sworn to uphold the law.

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They may like themselves just fine, but for the other MCs, LEMCs are more of a farce. Here are some amazing facts and figures about the LEMCs of America…

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  1. If you for one second think cop motorcycle gangs are honest you still believe in the Easter bunny dumb ass


  2. I can tell you of LEMC’s that have 3 or fewer LEO’s in their clubs of more than 50 members. So the term LEMC is really a joke for the most part. There are some truly LEMC’s .


  3. Right. Real badass “outlaw” cops, but only because they’re all allowed to carry unconcealed. More than one cop told me he wouldn’t hesitate to use his piece with little provocation.. “Anything we do can be construed as being in the line of duty.” No “outlaw” cop, however, had guts enough to wear a 3 piece patch in CA until the Black and White publicly gave them permission in 2003.


  4. They are ruthless harrassmenrs they lie cheat on their wives steal fraudulent racists igots. I am fighting a situation where the police is directly involved from everett police department , I a black woman had a case where the family member software one of them is in a criminal gang and a criminal grang member an employee of greystar management when discover ed iand trying to have me prosecuted putting false allegations against me. BRAFDY cops look up the list


  5. I don’t care how you butter a piece of bread it’s gonna be bread if you ask me.
    Amigo Rottenrod


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