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Why do White Motorcycle Clubs still not accept Black Bikers as members?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

A creator did a video on this subject and it caused a pretty big uproar, mainly because of the angle they used in the video. The angle they came with was this “we are in the modern times.” It’s time to put aside all the traditions and conform to the way people think now.

Well, guess they don’t understand the dynamics of clubs that’ve been around for decades and even a century. The first thing that comes to my mind, “it’s always the whites who’re proud of what they have that gets the negative attention.” Well, I’m here to say “Fuck That!” Just because society thinks we should be jerking each other off doesn’t make it where people will change.

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If you look at the major 1% clubs that have been around for decades, you will find a mix of white and hispanics. It’s also correct that most of these 1% clubs do not accept blacks. I know, people are not wondering why they don’t. It isn’t old bylaws like the video said, it comes down to culture. Whites and hispanics have their culture, while blacks have theirs. This is why blacks have their own set, with their own set of traditions.

Let’s put it into terms someone can understand. The Prison system is all about race. When someone is processed in they go to what race they are. Whites to Whites, Blacks to Black and so on. Is it a tribal situation? Damn right it is, it’s the real world and not some PC modern identity crap.

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The motorcycle club scene is the same way. Those in motorcycle clubs stick with their own. Old Bylaws aren’t the problem because there isn’t any problem with how things have been going. Yeah, we have people who believe everyone should be inclusive and to think that is foolish. Motorcycle Club membership isn’t about what society thinks is right or wrong. Those who are members of clubs think a different way, plain and simple.

Would you be a part of a mixed club Hollywood?

No, I wouldn’t and I’ll tell you why. I believe in the tradition of the motorcycle club scene. Let’s say for a moment two members from the same club, one white and one black, caught a case and went to prison. No matter what patch you share you will never be able to talk or mix with each other in the prison system. Truth of the matter, the races will always trump an individual’s brotherhood in a situation where race matters.

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Does that stand make you a racist? Nope, not at all and why? Because that’s the hard truth of the matter. Life isn’t easy and sure the hell isn’t milk and cookies. Regardless of what the media or this new generation tries to tell you, things won’t be changing anytime soon.

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The Younger generation will eventually change things

What I have to say to that is, “Good Luck!” Do you really think those who are being brought into the scene now, under the guidance of guys who want the traditions, are going to go against those traditions? Again, wishful thinking, it’s just not going to happen.

One of the things that people have to understand is the internet is just that, the internet. The real world is reality and there is no room for political correctness. For all the personal opinions and push for things that are identity politics, you’re going to be out of luck on the streets.

You’re talking Racist!

For those who are thinking that, you’re weak minded, and have no idea how the streets work. Again, you’re part of the morons who think things are going to change. Let’s talk about this Racist point some of you will be pushing in response to this article.

There are deep undertones that are running in this country right now, and have been for a very long time. Do you know who is behind that bullshit? It’s white liberals who have nothing better to do with themselves than cause problems. The ideology of these people to inject their bullshit ideas into people’s lives is sickening. Actually, many blacks come out and point out that it’s white liberals who are more of a danger to blacks than anyone.

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It’s unfortunate that these types of people have infiltrated the biker scene. It all started in the 90’s with these fucking rich rubs. Not only did these freaks bring their money, they brought their bullshit outlooks on how bikers should be. The problem with some of the old school scooter tramps and clubs is they allowed the bullshit. Personally, I think that any rich rub bringing their bullshit around needs to be knocked out.

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If you’re butt hurt over how motorcycle clubs conduct themselves in regards to race get over it. Your opinions have no place in what they choose to do. I know that people think they can push their bullshit viewpoints on everyone, but unless you’re wearing the patch of that club, shut the fuck up.

One thing that is missing in the scene is the lack of people telling the truth. Truth is, it’s tribal and will always be. Is there something wrong with that? Nope, that’s just how the real world works and no matter how bad you don’t like it, I say find your ass another lifestyle. You’re in a world that doesn’t care if you get butt hurt, at least that’s the way it used to be.



  1. It’s an Oreo thing.
    Say What?
    Whites aren’t in black Panthers.
    Just a culture issue not a race issue. Stay in Your lane deal.
    Who ever raised this question is an idiot.


  2. It’s not a racist issue. It’s culture
    Stay in Your own lane deal
    Taco would’ve flipped on this ignorant raised question.
    I’m Native American myself
    Can I join? Dah wake the fuck up we’re All Americans. Blood runs Red either way You cut it
    Whoever came up with this question must be blind.


  3. The article a few days ago about influential hells angel getting denied parol was about a guy named wooly or something like that..he is black..they brought him on board because of his conections with BOTH the mafia and the black street gangs.. hmmm ill let you ponder that but go on to say..lets face the facts. They all do biz together..if the can make a buck they will co-ordinate with fucking martians if they had to. Old school philo,s are great and all but ive also read were they use black street gangs to not only do dirt but to also take care of internal biz so they can pretend they are hands off on the situation .. or use them for dirt on people theyre doing biz with to lose the trail comming back to them.. would i like to be a white guy on a black cell block.. FUCK NO


  4. I’ve read… I’ve heard… Yep… I can’t and don’t bother acknowledging the shit that’s been written and said. Walk up to me and say that shit to my face so I can at least have the pleasure of beating the fuck out of your ass for spreading shit.
    I think there might be one bone in my hands & wrists that I haven’t broken yet. Let’s go for 100% you lying piece of shit.
    Step right on up, unless you’re afraid of a woman.
    I know for certain there are very few bones that I haven’t broken on other little assholes who love to gossip about things they don’t even have a clue about.
    Fuck it. Just hand me one of my bats.


  5. So your saying that if we stripped the justice system of their use of prison gangs it might help race problems


  6. Lol what are you struggling with steph….the FACT that he is black?? the FACT that he had ties to the rizzotto family..? the FACT that most of his dealings were with the black street gangs on the street of montreal??? The FACT that he was accepted in a puppet group there and then full patch because of it??? Or is it just my call letters?????? Lol.. read more.. youll see..


  7. A fucking men. Call me old school,graybeard or whatever when the shit hits the fan race all ways but all ways rules the day


  8. Ok, tittie twister…
    Fact is that I don’t have a problem with anyone. Unless they’re stupid enough to disrespect or try to fuck me over in some dumb way.
    Everyone who has known me for most of my life knows that.
    Even my last HA old man told people the one person in the world who scared the shit out of him was me. I’m 5’7″, 140 lbs. & he’s 6’6″ , 310 of muscles & a psychopath. But he’s not wrong. And he’s not the only one scared shitless of me.
    I just don’t take shit from anyone. I don’t give a flying fuck who you are.
    Otherwise, I get along with pretty much anyone. I don’t care about what somebody’s race or religion is. Then I wasn’t taught to hate people. I figure out quickly whether they’re good people or someone who I don’t want anyplace nearby.
    You’ve got a lot of hate built up in you.
    Get some help with that before you end up on the news as the latest mass shooter.


  9. Lol sorry if i offrnded you..i was only stating fact not opiion…but if you want my opinion sounds like me….that your a bully…


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