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The Bayou Reaperz MC and Lady Reaperz SC out of DeRidder gifted local seniors as a way to give back to the Class of 2020

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The Bayou Reaperz MC and Lady Reaperz SC out of DeRidder gifted local seniors as a way to give back to the Class of 2020.

The motorcycle clubs planned a community outreach program for local seniors as a way to show them that they were loved by the community in a program they called #GiftsforGrads.

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Local seniors from DeRidder to Pitkin were randomly selected by who has signs posted in their yards about having a 2020 Senior and greeted by the club with gifts at their homes.

“At our last meeting it was unanimously voted out that we wanted to do some type of community outreach for our local seniors to just show them love for all of the hardships and unfairness they’ve endured this year,” said Chelsy Wilson, Lady Reaperz Public Relations Officer.

Chosen Seniors were gifted with a visit from the Bayou Reaperz MC and Lady Reaperz SC and gifted with baskets full of items purchased by the motorcycle clubs as well as balloons and flowers.

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“We met up and rode to each of their houses with a gift basket, flowers, and balloons,” said Wilson.

“We just knew that we wanted to give back to these seniors even with just a small token of love for everything they’ve lost this year,” said Wilson.

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The Bayou Reapers MC and Lady Reaperz SC are a “very family-oriented group of people with a love for our members like no other. We enjoy supporting other clubs, meeting new people and giving back to our community whenever we possibly can.” according to their Facebook page Bayou Reaperz MC & Lady Reaperz SC.

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