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Member of Forbidden Ones motorcycle club killed in Botched Robbery of a store

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By Tina Moore and Craig McCarthy NY Post

This would-be thief messed with the wrong bodega.

A Brooklyn convenience store clerk fatally shot a knife-wielding robber in East New York, cops said Tuesday.

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The botched robbery unfolded just after 11 p.m. Monday when 25-year-old Edwin Candelario walked into the Rose Family Grocery Store on Glenmore Avenue and pulled a knife, according to cops.

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The 34-year-old clerk answered by whipping out a gun and opening fire, striking Candelario in the head and torso, police said.

EMS rushed the robber to Brookdale Hospital but he could not be saved.

Cops took the clerk into custody and recovered the gun and knife.

No charges had been filed as of Tuesday afternoon — as the NYPD was searching for more surveillance footage, sources said.

A police source described the incident as a robbery with a witness telling police that Candelario had attacked the clerk with the knife.

Candelario’s dad told cops that his son believed that he left his house keys in the bodega and returned to retrieve them, according to police sources.

The dad tagged along with his son because Candelario was drunk, but stayed in the car at his son’s request, sources said.

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After hearing a gunshot, the dad ran in to find Candelario lying on the ground as the clerk stood with a firearm, according to sources.

The clerk, whose name was not released, has nearly 20 arrests for various motor-vehicle charges, such as DWI and unlicensed operator — as well a marijuana bust, sources said.

Candelario was amember of the Forbidden Ones motorcycle club, and has been collared six times, two of which were for assaulting a police officer, sources said.

Waco police undercover officer who arrested Waco attorneys Seth Sutton and Chelsea Tijerina in an alleged murder-for-hire scheme had been assigned to infiltrate a motorcycle club

Two years ago, a trio of armed robbers held up the bodega and made off with $500 in cash, according to PIX11.

The store could not be reached for comment.

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